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The following morning when I headed downstairs it was to find Amber racing around getting ready for school but no sign of my brother or hers.
Sitting down at the bench I followed her with my eyes “Amber where is everyone?” She grabbed an apple chucking it into her bag while she shrugged “out still I guess.”
Grabbing the box of cereal sitting in front of me I poured myself a bowl and grabbed a spoon before speaking again “do they disappear like this a lot?” Again she shrugged giving me a small smile “Annie when it comes to the family business I tend to stay out of it and not ask many questions and I suggest you do the same” I heard the warning in her voice the same warning her brother and min gave me, stay out of it and keep your mouth shut or else.
Staring down into my bowl sadly I listened to sound of Amber racing out the front door and the car starting and I knew that I was alone.
Cleaning my bowl I sat it on the drainer to dry while I made my way to the lounge room to see what was on the television.
Flicking through the channels I found nothing I wanted to watch so I turned it off again and stood up making up my mind to go for a walk instead.
While I was walking towards the local park I heard the sound of screeching breaks and high powered engines and expected to see three flashy sports cars come racing out of nowhere but the only thing that went racing past was a police car then it went quite again.
Shaking my head and muttering how stupid I was I started walking again with my head down until a car came to a screeching halt beside me and I was yanked of my feet and into the car.
Shaking in fear I looked at the three men in the car with me “is this her?” The dirty blonde guy asked the red headed one driving “yes this is Morgan’s girl.”
They all looked at me and had me shaking in fear at the look in all their eyes and then the blonde spoke again “isn’t this that little girl we talked to that day at school?”
The last guy with dark brown hair looked around from the passenger seat and nodded “yep that’s her.”
Blondie grabbed my chin squeezing it hard “so you don’t know the Morgan’s ha?” I looked at him through tears making him give an evil chuckle “oh baby we are going to have so much fun with you while sending Kane Morgan every single picture that we take.”
They covered my eyes so I couldn’t see where they took me and they didn’t take of the blind fold until I was in a cold damp room and when they did I wished to god they would put it back on.
The room I was standing in may have once been a simple basement but now the only thing that it resembled was a torture chamber.
They pushed me down into a chair and tied me into it so I couldn’t get away then the blonde one stood over me an evil smirk on his face “so honey this is how things work here, we are going to ask you questions and you are going to answer them or we are going to hurt you is that clear darling?”
Blinking away my tears I looked up at him fearfully “I can not tell you anything because they never told me anything.”
He shook his head laughing a cold sounding laugh “oh darling you should have just lied and told us what we wanted to hear but now you leave us no choice.”
His fist slammed into my face splitting my lip and making me sob “I don’t know anything about the Morgan’s.”
He hit me again this time giving me a black eye “you are Kane Morgan’s girl are you not?” I shook my head speaking through my swollen mouth “no I hate Kane Morgan.”
He grabbed my hair yanking a big chunk of it out while slapping me over and over again until I was barely conscious then they untied the ropes and pulled me towards a ratty looking mattress that lay on the floor.
Throwing me down the blonde yelled at the other two to hold me down while he ripped my clothes from my body, I sobbed and tried to fight them of as they repeatedly hit and rapped me until I blacked out from the pain.
Days went by with them abusing me both physically as well as mentally until I was going in sane and felt just like I did at the hands of Reece.
Finally after the seventh day they pulled me from the room and back outside with my eyes again covered so I couldn’t see where we were going.
Tremors shook my body when not long after they started driving they stopped and I was again yanked from the car then I was thrown onto the ground.
Laying there crying and shaking like a leaf I waited for them to kill me like they kept promising they would when they grew tired of me but the sound of the car leaving was the only thing that met my ears.
Sobbing I tried to pull myself to my feet but it was impossible with my hands tied behind my back and my eyes covered still.
So I just lay there waiting for death to find me but just when I totally given up I was yanked of the ground and hugged tightly as someone ran with me.
With my eyes still covered and sobs still shaking me I had no idea who held me all I knew was they were big and muscle and felt like a guy.

Submitted: April 06, 2011

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