Chapter 11:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Standing outside of Tyler’s door I was angry with myself, I was angry with Jasper, I was angry at the world.


It was obvious from the moment Jasper had walked through the door exactly how our conversation was going to go so I wasn’t surprised when we ended up in a huge argument about what was best for not just him but me & Mandy in the end I had slammed out of the house & now here I was standing outside of Tyler’s house angry but also scared about knocking since I could hear quit a few voices coming from inside & something told me that it wasn’t just the television.


  It took close to 10 minutes of taking deep breathes before I could find the courage to lift my hand & knock but after a few minutes the door still remained closed, I gave a sigh then knocked louder, this time when it still remained unanswered I opened it myself since it wasn’t even locked.


Stepping inside I found myself in a small hallway I could hear the voices coming from a little ways down the hallway but that wasn’t what had me hurrying in that direction it was the sobbing I could just pick out over the top of those voices.


Rushing down the hall I found them in the lounge room, I didn’t spare any of them a glance as I hurried to little figure huddled against the wall with her head pressed into her knees while she sobbed.


Pulling her into my arms I hugged her tightly “shh Andy it’s alright I’m here now” I whispered soothingly into her ear.


She buried her face into my neck wetting me with her tears “I, I want to go home Dow” I struggled to my feet while keeping a hold of her then finally I allowed myself to take in the others in the room with us.


Tyler’s whole gang was there now silent & watching me, I kept my eyes moving around them until I found him sitting on the couch with her pressed against him “did you not think to see to Andy?”


Tyler moved away from Tracy fixing his eyes on me & Mandy “I tried to comfort her but she wouldn’t stop crying & asking for you & the guys thought it would be best just to leave her to cry herself out” I shook my head looking no doubt disgusted “you listened to these idiots who wouldn’t know the first thing about my sister or her needs, god you said I could trust you but it is plainly obvious I cannot even trust you to look after Andy for the afternoon.”


Tyler shot to his feet looking pretty pissed off himself “I was looking after Andy but no matter what I tried she wouldn’t stop crying & asking for you even when I told her that you were coming back” I rubbed Mandy’s back trying to calm her “did it occur to you that maybe half the reason she was upset was because of all these idiots being here, including that thing on the couch.”


Tyler ran his fingers through his hair “Dow I have my own life as well & it wasn’t like we weren’t keeping an eye on her while talking, you know I care about Andy & would never let anything bad happen to her, I think you are just blowing this way out of proportion” I growled from between my teeth while taking a step towards him “out of proportion, I come here to find my 10 year old sister sobbing her heart out while you are having a great time with your mates & ignoring her, the same assholes who have helped others to harass me so excuse me if thinking you’re a inconsiderate jerk is blowing things way out of proportion.”


A guy with white hair with pink tips jumped to his feet looking outraged “now hang on just a minute bitch, we have done nothing to harass you since you crawled back here” I swung my body towards him nearly falling over from holding Mandy “really so you expect me to believe that you have nothing to do with vandalizing my car or making sure no one wants to learn dance from me or the brick that was thrown through my house window.”


The guy kept shaking his head looking angrier & angrier “if we wanted to make life hell for you we would do far worse things then that childish stuff but Ty told us to lay off & we have.”


Glancing quickly at Tyler I sighed then turned towards the door “yeah whatever I’m going home” I started to head back down the hallway but the sound of someone following me had me pausing & turning my head to find Tracy had been the one to follow me out.


She had a cold smirk pasted on her face as she approached me “I told you he was mine maybe next time you will actually listen to what someone is telling you” I gave a sad sigh then turned back towards the door “have him because I really have no patience for you & your fantasy’s anymore nor could I careless who Ty is with.”

Before she could say anything else to rip my heart apart I walked out the door allowing it to slam behind me as I carried Mandy towards home & the problems I still faced there.


5 years ago I had turned towards drugs because of the guilt I felt but this time as I sat staring down at the bag of white powder I found hidden in the hallway closet I had a feeling that it was going to be because of Jasper & this town & the stress that I now had because of them.


Jasper was out god knows where & Mandy was at school & I had decided to give myself a day of from the dance studio but I never imagined I would be sitting here considering using again after finding Jasper’s stash by accident.


Shoving it away from me I gave a disgusted groan, what the hell was I thinking drugs were not the answer they just caused more problems & I already had more then enough to deal with as it was.


Shoving away from the table I grabbed the bag off the table & marched to the bathroom & promptly flushed the whole lot down the toilet, I couldn’t believe Jasper brought it into the house with Mandy here & seeing what I went through 5 years ago maybe Tyler was right maybe it was time that Jasper helped himself.


Jasper still wasn’t home by the time I had given Mandy dinner & put her to bed so I settled on the couch to wait for him.


A little after ten there was a knock on the door, I slowly got to my feet & made my way to the door with my heart in my throat, at this time of night you didn’t know whether it was the police coming to give you bad news or if it was just someone that you really didn’t want to open the door to.


Reaching the door I took a deep breath before unlocking it & pulling it open, I was ready for anything except having to face Tyler but Tyler was the one that I found myself face to face with.


When I just stood there staring at him without saying a word he gave a sigh & moved me out of the way so he could enter before closing the door & relocking it.


Grabbing my wrist he pulled me with him into the lounge room then dropped it as he moved away giving me an uneasy look “um sorry about coming around so late but I felt that we needed to talk about what happened at my place earlier.”


Brushing my shaking hand through my hair I shook my head “I really don’t think there is anything for us to talk about, I appreciate you trying to help out by looking after Andy but I do not think I would be comfortable leaving her with you again.”


Tyler gave his head an angry shake & took a step towards me “you know damn well that I would never do anything to hurt Andy, she wanted you & I did my best to put her at ease but with everything going on with that fucking brother of yours she just was too upset to comfort.”


  Looking away from his penetrating gaze I gave a small sigh “I don’t know what to do, Jasper is getting worse & Andy is always so upset then with everyone on this side of town wanting me gone it is just getting too much.”


Tyler moved again this time not stopping until his arms were firmly locked around me holding me close against him “allow me to help you.”


When I opened my mouth to argue against his help he stopped me by giving my waist a squeeze “baby it is all & good feeling like your responsible for helping your brother with his problems but even you have to admit that you are in over your head & need help” I blinked away some tears & gave a sad sigh “I was going to speak to him when he gets home since I found some of his drugs today.”


Tyler gave an angry hiss “he brought drugs into your home, I am going to kill that fucking idiot” I shook my head looking at him pleadingly “please don’t, I mean you have your own life that doesn’t involve me or my family so you should just get back to that & let me deal with this.”


He bent down until we were eye level “Dow you are a big part of my life, you & Andy & I will not just stand by why your brother fucks it up.”


He brushed his lips across mine “Tracy is not my girl, she never was you are the only girl for me” I started to pull away from him “don’t please, baby I know that you haven’t completely forgiven me yet but before Jasper came back into your life I think you were close to it, please just let me spend more time with you & Andy as a family.”


Closing my eyes I thought about what he asked me a small smile crossing my lips before I could stop it as I whispered “well we act like a family as it is so I guess us actually hanging out & acting like one isn’t going to change anything.”


He chuckled brushing my hair from my face “yeah the guys at work asked me how I was handling being a dad” I giggled then opened my eyes to look at him “alright once we have dealt with Jasper we will start spending more time together that should make Andy happy.”


He pressed a kiss to my head before stepping back “well how about we start tonight by you allowing me to stay here with you like last time & then when Andy gets up the three of us will go out for breakfast.”


Bitting my lip I looked him up & down before slowly holding my hand out to him “alright come on, I’m tired so let’s go get some sleep.”


Tyler took my hand in his as we walked down the hallway, I was nerves about facing Jasper when he did finally make an appearance but I knew that if he wasn’t forced into getting help he never would & I had my own life to try & fix starting with finally trying to forgive the hunk walking beside me.

Submitted: October 07, 2012

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I liked it! Though, you were right, Ty made her day worse (when she went to get Mandy). 1 Jasper's a jerk, and he needs serious help - I'm glad Dow and Tyler are going to talk to him/probably kick him out. 2. Ty had no right to talk to Dow like that when Mandy was crying, he knew she was upset, but he still let all his friends come over and allowed her to 'cry herself out' (that only applies to certain situations, and the parents need to be ok with it), and he let Tracy sit right up against him and then talk to Dow like that - he was an idiot, and she was right in all she said to him.
Having said that - I'm glad Ty went to see her (he should have apologized to her though), they needed to talk. And I'm very glad they both, finally admitted that they act like a family - lol yay for the guys at Ty's work. Dow does need to give him a chance and forgive him, but he needs to stop being stupid when it comes to his friends (that's what happened when he cheated on her 5 yrs before), especially Tracy.
Loved it! Kmu

Mon, October 8th, 2012 5:36am


Ha ha thanks & agree with everything however something tells me that Ty may let his friends come between him & Dow again before he realizes he is being such a douche bag & Dow is planning on kicking Jasper out & forcing him to get help but an old friend may just make her regret that decision anyway thanks for reading & commenting it really does make my day & I will update soon :)

Mon, October 15th, 2012 3:17pm


grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr sequel, ileft me addicted i cried like a billion times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grrr your so good

Sun, December 2nd, 2012 4:52pm


ha ha sorry but I had to finish the first book where i did & get Dow away from everything for awhile & plenty more drama to come :)

Sun, December 2nd, 2012 6:04pm

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