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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Being back here and in this part of town tore at my heart as I slowly lifted my head and looked up at the graffiti covered building.

At 22 years of age you would think that I had finally grown a back bone and was more able to stand up for myself but that would be the furthest thing from the truth because if anything now more then ever every single person in my life walked all over me.

Maybe that would explain what the hell I was doing back here, surely no good would come of me being here.

It was hard not to simply do what my heart was telling me to do and turn tail and run straight back to where I had just come from but I had made a deal and having a good business sense I knew that no matter what I was going to stick to this deal.

Taking a deep breath I walked up the stairs and pushed the door open and stepped inside.

Walking towards the front desk and not seeing Tracy sitting there chewing loudly on her gum actually threw me for a minute until I shook it off and reminded myself that at my request there had been some much needed changes.

The girl that now sat at the desk had short dark brown hair and beautiful chocolate brown eyes and when she looked up she actually gave me a friendly smile “good morning how may I help you?”

Shifting the weight on my leg and adjusting the bag on my shoulder I returned her smile “hello my name is Shadow Clark and I am the new part owner of this school.”

The girl jumped to her feet and reached across the desk offering me her small hand “oh hi Miss Parks said that you were coming today I guess I wasn’t really expecting it to be so early since she said you were catching a flight in.”

Giving her hand a quick firm shake I gave her a reassuring smile “that’s alright since I wasn’t supposed to be here till this afternoon but I decided to catch a flight last night instead and since I had nothing else to do I thought I might as well come in early.”

She visibly relaxed at my friendly manner and sat back down “well Miss Parks is in her office if you would like to go see her but can I just give you a friendly warning?”

Raising my eyebrow I wondered what kind of warning she wanted to give me “um at this school we have kids from this side of town only and some of them well are not very nice and the worst is actually Miss Parks son.”

My heart thudded at the mention of him “really well um thank you I will keep that it mind but I have been assured that I would be only dealing with the younger kids.”

By the look of the look on the girls face she was actually terrified “look I am here to help make changes to this dance school so if there are trouble makers here they will not be here long regardless of who they are.”

She gave me a weary smile “um well okay, oh by the way I’m Kirra” I nodded giving her a warm smile “Well it was nice meeting you Kirra and I hope I get the chance to know you better once I get settled in.”

As I started to walk away I heard the main door open and voices speaking one of them calling out to Kirra “hey baby how about you come stay at mine tonight and we can do the horizontal dance.”

Hearing him speaking to a girl like that didn’t just make me sad it also made me angry and it took everything in me just to keep walking towards his mother’s office.

Maybe I should have walked faster before he got the chance to notice me “hey who is the new chick?” I swallowed loudly as I waited to hear what Kirra would say “oh um that’s your mums new partner apparently she used to teach here 5 years ago before she moved away.”

A pin could have been heard dropped as it went completely silent; it was like everyone had stopped breathing including me.

Just as suddenly as everything seemed to stop everything sped up and I raced towards the office wanting to escape him and his friends I could picture standing there smirking.

Just as I reached his mums door my wrist was caught and I was swung back around to face him “what the fuck would make you think that it is okay for you to come back here after you ran away 5 fucking years ago?”

Pulling away from his warm hand I tried not to let my eyes wonder his body, god his muscles were even bigger and I swear to god he was even hotter then he was 5 years ago “I do not have to explain to you why I am back you stupid cheating, fucking man whore so go back to your friends and leave me the hell alone.”

His mother’s door opened and she stepped out obviously drawn by us yelling at each other “Tyler what are you doing here and oh hi Shadow I was not expecting you till this afternoon.”

Turning my head I gave her a polite smile “yeah as I said to Kirra I actually ended up catching a flight last night so here I am.”

She nodded giving me a warm smile “is Mandy settling in to your new house okay?” I nodded smiling fondly at the mention of my younger sister “yeah sort of I mean it is hard for both of us to adjust to actually being back here but living in a different house takes some getting used to but I guess after some time we will get used to it.”

She nodded but it was clear that most of her attention was concentrated on her angry son “Tyler why are you and your friends here?”

Tyler answered his mum without taking his angry eyes off of me “we wanted to get some rehearsal time in before we compete tonight if you have a room free.”

His mum sighed and ran her hand through her hair “I have room 3 free for an hour but that is it then you will have to clear out so my next class can use it now if you would excuse me Shadow and I have some things to discuss.”

She gestured for me to enter her office while she paused to talk to her son but I could hear what she was saying “Tyler, Shadow is my new partner and will be working here, please if you love me then do not harass her and just keep your distance.”

Tyler’s response made my heart feel like it had sunk into my stomach “don’t worry mum that bitch made her choice 5 years ago when she chose to run rather then talk so I have no intentions of harassing her as you put it.”

His mother gave a sigh of relief then after warning him to behave she stepped into the office with me and closed the door but not before my eyes met the dark blue eyes of her son.

Managing to pull my eyes from his hard gaze I dropped them to the floor and gave a sad sigh, why did I agree to this, this was a really bad idea, one that I should have said no to right from the start.

Darcy patted my arms as she moved to sit at her desk “take a seat Shadow and I will tell you about the classes I want you to take.”

Sitting in the seat directly in front of her desk I gave her a weary smile “don’t you want to tell me about the changes you would like to make here?”

She sat down in her seat giving her head a small shake “no we will wait until you have settled back in and before we actually go over your classes I have a suggestion to make.”

Frowning I gave a nod for her to proceed “since you have only just moved into your house and you have to get your sister settled into school and probably have a few other things you need to do my suggestion is that you take a week to get everything done before you start here.”

Chewing my lip I thought about her suggestion, she was right I did have quit a few things that I need to still do “um okay I actually do have something’s I need to do so I will actually take a week thanks.”

She read some notes that she had sitting on her desk then looked up to give me a smile “okay well I have 3 classes that I wish for you to take, 1 is for 5-10 and another is 13-16 then one that I have only recently started I thought you would be great for and that is a class for beginner adults.”

Wow I thought that I would only be teaching 1 class and now I was going to be teaching 3 “okay that sounds great but would I be able to get a time table of them please.”

She shifted through the papers on the desk grabbing one then reached over holding it out to me “here you go, I already had Kirra print one out suspecting that you would need one so you can keep track of the days you will be teaching and the times.”

Reading through the time table I could see that I was going to be reasonably busy but that was actually a good thing because it gave me less time to think.

Slowly getting to my feet I glanced at my wrist watch “okay I have to actually go pick Andy up and take her to get something to eat before we go shopping for the house so I will be in touch.”

Darcy stood up and came around the desk pulling me into her arms “Shadow it is good to have you back and you have taken a great weight off of my shoulders so thank you.”

Returning her hug I smiled “you actually called me at the right time since I was at a lose end with no idea of what I was going to do.”

She gave a laugh and shook head “okay well I will speak to you in a few days” I nodded then took a deep breath before stepping out of her office and praying to god that I didn’t run into her oldest son.

Thankfully as I made my way to the door there was no sign of him or his friends only a smiling Kirra sitting at her desk “you off already Shadow.”

Pausing by her desk I gave her a warm smile “yes I promised my sister that I would take her shopping for things we need but I will be back in a week but I just want to say that you make a very pleasant change to the last girl that worked here.”

Kirra pulled a face telling me she knew exactly who I was referring to “Tracy god she was horrible and yes I have been told I am way better then her but we still have to put up with her unfortunately.”

Rasing an eyebrow I frowned “um whys that?” She sighed glancing down the hallway “um because she dates Ty.”

Damn I don’t think she realized that what she said had an affect on me and as soon as I felt the pain I made my face as blank as I could “oh well he must be desperate or other wise she is completely different around him but hopefully I wont see either of them while I am here.”

Kirra nodded then held her hand out to me “it was nice meeting you Shadow and I look forward to working for you.”

Giving her hand a gentle shake I gave her another warm smile “it was nice to meet you too and see you in a week.”

Walking out to my car I paused to look over my shoulder remembering other times that I had stopped to look at the graffiti covered school before getting into my car.

This time as I got into my car and started it I didn’t have to wonder what Jasper was doing or how my parents were going because I had washed my hands of them 5 years ago, now there was just Mandy and I and that was enough.

As I headed to my 3 bedroom home I shared with Mandy on this side of town I found myself thinking about people I hadn’t given much thought to for the last 5 years and that had tears filling my eyes, how could I forget them, god I felt bad as I remembered the times I spent visiting and talking to them, so bad that I pulled over grabbing my phone from the passenger seat.

Me: Hi Pen I am going to be another hour do you think you could stay longer I will pay you extra of course.

Pen: Dow take as long as you need, Andy and I are fine here and will see you when you get back.

Me: okay thanks Pen see you when I get there.

Pen: okay bye.

Throwing my phone back down I drove through town heading to see my friends and tell them everything that had happened to me while I was gone.

Thanks for reading I will put another chappter up tomorrow night. Kat

Submitted: August 18, 2012

© Copyright 2022 katcas77. All rights reserved.


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Hi, I finished the 1st book last night - although heartbreaking, it was really good! I liked this chapter. Hmmm Tyler still chased after her, obviously he still has some fellings for her - how could he have cheated on her then be mad that she didn't wannt to talk it through with her?

Mon, August 20th, 2012 3:28pm


thank you for reading I really appreciate it and hope to answer your questions as the story continues.

Mon, August 20th, 2012 8:32am


Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh omfg I love this series I hope we gets back together with Tyler or ill just die!!!!

Sun, December 2nd, 2012 3:37pm


lol please don't die but I am still writing this & I am still very undecided on whether to give them a happy ending or not :)

Sun, December 2nd, 2012 7:43am

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