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Home, but to be honest without my older brother here to keep me out of trouble it no longer felt like home.
Sitting in my room smoking my weed I was thinking about how happy I had been in Florida with Tony to talk to.
With a sigh I took a puff of my smoke and walked to the window to lean on the window seal.
Our house had a small park across from it where gangs liked to hangout and today seemed to be no different as I spotted a small group of people sitting on and around a table laughing and drinking.
I blew out a swirl of smoke and rested my chin on my hand watching the group having fun together.
Reece used to be the leader of his gang and when I got with him I thought that it was so cool that everyone seemed to be scared of him so they wouldn’t mess with me.
That is until Reece started to make me do things for him disgusting things and if I didn’t he would make me pay for disrespecting him.
His gang seeing that he didn’t seem to care about me started to treat me like dirt while he wasn’t around the guys even went as far as raping me when they knew he was out of town and knowing that I was to scared to tell him what they were doing to me.
The day that he was killed was the day that I left the gang and I stayed right away from every other gang that lived in this part of the city.
The people sitting at the table across the road looked up right towards my bedroom window and I jumped back a small scream escaping my throat when I saw that it was my old gang.
God what were they doing back here, they had left when Reece died, oh god were they back to kill me like they swore to that day in court.
Tears blinded me as I sat down on the edge of my bed, I had thought that this nightmare would one day be over but now it was clear that it would never be over until I was in my own body bag.
Pulling my phone from my pocket I called the one person that understood my fear.
Nigel “Annie I can’t talk right now”
Me “they are back NIgel”
Nigel “back what the hell do you mean they are back?”
Me “the gang they are sitting across the road in the park”
Nigel “I will be right there do not go outside and lock the door until I get there”
Me “I am so scared Nig”
Nigel “I know baby girl but no one will hurt you while I am around now hang tight I am on my way.”
There was the sound of screeching tries and high powered engine before the line went dead, I stared at it wondering where my brother was and what he was doing.
Giving up on trying to figure that out I jumped of the bed and ran downstairs to make sure that the doors were locked.
There was a roar of an engine then the sound of screeching breaks just before someone pounded on the front door.”
“Annie open the door” I gave a sigh of relief at the sound of my brothers voice coming through the locked door, I raced over and unlocked it and pulled it open with tears blinding me as I took in the sight of my tall muscle brother.”
Nigel gathered me into his arms and smoothed my hair while whispering soothingly to me “relax honey everything is going to be fine” I sobbed into his chest “it wont be fine they want me dead Nig.”
He kissed the top of my head “it is being taken care of baby girl so just relax and let your big brother take care of you” I looked up at him through my tears “I deserve to die Nig after what I did the gang has reason to hate me.”
Nigel kissed my forehead then turned towards the door as some dark figures stepped up behind him “it is taken care of” Nigel hugged me tighter “are they gone?” The men nodded “for now but you should move her before they come back” Nigel nodded then looked down at me “pack your bags honey” I frowned up at him “why where are we going?” He sighed “you are coming with me until I know that you are safe” I started to shake my head, Nigel sighed then pushed me towards the other men “take her to the car I will grab her things and be there in a minute.”
The men grabbed me pulling me towards the door, I struggled against them trying to kick them even bite them “let me go I am not going any fucking where with you assholes" I shouted.
My mouth was covered by a hard hand and an angry voice snarled into my ear “we have our orders little girl so just be quite and let us do our job.”
Clamping my mouth shut I glared at the ground not even looking when I was thrown into the back of a car.
The car door closed as someone got in the front then the engine came to life with a roar but still I didn’t look up “are you just going to ignore us?” I slowly looked up to find Blake looking at me through the rear view mirror and Nigel looking around the passenger seat “why are you doing this Nig they would never try to get into the house of the police captain?”
Nigel gave me an angry look shaking his head “get real Annie not even what dad does for a living will stop that gang for trying to get revenge on you.”
Blake shot a look at my brother “what exactly did she do to that gang?” Blake shook his head “it is a long story mate one that should wait until we get Annie safe” Blake nodded then they both fell silent as we drove through the city.
They took me to another mansion this one smaller then the one that the Morgan’s had been living in when Blake saw my confusion he smiled “this is my home the other one is my uncles” I nodded but was still confused as to why they had brought me here.
Nigel helped me out of the car and pulled me towards the door just as it was thrown open and an angry looking Kane blocked the doorway “what the hell are you doing back here so soon and why is she with you?” Nigel wrapped his arm around my waist “can we explain once we get in side?”
Kane stepped aside and Nigel pulled me past him with Blake following close behind “Blake what is going on?”
When Nigel pulled me into a large comfortable looking lounge room Blake wasn’t with us so I was guessing that he had stayed to answer Kane’s question.
Nigel led me to the couch and pulled me down beside him “Annie I know that we have talked a little about what happened that night Reece died but you need to tell me the rest” I blinked away tears and shook my head “I can’t Nig.”
He cupped my face between his hands “Annie his gang are here wanting to kill you so tell me what happened between the two of you before Reece died?”
Tears started to run down my cheeks dripping onto his hands “we had a fight and like all the other times he hit me but this time he pulled a knife on me holding it to my throat.”
My eyes became blurry as I thought back to that night “it started to cut me and I screamed and begged him not to hurt me that he had promised that he wouldn’t do it anymore and he laughed, he actually laughed then punched me in the face telling me that I was a fool for ever believing his lies.”
Nigel’s arms wrapped around me hugging me to his chest “he moved the knife down my chest to my stomach and started to run it back and fourth while talking to me, he said that he was going to do what he should have done when I first told him I was having a baby, that he was going to get rid of it for me.”
Sobbing stopped me from talking and I shook my head against Nigel’s chest “I can’t Nig I can’t tell you what he did to me that made me do what I did I just can’t.”
Nigel pressed his face into my hair and I felt his hot tears fall on me “I’m sorry baby girl I should have been there to protect you.”
Someone cleared their throat softly making Nigel pull away from me “sorry but my brothers asked me to show Annie to her room” Amber said shyly while looking at me.
Nigel let me go after giving me a gentle kiss on the cheek “go with Amber honey and I will come see you later” I nodded allowing Amber to take my hand as she led me from the room and towards a large stair case “don’t worry Annie my brother’s will deal with anyone that try’s to hurt you” I looked over my shoulder wondering where the brother’s had disappeared to “why would they do that.”
Amber squeezed my hand “because you are Nigel’s sister and now he is apart of my family we will protect anything that he holds dear and that includes you and your dad.”
Falling quite I thought about what she had said, because of my brother doing god knows what for them they would make sure that I was safe but what would happen if something happened to Nigel, would they still protect me or leave me to fend for myself?
Amber led me into a huge bedroom that made my own look like it belonged in a dolls house, I looked around in ore then looked at Amber “surely this room is not for me?” She nodded while smiling “of course it is mine is next door and Kane’s is on the other side and Nigel and Blake have rooms downstairs because they like privacy when they have company over.”
Nigel having company in his room since when did he do something like that, where was the brother that I remember?
Amber touched my arm gently “you will be safe here Annie I promise” I gave a weak nod not really believing that with her brother’s here and the men that seemed to work for them.
When she had left saying that she was going to see about something to eat I sank down onto the large king sized bed and looked around me, what has kind of life has Nigel dragged me into surely it wasn’t a good one, how could it be with Kane involved?

Submitted: March 24, 2011

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i really love this book. i can't wait to read more :) Please update me

Thu, March 24th, 2011 9:00pm


Thank you I will be updating soon I hope and will update you.

Thu, March 24th, 2011 2:29pm


Glad 2 see u updated. This time it didn't feel rushed. But just so u know in the phone call to Nigel she called Nigel "Blake" so u may want to go back & fix that.

Sat, March 26th, 2011 2:22pm


Thanks and I will go back and take a look

Sat, March 26th, 2011 9:45am


Oh I have a feeling I may know what she did to Reece!!!

Sat, March 26th, 2011 4:00pm


Hm I think we all know what she did to him but we will see

Sat, March 26th, 2011 9:46am


Oh yeah I forgot yay Kane & Blake are back, lol

Sun, March 27th, 2011 5:43pm


Yeah they are back

Sun, March 27th, 2011 11:12am

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