Chapter 9:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Rubbing my aching head I told myself to forget about my lunch date and just concentrate on getting the work orders read and signed.


  Just as I finally started making my way through the pile sitting in front of me a knock at the door interrupted me & before I could call out to come in the door opened & in stormed the one person I didn’t want to deal with.


Tracy slammed the door then stood in front of my desk with her arms crossed “who the hell do you think you are Shadow Clark” I threw down my pen and sat back in my seat “what are you on about Tracy?”


She pointed her finger at me “y, you come back to this town and move to this side of town even though it is obvious no one wants you here & then you think you can steal my boyfriend away from me.”


Getting to my feet I rested my hands on top of the table fixing her with a cold stare “first of I don’t care if no one wants me here since I am here to do my job not to make friends and secondly it is my understanding that Ty is not even with you.”


She opened & closed her mouth a couple of times then stomped her foot “like hell he’s not, I have been sleeping & dancing with him for the last 5 years & I am not about to let him go so you can move in on him again.”


Squeezing my eyes closed I shook my head “Tracy you are delusional, Ty has no interest in you but I will have you know I have no intentions of taking him back but even if I did it would have nothing to do with you.”


Before I could open my eyes I felt a hard slap to the side of my face, I opened my eyes just in time to receive another one.


Now I am not proud of what I did next but she started it, grabbing her by the hair I rapidly punched her in the face three times while telling her exactly what I thought of her. Maybe it was some of my anger left over from witnessing what she did with Tyler 5 years ago that played a part but god I felt better as I slowly released her and watched her stumble backwards “now get out, I am done listening to you & I have work to do.”


Clutching a hand to her face she looked at me and gave a sob then span on her feet and hurried out but before she could close the door someone else that I didn’t really want to see stepped inside before closing the door and fixing me with their blood shot eyes.


Seeing my brother looking such a mess took me by surprise so much that I had to sit down as he made his way over and took the other seat “hey sis long time no see.”


This was not the Jasper I left behind 5 years ago this was like me back then but 100 times worse.

Jasper gave me a weary smile “so how have you been?” I closed my eyes then reopened them thinking maybe I was seeing things that my little brother didn’t look like some drug crazed bum “J, Jasper what the hell happened to you?”


He gave a careless shrug “hmm well let’s see, after my sister ran of taking our little sister with her I was left all alone so I went out made some new friends that our darling parents didn’t approve of and ended up getting kicked out onto the street, other then that I am just great.”


Taking a deep breath I rubbed my head for what seemed like the 100th time today “so why exactly are you here?” He lent towards me, for the first time since entering the office seeming more alert “well I heard you were back & living here and I know you have great connections here that can hook me up.”


  Holding my hand up I shook my head “if you mean the people I used to buy from then forget it I am not helping you to stuff up your life anymore then you already have so I suggest if that is why you are here then you leave right now because I am busy.”


He gave a groan but then nodded like he expected nothing else but that response from me “fine then how about giving me somewhere to stay just until I get back on my feet?”


Looking him up & down I had to wonder just how long that would actually be for “um, well Andy & I live in a really small house & don’t have a lot of room.”


He looked at me pleadingly & I even heard his stomach give a groan “please Dow I really need somewhere to stay just for a little while & I promise I will get a job & pull my weight.”


What could I do, he was my little brother & I couldn’t send him back to live on the streets again, after all I am not my one of my parents that didn’t give a damn “fine but it is for a very short time & if you give me any reason to think you are using or not doing everything possible to find a job then you are out & you will have to sleep on the couch since there is only 2 bedrooms.”


He nodded & jumped up grinning from ear to ear coming around to hug me “thank you, thank you” I gave a sigh & hugged him back “just don’t make me regret helping you.”


He hugged me tighter & I must admit that I did miss him while gone “I won’t I promise.”


Giving another sigh I reluctantly picked up my phone & sent a message to Tyler telling them that I was unable to make it to lunch.


After doing that I stacked up the paper work then got to my feet grabbing my bag “come on, I will take you home & make you something to eat.”


Jasper asked me about my time away while we was driving & also what it had been like coming back & living on this side of town I tried to tell him as little as possible while answering his questions except for when he asked me about the red hand prints on both cheeks & an angry looking Tracy storming out of my office, I told him what she said & how she slapped me then admitted to punching her which earned me a high five from him.


  Telling him that hitting someone was not something to proud of earned me a lecture about how people like me had to learn to stick up for ourselves so people like Tracy didn’t think they could just walk all over us & it was about time that I hit the bitch after what she did.


By the time we got home I had a terrible headache so told Jasper to fix himself something to eat while I had a lay down, I also told him that Tyler would most likely be dropping Mandy off so he was to be on his best behaviour.


Finally alone in my room I blew out a breath of frustration then closed my curtain before laying down, I knew that the peace & quite was going to be short lived but right now I was pretty sure if one more person from my past showed up I would lose it completely.


Someone else did turn up & entered my room without knocking first & letting the door slam shut behind them which earned a pained wince from me.


Tyler stormed over to stand over me looking extremely hot but very pissed off “so you bow me off for that asshole out there after hitting Tracy.”


Sitting up with a wince I glared at him “that asshole as you call him is my brother, someone I feel responsible for & Tracy deserved what she got after storming into my office ranting & raving about how I was trying to steal you away then slapping me twice, so if you are here to defend her then I really suggest you just get out.”


Tyler sat down on the side of the bed searching my face then reached out to gently rest his hand against my head “you feel hot are you feeling sick baby?” I sighed then gave a weak nod “yeah but it is only a headache that will go away once I get some sleep.”


He moved his hand down to rest against my cheek “I’m sorry about Tracy, when she told me that you hit her she failed to mention that she slapped you after yelling at you.”


Closing my eyes I leant into his hand more “it’s fine, I just have had a really bad day & want to get some sleep without any more drama.”


Him moving his hand away then bending over had me opening my eyes to see what he was doing, he was bent over removing his shoes “Ty what are you doing?”


He looked up giving me a small smirk “well since you are going to be in here resting & I don’t trust myself to be alone with your brother I think it would be best if I just stay in here with you.”


  Closing my eyes again I thought the idea of just how nice it would be to be wrapped in his arms again “why don’t you just go home or back to work?”


He stretched out beside me giving a contented sigh “well I hate being home where I don’t get to see you & I have finished work for the day.”


Rolling I tried to move closer to his warmth without being too obvious about it but giving a warm chuckle he wrapped his arm around me pulling me right up against him “baby you don’t have to act like you aren’t interested in being wrapped in my arms when we both now you love nothing more then for me to wrap you in my arms & hold you tight against me.”


Groaning into his side I shook my head “I thought you were going to let me rest?” He laughed hugging me tighter “I am as long as you can keep your hands off of me that is.”


Groaning even louder I hesitantly wrapped my arm around his waist then tried to get some sleep while ignoring his knowing laughter.

Just as I was starting to drift of I heard him say very softly “I love you Shadow Clark & always will.”


Smiling softly I finally fell to sleep with his words not meant for me to hear replaying in my head making my heart feel like it would explode from the happiness that I felt not that Tyler would ever know that.


Submitted: September 08, 2012

© Copyright 2022 katcas77. All rights reserved.


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Great chapter! I really liked it. I feel bad for her brother, he may be a jerk and an idiot, but I'd do the same thing in her place - family is family, no matter what. I didn't like that Ty was mad and defended Tracy (I get him being mad, but not him defending her), he should have known there was something going on to make Dow hit her. I'm very glad she did tho, Tracy had no right to say those things to her and really shouldn't have slapped Dow, I might have done the same thing - I'm glad she stood up for herself. Yay for Ty staying with her, so cute! Even if she wasn't meant to hear what he said, it bothers me that she's not willing to ever tell him that she still loves him.
Again, i loved it. Kmu!!

Sun, September 9th, 2012 3:48am


warning, warning things are about to get stormy so you may want to strap yourself in. And thanks for reading & commenting once again, I love writing for you will update soon.

Sun, September 9th, 2012 5:22am


im addicted write a book and publish it, you will make so much $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ im serious think aboutit!!!

Sun, December 2nd, 2012 4:43pm


I have been thinking about it but I am probably one of my biggest critiques & think my writing needs a lot more work before thinking about publishing but thank you for thinking I would be good enough it means so much to me :)

Sun, December 2nd, 2012 6:02pm

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