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When the blind fold was finally yanked off I found a tearful Dana clutching my hand while an anxious upset Larry yelled into his phone while pacing the room.
When Dana saw my confusion she explained that Larry went to take the trash out and found my naked body laying not far from the trash bins.
Closing my eyes I sobbed as I remembered every horrible thing that those guys said and did to me all just to scare me and make me think that I was going to die and there was one person I had to thank for this and that was Kane fucking Morgan because of him and his family I was again a victim.
Dana stroked my head softly while I cried and cringed at every little noise around me “honey if I could take this pain away for you I would” I sobbed harder at her kind words when I wanted nothing more then to have my life over and done with.
Larry finally got of the phone and cautiously stepped towards us knowing that I was again terrified of guys.
Dana clutched my hand tightly while Larry explained to me that he had been on the phone to my brother and the Morgan’s and they were coming to get me.
Nigel raced through the door racing towards me until Dana shook her head warning him to stay back “she is terrified Nigel she only allows me near her.”
Nigel looked at me with tears falling down his cheeks “Annie oh god I am so sorry I was supposed to keep you safe” he sobbed heart brokenly.
Kane and Blake were the next to race into the apartment and Nigel was forced to hold Kane back when he would have raced towards me “you can’t see her right now” Nigel explained.
Kane looked at me with tears in his eyes “please Bell I just want to hold you” I cringed back into the sofa I had been placed on “no stay away from me” I cried fearfully.
Dana moved me so she could hug me as more sobs shook my body “she has been beaten and unfortunately from what we can tell raped the whole time that those bastards had her there for is absolutely terrified of all guys at the moment.”
All the guys in the room lost color and look horrified at Dana’s words knowing that I was only taken because of them.
Kane pulled away from my brother taking a step towards me his eyes filling with anger “who fucking dared to put their hands on you Bell, was it your gang?” I shook my head looking at Dana instead of him “those men that came to my school looking for you fucking Morgan’s that is who did this to me all because of you fucking lot.”
Kane cringed when he heard the hate in my voice “Bell we are so sorry and those men will be dealt with” I gave a harsh laugh that was ruined by another sob “dealt with yeah I bet the mob will deal with them in just the same way that they dealt with me all because they stupidly thought I was your girlfriend.”
Kane looked at me hurt by my words “Bell” he whispered, I looked at him with hate in my eyes “I listened for seven fucking days to those assholes telling me how they were going to kill me and what they were going to do me first, I spent seven fucking days being fucked and hit in every possible way by them all because of you so you know what fuck off leave me alone I never want to see you or any of your fucking mob friends again.”
Turning on my brother who was supposed to be there to protect me I blinked away my tears while fighting my way into a sitting position “you should be sorry Nig you should be very fucking sorry for what you allowed to happen to me because this is all your fault you brought these people into my life putting my life in danger so you should be very fucking sorry.”
Shaking my head I lay back down closing my eyes “get out I don’t want you here.”
Dana stroked my hair as I started to cry again “you should leave” she said to the others.
Someone gently grabbed me off the couch holding me against their chest “sorry Dana but she is my sister and we need to keep her safe so she is coming with us.”
Keeping my eyes closed I told myself just to stay quite that there was no point in arguing they were just guys that thought they could do what ever they wanted to me because I was just a female.
They didn’t take me to their house instead they took me to their uncles where they said that no one would dare try to get their hands on me.
Ignoring them and their promises that meant nothing I stayed silent as they carried me into the mansion and up the stairs to the room they said would be mine while I was here.
When they put me down on a large bed I curled myself into a ball and stared out the large window.
Someone touched me until I pulled away from them “Bell there will a doctor here soon so please let him check you out” I ignored Kane’s words just staring unseeingly out the window as I relieved the nightmare of the past seven days.
The doctor came with a female nurse that held my hand while he asked me questions and checked out all my injuries.
When he had finished he removed his glasses and gave me a warm caring smile “honey I can see that you have been through hell, Stan and his boys asked me to do anything that I could to help you honey and from what I can see the best thing I can do for you at the moment is just let you be I am sure you have had as much as you can take from being poked and prodded and seeing the sympathy in everyone’s eyes so what I am going to suggest is you try and get a good night sleep then we will see about you going to a hospital that will help you come to terms with everything that has happened to you.”
He went to his bag and grabbed something then turned back to me with a small needle in his hand I started to shake and try to pull away from the nurse when he came towards me “don’t worry honey its just a needle to help you sleep till morning.”
Shaking my head I started to try to crawl backwards on the bed “no leave me alone” I screamed trying to shake the nurse’s hand off “calm down honey no one is going to hurt you I promise.”
I promise how many times had I heard that and it was all fucking lies everyone always ended up hurting me “no please leave me alone” I screamed and begged as tears streamed down my face.
The bedroom door was thrown opened and two very large angry guys came racing in making me scream more “what the fuck are you doing to my sister” Nigel shouted over my screaming.
“Bell baby calm down” Kane pleaded making me scream more when he came towards me.
The doctor blocked his way giving him a stern look “you are not helping boy you and your friend need to leave the room so I can get her to sleep.”
Kane shook his head never taking his eyes off of me while he continued to move towards me this time at a slightly difficult angle ignoring my screams to stay away from me, he went behind me then his arms wrapped around me holding me tight “do it doc now while I hold her.”
The doctor quickly moved forwards and slid the needle into my hand “sorry honey but you need to rest without the nightmares” he muttered as he slid it back out and turned to pack his bag.
Watching him through my tears I fought to keep my one good eye open scared of falling asleep and dreaming about what was done to me.
Kane pressed his face into my neck pressing a kiss to my skin before whispering “sleep Bell you will not dream tonight I promise you they will not get you.”
Slowly my sobs subsided and my eye started to drift closed with me no longer able to fight to keep it open but before I was gone completely I whispered “I hate you this is your entire fault.”
There was an angry sigh as I was laid down gently on the bed “I know and after this night I promise I will stay away from you.”

Submitted: April 06, 2011

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