Chapter 10:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Slamming into the house after a very long day I shouted for my brother “Jasper get your ass out here now” I shouted angrily.


  No response came telling me telling that the idiot was out yet again, he had been here all of 2 weeks & already him being here was causing me all kinds of dramas.


  Being worried about him all the time & where he was & doing what meant that I had to keep leaving work early to try find him & to top things of his promises to help out never happened meaning I also had to take care of Mandy while trying to juggle a job & keep him in line meant that my mood had hit an all-time low.


Poor Tyler may have only tried to help with his advice but it had come at the wrong time while I was in an extremely bad mood & he coped the brunt of it when he told me that the best thing I could do for Jasper was to kick him out & force him to get the help he needed.


After we had a huge argument Tyler had stormed from my house & I hadn’t seen him since, Mandy has seen him plenty but he never came around anymore & from what I was hearing around the dance studio he was spending most of his free time with his gang & Tracy so I really didn’t want to see him.


Another thing having Jasper living with me caused was with the towns people, they hated me enough as it was & now I had brought my brother a heavy drug user to their side as well turning an already volatile situation into an explosion of fury.


It started as small things such as my car having some pretty nasty words painted on it but when I chose to ignore that well things started getting nastier.


Mandy & I had been at home watching television while I worried about where Jasper was when a car slowed down at front & a brick was chucked through the window. Mandy had been understandably upset by this & spent the night cowering against me while I cursed the town & blamed Jasper for the mess.


Then today I had left the dance studio to find that all the windows in my car had been smashed & the tyres flat, it was my breaking point really & after having to walk all the way home only to find the reason for my anger missing hot angry tears filled my eyes as I turned to head back out so that I could walk all the way to Mandy’s school to pick her up which is what he was supposed to have done for me.


Mandy had patiently waited for me but one look at my face had her bottom lip quivering & her eyes filling with tears.


Closing my eyes I squeezed the bridge of my nose begging for patience while dealing with my sister “Andy please do not start crying I cannot handle that right now & I need you to be on your best behaviour tonight since I have lots of work I had to bring home with me.”


A tear rolled down her cheek as she stared up at me making a sob escape my tight throat & her words made my unhappiness ten times worse “I hate J, Jasper.”


Taking her hand in mine I gave her a reproachful look “no you don’t Andy, look Jasper is having a really hard time & he needs us right now & I know it is hard but we need to be strong for him okay?”


Mandy gave a look of defiance “I do hate him, he made Ty go away” I sighed giving her hand a small squeeze “Andy you know that isn’t true.”


Pulling away from me she jutted out her bottom lip, her eyes filled with tears & I was ready to just tip my head back & scream at the word that I had enough.


Realizing I wasn’t going to going to take her side against our brother Mandy gave me one last tearful look before running off leaving me screaming after her.


Unable to catch her I had to chase her until I found myself standing outside where Tyler works.


Taking a deep breath & telling myself to keep my cool until I was home behind closed doors I entered the large shed smiling politely as Tyler’s boss Ken hurried towards me with a big smile on his face  “hello again.”


Keeping the polite smile on my face I said hi before telling him why I was here “um I am looking for my sister” he nodded then turned to point one dirty finger towards the lunch room “Ty just took her in there just before you showed up.”


Sighing in relief I gave him bigger smile “thanks, is it alright if I go in?” He pulled a rag from his back pocket & mopped his brow “nah Ty said you would come looking for her.”


Saying a quick thanks I hurried past him & towards the lunch room, I found Mandy sitting at the lunch room table beside Tyler as he listened patiently to whatever she was telling him.


My hands shook as I tried to control my anger & keep calm as I entered the room clearing my throat “Andy.”


They both turned their heads to look at me & I could see anger but also something else in Tyler’s eyes “Andy showed up here a few minutes ago upset because of your brother.”


Concentrating on my teary eyed sister I took a deep breath “Andy our family problems are not for you to discuss with someone else & you can’t just run of because you get upset.”


Tyler placed his hand on Mandy’s quivering shoulder “Dow, I think you should leave Andy here with me while you go get some fresh air & get hold of yourself before this gets ugly.”


Shifting my glance to him I looked at him through the angry slits of my eyes “stay out of this” he shook his head & sighed “Dow, you getting worked up is not helping anyone so why not do as I said, get some air, clear your head then sit down & talk to Andy once you are in control of anger.”


Maybe I would have listened to him if he hadn’t ran at the first sign of trouble but he had & now he just wasn’t a part of my life therefore I saw no reason to listen to him “like I said stay out of this, it is none of your business.”


He shot an angry look at Mandy before fixing his eyes on me & getting to his feet “nothing to do with me? When your little sister is running to me because you still allow you’re messed up brother to live with you then that has everything to do with me.”


Clenching my shaking hands into fists at my side I glared up at him “wrong this has nothing to do with you & Andy should know better then to talk about private things with other people, now if you would excuse me I am going to take my sister & go home.”


When I moved forwards he moved in the way shaking his head “no, I’m sorry but you are not taking Andy with you until you get this mess with Jasper sorted out.”


Staring at him in disbelief I opened my mouth at least a dozen times without being able to get anything to come out before finally I gave up.


Tyler seeing the distress written all over my face reached out like he was going to touch me but quickly dropped his hand when I took a quick step back “look Dow I know you are just trying to do the right thing & be a good sister by trying to help Jasper but look what it is doing to you, to Andy, it just isn’t healthy for either of you & you need to decide if trying to help him is really worth it, once you have gone away & really thought things through Andy will be with me either here or at my place waiting for you.”


Taking my eyes of him so he wouldn’t see the warm salty tears starting to form in them I looked down at the ground & bit my lip while wondering if I should just let him keep my little sister with him for a while since she obviously didn’t want to be around me or Jasper at the moment.


  Taking a deep very shaky breath I finally managed to lift my head again to look at him & mutter “fine I will leave her with you for now at least until I talk to Jasper & decide what I am going to do about him & his problems.”

Mandy jumped from her seat throwing her arms around my legs while sobbing “I’m sorry Dow, please stay with me” I gently unwrapped her arms & pushed her back slightly “I can’t but Ty is going to look after you okay so you be a good girl & do everything he says.”


Staring down into her tear soaked eyes I started to reconsider but Tyler moved to gently scoop her up into his arms pressing a kiss to her forehead before looking at me “go, she will be fine & you can come find us later once you have decided what you are going to do.”


Giving a tight nod I started to walk out the door but then stopped & turned back to face him “will she be at your mum’s house?”


He shook his head “nah I have my own place, it may not be much but it’s mine” I nodded then grimaced “can I have the address?”


Grabbing a pen from the table he grabbed my arm & scribbled down an address that was a couple blocks over from mine “thanks, I will see you later I guess.”


When he saw the hesitation in my eyes he sighed “Dow go, I know that somehow you will manage to do the right thing by everyone just give yourself a breather to think about things first.”


 Glancing at a still snivelling Mandy sitting in his arms I wondered if I would be able to do what was right by her & by Jasper & still manage to make them both happy, then I wondered about myself, I had already blown it with Tyler would I ever find someone who would make me happy.


Looking at them as long as possible I decided that I would have to find a way to somehow help Jasper while not ruining Mandy’s life anymore then I already had.

Walking out of the shed & leaving her there with Tyler was one of the hardest things I have ever done but I knew that Tyler was right I needed to get my head in the right place otherwise things between Mandy & I would just get worse & not better.


While walking home I tried to think of a solution to Jasper’s problems that wouldn’t impact on my life too much but the only solution I could come up with was something that he needed to agree to & I knew that there was no way that he would ever agree.


Submitted: September 23, 2012

© Copyright 2022 katcas77. All rights reserved.


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Really good. You're right, stormy waters... Dow should have listened to Ty, Jasper needs help, more than she can give him - lol when I first started to read, that's the same thought I had. I do wish that Ty hadn't stayed away, Dow needs him, she doesn't have anyone else. I'm glad that he's still trying to be the voice of reason, and all that he said was right, but I do wish that he'd hugged her (she really needs one). lol Oh the co-parenting thing, it makes me laugh, they totally are a family - just one that hasn't realised it yet.
I do wish that Dow had told him about her car, all she had to do was say 'After what happened today..." or something along those lines, and he would have asked about it. Dow needs to blow off steam, she needs to vent and cry to someone, it really does cleanse the soul.
She needs to get Jasper into rehab, that won't be an easy convo... at least that's what I hope she's gonna do.
It's gonna be awkward going to Ty's house to get Mandy, I really hope no one else is there when she goes.
Loved it! Kmu

Sun, September 23rd, 2012 11:10pm


Wow where do I start, um Dow is going to speak to Jasper but things don't go so well & when she goes to Ty well let's just say her day may just get ten times worse & yes totally agree she should have said something about her car, ha ha maybe Ty can help her get some of that tension out & yes co-parenting that makes me giggle just writing it wonder when they realize they are a family & yes will update soon thanks for reading I just love hearing what you think.

Mon, September 24th, 2012 12:13am

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