Chapter 3:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Following Tyler as he entered my lounge room I glanced back down the hall then with a sigh I gently closed the door so as not to wake Mandy.


Shifting from foot to foot nervously I waited for him to say why he was here; when he continued to stand there not saying anything I cleared my throat and muttered “why are you here?”


Finally he lifted his head his angry eyes meeting mine “I want to know what the hell you were thinking when you actually thought you could come back here not just to this town but to my side and worm your way into my mums dance school.”


Staying close to the door I crossed my arms meeting his eyes defiantly “your mum rang me okay, I only agreed to move back here because she was so desperate for help with her school and not having two cents to rub together I had no choice but to move to this side of town.”


Sighing I shook my head “look I am sorry if you are having a hard time with me being here but your mum offered me a life line when I had no idea what I was going to do to survive and take care of Andy.”


Tyler shook his head his face tightening at the mention of my little sister “you could have called me you could have talked to me if you were having problems, hell you could have stayed 5 bloody years ago and just talked to me.”


Giving a cold laugh I started to walk towards him before I realized I didn’t want to be that close to him “talk to you about what ha? How about we talk about me walking in on you in your bedroom with another girl or how about we talk about the fact that you were both naked, what do you want to talk about Tyler? Please tell me.”


He dropped his head and I thought he was going to say just to forget it but then he lifted his head his eyes looking directly into mine “how about we talk about the fact that you were always worried about what everyone thought of our relationship or the fact that you were still in love with your dead friend even when you had me.”


Tears welled in my eyes as I turned pointing an angry finger towards the door “leave” I whispered hating that my voice was starting to break.

He walked towards me looking determined and angry and before I could get out of the way he had me against the door “how about no.”


Looking at him through my tears I wanted to hate him like I thought I did but the reality was that I just wanted him to hold me.


He searched my eyes then with an angry sigh he wrapped his hands around my waist and moved me out of the way before going out, the front door slamming behind him.


A noise had me glancing down the hallway only to find Mandy standing near her bedroom door with tears in her eyes.


Forgetting all about Tyler I raced to her dropping to my knees in front of her “Andy?” I opened my arms and she threw herself into them.


Running my hand through her hair I waited for her to say something but when she did it nearly broke my heart “Ty still hates us.”


Hugging her closer I tried to comfort her “no honey Ty doesn’t hate you he is just angry with me but he never hated you.”


Mandy gave a sob that made my heart ach “no one loves me” I pulled back taking her face between my hands “I love you Andy and I will always love you.”


Mandy rubbed at her eyes but more tears fell “I don’t want to sleep by myself Dow” I nodded then got to my feet taking her hand in mine “I will sleep with you but you have to promise to go straight to sleep.”


After we both were tucked up in her little bed I kissed her on the head “good night baby” she gave a soft sigh “I love you Dow” I smiled weakly and told her that I loved her too just before she fell asleep.


The next morning we had to rush around to get Mandy ready for her first day at her new school because we had over slept.


While Mandy rushed off to find her shoes I grabbed my purse, keys and phone and made sure she had everything packed in her bag.


 Finally I had Mandy out the door and into the car so that I could drive her the short way to school before I headed to the shops.


When we got to the school there were a group of mums still dropping their little ones off, I jumped out of the car and helped Mandy with her bag as we walked past the group of mothers.


Stopping near the school steps I hugged Mandy to me “don’t worry honey you will be fine and I will be here waiting at the end of the day.”


Mandy clutched me tight before reluctantly letting go and following the other little kiddies inside.


Turning around I jumped in surprise when I found a young woman about my age standing there.


She gave me a shy smile “sorry about scaring you, um I was wondering if maybe you might be interested in grabbing a coffee with me now that you have dropped your little girl off.”


Glancing towards the school I sighed “Mandy isn’t my daughter she is my sister” I turned back around giving her a warm smile “but I would love a coffee before I go brave the shops.”


She looked relived and eagerly followed me towards the car park, I looked around at the hand full of cars still there “do you have a car or can I offer you a lift to the diner?”


She looked down blushing with embarrassment “my husband can’t afford to buy us one yet but we are saving really hard” I gently touched her arm “come on I will give you a lift while you tell me about yourself and your family.”


It wasn’t that far to the diner and while I was driving I listened to Kylie, that was her name anyway she told me that her and her husband Toby were high school sweet hearts and that just before they graduated they found out she was pregnant so Toby asked her to marry him.


They were both 23 and still as much in love as they had ever been if Kylie was to be believed and I don’t think anyone could talk about someone as much as she did with such a look in their eyes if they didn’t love that person.


As we walked into the Diner and took a seat at a table she started to tell me about the place where Toby worked “he is a mechanic at this big factory just a block over from here actually.”


She paused as the waitress sat her drink down in front of her then she looked at me smiling softly “I guess you would have a guy that works there though since most of our young men end up there after finishing school.”


Shaking my head I glanced out the window “no I don’t have a young man, there is just me and Mandy” I turned back around smiling sadly “but we are okay just the 2 of us we don’t need anyone else.”


  Kylie reached over gently patting my hand “everyone needs someone honey but now you are back maybe you will meet that special someone.”


  Suddenly a huge smile lit up her face as the door dinged and I could hear muscular voices heading in our direction.


Shadows fell over the table just as a male voice spoke to my new friend “honey you making new friends?”


Kylie got all giggly and nodded “Toby this is my new friend Shadow” I gave the tall male standing over us a shy smile “hello.”


He nodded and smiled then dropped a kiss on his wife’s cheek as he slid in beside her “oh honey I brought one of my work mates with me I hope you don’t mind.”


Kylie shook her head then looked just behind me “hi Ty” I hoped to god that wasn’t who I was thinking it was.


The person standing behind me moved into view then slid into the seat right beside me making me feel trapped as my eyes met my ex’s “Dow” I gave a silent groan and cursed god for doing this to me.


Kylie looked between us “do you 2 know each other?” I glanced at Tyler then away leaving him to explain “yes you can say we are old friends, Dow used to come to mums school and help out before she up and disappeared and now she is back mum has kindly offered her a place there.”


Grabbing my bag I gave him a pointed look “could you please move so I can leave” I felt guilty as Kylie looked at me sadly “leave but we have only just got here” I sighed and gave her a look of apology “sorry but I have a lot to do and really should go get started on it before school finishes.”


Tyler stood up and moved out of my way as I said my good byes to the others but when I started to head towards the door he followed me “how is Andy?”  I nodded without looking at him “she’s fine.”


Pulling my keys from my bag as I walked out the door I thought he would take the hint that I didn’t want to talk to him and go back to his friends but he continued to follow me “I would like to see her Dow, to spend some time with her if you would let me.”


Pausing from unlocking my car door I turned to look at him “you want me to agree for you to spend time with my little sister?” He nodded “yes, look Dow I know you and I are over and we broke up on unfriendly terms but that doesn’t mean we have to hurt Andy in the process so I really would love it if you would allow me to come spend some time with her.”


Turning back around I jabbed my key at the lock angrily “fine I will ask her and see if she would like to spend some time with you and let you know.”


Tyler’s hand reached around me gently catching mine and helping me to get the key into the lock “thank you Dow” I had to fight to suppress the shiver at feeling his breath brush against my ear.

His body pushed closer to mine making it hard for me to breath “I will come over tonight to find out if she still wants to see me” I gave a weak nod making him chuckle.



Just before he moved away his warm lips brushed my neck or maybe I just imagined it.


As soon as he moved I jumped into the car and got the hell out of there before I could make a complete idiot of myself.


That night while I was sitting on the couch watching the television with Mandy there was a knock on the door that had my breath catching in my throat and had me looking towards it in horror.


Damn I had forgotten all about Tyler coming over to see if Mandy would still like to hang with him and now he was here.


Mandy jumped to her feet when I didn’t move and raced for the door before I could stop her then I heard her excited squeal.


Closing my eyes briefly I reminded myself that he was here to see Mandy that I didn’t have to talk to him or even stay in the same room as them.


When they walked back into the lounge room with Mandy clutching his hand tightly I forced myself to give her a tight smile as I got to my feet “okay Andy since you have a visitor now I am going to go finish making up my bed and do the dishes but please remember that it is a school night.”


Mandy nodded her head giving me a big toothy grin while dragging Tyler towards the couch with her.


As I rushed from the room I was aware of Tyler’s eyes following me making me rush away even faster.


Grabbing the things I needed I hurried into my new bedroom and got to work making the bed once it was done I finished unpacking my things then I headed for the kitchen.


While I was washing the dishes I heard someone enter the room then a warm body pushed up against mine “are you going to do this every time that I come over to spend time with Andy?”


Dropping the cloth back into the sink I tried to slide away from him “look you came to spend time with Andy not me so go back in there and keep her company and just give me my space please.”


As he sighed his warm breath stirred my hair making a small shiver pass through me “Dow why do you have to be this way I am trying here and you are acting like the damn ice queen.”


Squeezing my eyes closed I took a deep breath “I agreed for you to spend time with Andy that does not mean I will not kick you out if you start bothering me.”


He gave a tight chuckle and grabbed my hips pulling me back against him “one of these days Shadow Clark someone is going to get past that fucking wall you put up then you will have nothing to hide behind.”


He moved away but I waited a few minutes before turning around relieved that he was gone back into the lounge room.


After I finished cleaning the dishes I had nothing left to do so was out of excuses to keep me out of the lounge room so after giving myself a stern talking to I made my way into the lounge room only looking at Mandy.


Mandy looked up from the television patting the spot on the couch beside her thankfully it meant she would be sitting in between Tyler and me.


As I sat down Mandy turned giving me a big smile “we are watching sleeping beauty” I sighed over the years I had lost count of how many times Mandy had forced me to watch this with her.


Hearing Tyler groan slightly I smiled evilly, maybe sitting through it again wouldn’t be so bad if it made him groan like that.


Mandy shifted around so that her head was laying against my shoulder then went back to watching her movie while I tried not to be too aware of my ex sitting next to her looking not at the movie but at me.


Half way through the movie Mandy started to fall to sleep so I turned it off then carefully stood up ready to carry her to bed but when I bent down to pick her up a warm hand pulled me back up “leave her I really need to talk to you.”


Before I could again tell him that I didn’t want to talk to him he pulled me from the lounge room and down the hall his eyes taking in each partially opened door until he got to mine then he pulled me inside and closed the door.


Moving across the room away from him I eyed him wearily “what do you want Ty?” He lent back against the door and crossed his arms “the same thing I wanted 5 years ago, I just want you to listen to me.”


Moving to sit on the edge of my bed I gave a tight nod “alright” he sighed and closed his eyes for a minute probably thinking back to that day “after I left you I went home and well I had an argument with my gang who were waiting for me there.”


He opened his eyes staring into mine while continuing “they put me in a bad mood so I decided to lay down for awhile before heading over to yours and the next thing I know I had lips pressed against mine.”


He grimaced “I thought it was you so I responded then things started getting heated and the next thing I know you are there standing in the door way with tears in your eyes and it is Tracy in the bed with me.”


Squeezing my hands together I gave a bitter laugh “so you expect me to believe that you didn’t know it was me until then, come on Ty something about the way she kissed or how her body felt must have told you that it wasn’t me.”


Guilt in his eyes told me that I had hit the nail on the head, at some point he had realized it wasn’t me he was with, but didn’t care “oh.”


He started to move towards me but the look on my face must have stopped him “Dow I did realize it wasn’t you after a few minutes but I was so angry with the things the gang were saying I lost my head but seeing the hurt in your eyes when you were standing at my door made me realize I was an idiot for ever doubting us.”


Getting back to my feet I made a beeline for the door being careful not to get to close to him “I heard what you have to say and I appreciate you telling me but it doesn’t change anything as far as we go but I will ask you to never hurt my little sister.”


Tyler followed me from the room walking far to close for comfort “I would never hurt Andy you know that but she asked me about us before you joined us.”


Stopping dead in my tracks I spun around to face him “she did?” He nodded smirking slightly “she wanted to know when I was going to say sorry and make you my girlfriend again.”


Giving a sigh I shook my head “I have already explained to her that you and I will never be like that again but you are still her friend.”


Tyler reached out gently catching my wrist and pulling me against him “maybe if we spent some time together” I yanked away from him “I don’t think so and the way I heard it you have a girlfriend already.”


He dropped my wrist and his head at the same time confirming that it was true “okay well I have to get Andy to bed so I think you should leave now and maybe next time you can arrange something that doesn’t involve me having to be there.”


Giving a defeated sigh he gave a tight nod of his head and started heading for the door “night Dow” I watched until the door closed behind him then went to carry Mandy to bed.


After Mandy was tucked up for the night I curled into my bed and cried myself to sleep, I don’t know what I expected when I agreed to come back here but it wasn’t still having feelings for Tyler that is for sure.








Submitted: August 21, 2012

© Copyright 2022 katcas77. All rights reserved.


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Really good chapter! I knew it! I knew Ty couldn't leave her alone! I hate that he said she was always worried about what others thought of their relationship, because he did too - hell, he tried to break up with her because her parents didn't like him! And he fought with his friends about her and then cheated on her! She should have told him that she might've stayed and listened to him had she not seen him and Tracy embracing as she was driving away. He has some nerve blaming her, I get that he was hurt, but he crushed her, at a really hard time in her life, and to say what he did infront of Kylie!
I'm glad that she met Kylie, I like her, I hope they'll be good friends.
Oh Mandy, she's such a little match maker! Ty obviously still likes Dow, and he keeps getting in her personal space - and his explanation sucked. He should have pushed Tracy off the second he realised it was her. And he was totally willing to cheat on her with Dow! Not cool, if you want someone else, you need to break up with the one you're with before you make a move on the other. I'm glad that Dow threw that in his face. I'm glad that she's allowing Ty to spend time with Mandy, lol it's like she's their kid and she has custody so he has to get visiting rights.
I know it's long, but I really love this story. And yes, I really want Ty and Dow back together. Really great! Kmu

Wed, August 22nd, 2012 4:22am


ha ha it was really long but I love that and I totally agree with you if you want to sleep with or see someone else then break up with the one your with first, yes his excuse was pretty pathetic but there is a reason for that, well i think there is lol & I actually love how they share Mandy like she is their very own child and she is such a little match maker and hopefully fingers crossed somewhere down the road it will work but some how i think i will be adding new dramas before that happens, yes i will kmu with another chapter soon & thank you so much for reading and commenting it really means a lot.

Wed, August 22nd, 2012 4:41am

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