Chapter 8:

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Walking towards my front door I was responding to a message I received from Kyle apologizing for kissing me.


Looking up just long enough to open the door I stepped inside while still concentrating on my phone.


Hearing the soft mummer of the television I made my way into the lounge room expecting to find Pen sitting on the couch waiting to hear about my night but it wasn’t Pen that I found curled up on it sound to sleep.


Closing my eyes I told myself that this was just a bad dream that any minute now I would wake up and find that this night never happened but when I opened my eyes Tyler Parks was still laying on my couch sound to sleep.


Giving a groan I headed out into the hallway and grabbed a blanket and spare pillow then carried them back to the lounge room.


Trying to be as quite as possible I gently lifted his head and placed the pillow under it then moved to put the blanket over him.


A scream ripped from my throat when I found myself suddenly pulled down on top of him, he covered my mouth and shook his head “Dow are you trying to wake Andy up?”


Glaring into his eyes I waited for him to move his hand so I could yell at him but sensing what I would do he kept his hand firmly in place “so how was your date?” He lifted his hand just enough so that I could answer “it wasn’t a date” I muttered angrily.


He shifted under me making my heart jump “hmm I still think my brother is hoping that you will end up as his girlfriend” he paused searching my angry eyes “did he try anything at all tonight?”


A blush warmed my cheeks and I couldn’t meet his eyes “no, he was a perfect gentlemen” I lied.


Tyler cursing had me jumping in surprise “he did try something, what was it?” I forced myself to meet his furious eyes “he didn’t try anything and even if he did it would be none of your business” I said harshly.


Tyler removed his hand completely from my mouth placing it behind my head then used it to push my head towards his until our lips were mere inches apart “like hell it isn’t my business when my own brother is trying to put moves on you.”


Before I could respond he lifted up and pressed our mouths together, it might have been the guilt about lying to him or maybe it was just my treacherous body that had me responding to his kiss.

He sighed against my mouth then deepened the kiss before slowly pulling back “are you going to yell at me?” I numbly shook my head still to shocked over my own response to his kiss.


He rubbed his thumb back and forwards against the back of my neck “Dow will you please give me a chance to make up for my past mistakes?”


Shaking my head at the same time pulling away from him I said harshly “no, I cannot forgive you, you knew back then just how messed up my friends deaths had made me, you knew that you were the only good thing in my life but you still went and slept with the one person that hated me and took great pleasure in hurting me every chance she got.”


Tyler cursed again and shook his head “I didn’t sleep with her, we didn’t even get past the make out stage when you showed up then I was worrying about you and trying to get hold of you.”


Giving a cold laugh I smacked my hand as hard as I could into his chest “that is a damn lie because even when I was driving away that night I saw her in your arms and you were kissing.”


He looked confused and lost but the slowly the confusion cleared and he shook his head “I wasn’t kissing her I was yelling at her” I looked at him in disbelief, he actually wanted me to think that he had his face that close to hers because he was yelling at her “that is not what it looked like Ty, you had your face close to hers” I whispered sadly.


Tyler groaned and tried to pull me back to him “Dow I swear I wasn’t kissing her I was yelling at her for ruining what I had with you.”


When a tear dribbled down my cheek he gave another groan and wrestled me into his arms hugging me against his chest “I hate not having you as my girl Dow, I hate the thought of you going out with anyone other than me, god I just want back what we were working on when all this happened.”


Squeezing my eyes closed I slowly shook my head “I can’t I’m sorry” I said sadly, Tyler didn’t say anything else he just hugged me tight and gave a sad sigh.


Damn we must have fallen asleep but I was rudely awakened by Mandy squealing and chatting excitedly to the person underneath me.


Groaning I tried to sit up but was being held so securely in Tyler’s arms I couldn’t move an inch.


Mandy patted my back and grinned at me “I knew you still loved him” I closed my eyes and prayed for a different start to the day “Andy don’t” I pleaded not wanting to argue with her so early in the day.


Tyler tightened his arms around me and smiled at my sister “Andy how would you like to have lunch with Dow and me today?”


Lunch when had I agreed to that? When I had to be at the dance studio today to finish the paper work still waiting for me.


Tyler sensing I was about to say no to going anywhere with him, pressed his face close to my ear and breathed “you are coming and don’t worry about the dance studio, you can go there this morning then meet Mandy and me at the park at lunch time.”


Giving a defeated groan I muttered “fine I will have lunch with you and Andy now please let me up so I can go get ready to leave.”


  Almost reluctantly he released me from his arms allowing me to get to my feet and after looking at him and excited Mandy sadly I escaped to my room locking myself in while trying to tell myself that I was over him, that I was over being hurt by him and it didn’t matter that Mandy so wanted us back together but I couldn’t be with Tyler just to make her happy when it was my heart at stake of being hurt all over again.


  After I finally got my wayward heart under control I got ready for my morning at the dance studio before reluctantly heading out to the kitchen only to find that I didn’t need to cook breakfast this morning since Tyler with Mandy being his willing helper was cooking us all pancakes.


Sitting down on the stool at the bench I watched them wearily as they laughed and had fun cooking together.


Tyler looked up from laughing at something Mandy said and spotted me watching them, he gave me a smile that had my breath catching “so how about after Andy and I cook you a delicious breakfast I drive her to school while you go do what you have to do at the dance studio then I will pick Andy up at lunch time and meet you at the local park for our lunch date.”


Nodding I sat there watching them thinking how weird it was that we seemed to be acting like a family, I shook such silly thoughts from my head.


Tyler gave Mandy her plate and told her to sit at the table then he placed my plate down in front of me giving me an adorable grin “I hope they are okay, I made them the way mum taught me so if I got it right then they should be great.”


Grabbing my knife and fork I cut a piece and popped it into my mouth planning on telling him they were awful even if they weren’t but the way they nearly melted in my mouth with a hint of cinnamon had me moaning instead which had his grin growing bigger “I guess from that sound of pleasure you just made I got them right.”


  Frowning, I glared down at my plate and just concentrated on eating them so I could escape the house before my fantasies about us being a real family could happen again.

Tyler stood on the other side of the bench not eating his own food instead he was watching me with a smile still on his face “um Dow.”


Looking up I gave him a nasty look that made him chuckle before he reached over and ran his thumb along my lips “I was just going to say you had some crumbs on your lips” he said with a chuckle.


Pulling my head away from his reach I got to my feet “um I better get going, I will see you both at the park at lunch time.”


Tyler gave me a knowing look that told me he knew that his touch affected me “see you then Dow.”


Nearly running I grabbed my purse and bolted from the house and drove as fast as I could to the dance studio just glad to be away from him and my confusing feelings for him.


If I couldn’t control my stupid treacherous feelings and responses to his touch then how was I going to continue to keep my heart intact, maybe I should call him and tell him that I wouldn’t be able to make it for lunch but something told me that he wouldn’t take no for an answer so there was no point in trying to get out of it besides which I didn’t want to disappoint Mandy.

Submitted: September 03, 2012

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Loved it! I'm glad that Dow and Ty finally talked about what happened - it may not have been everything, and she's still hurting, but it's a start. I loved Ty's reaction to hearing his brother made a move on Dow (I'm also glad that Kyle apologised for it) - I do like reading the parts where he kisses her. I really liked that they fell asleep together and she didn't get mad at him for not letting her go right away. He can cook?! Ya, she needs to marry him - lol it was great that she's noticing how much they act like a family. lol ya, she's only going to have lunch with Ty because she doesn't want to disappoint Mandy, sure (rolls eyes).
As you probably guessed, I loved the whole chapter! Kmu

Mon, September 3rd, 2012 7:55pm


Ha ha yeah I did guess you liked it and I loved writing it especially where he kisses her, hmm lunch in the park we will have to see what happens there but I think someone is just about to make a reappearance into Dow's life that may not be very welcomed and could lead to more drama & will do, thanks for reading

Tue, September 4th, 2012 3:58pm

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