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Sitting up right in bed I struggled to breathe as my nightmare lingered with me making sobs choke me.
Small whimpers from close by had me looking towards a small basinet only to realize that I was still in Kane’s room, I looked beside me but he was gone.
Beth’s whimpers grew louder making me get of the bed and go over to her; I reached out hesitantly and picked her up then hugged her close against me.
After checking the bathroom for her father I headed down to the kitchen to see if he was there, he was but he was on the phone and sounded really angry and threatening.
Kane “get it fucking done or else you will be the one explaining to my uncle why his orders haven’t been carried out.”
Staying hidden behind the door I continued to listen.
Kane “I do not care what it takes just take the fuckers out and call me when it is done.”
He shook his head and slammed his fist down on the counter “stop with the fucking excuses or you will be the next one swimming with the fish, no you fucking idiot the cops would be able to trace it back to us if you do it that way.”
He squeezed his eyes closed and made a disgusted noise “fine look just give me half and hour and I will be there to do it myself, you fucking heard me right, okay so do not do anything until I get there or it will be you I will be taking care of.”
When Kane slammed his mobile shut I hesitantly moved from my hiding place and entered the kitchen.
Beth cooing softly had Kane looking up from his phone anger and promise of murder still clear in his eyes “what the fuck are you doing with her?” I stopped moving and looked at him in confusion “she was awake and you weren’t there so I brought her down.”
He walked over and took his daughter from me “the maid takes care of her just fucking stay away from her and me from now on have you got that Annabelle?”
Staring at him in shock and hurt I slowly nodded then turned and ran backup stairs slamming my door shut behind me.
Throwing my things around the room I cursed when I couldn’t find what I was looking for “fuck you Joshua why did you have to take every thing.”
Kicking my bag across the room I headed back out the door and downstairs and raced for the front door knowing that everyone was gone except for the maid I hurried to my brothers old truck that was parked on the driveway and got in.
Heading into the dangerous part of town I held my breath as I slowly drove past the people standing outside of their houses.
Stopping at all well known drug house I jumped out of the truck and carefully locked all the doors before approaching the house and knocking.
A big fat balding guy with bad teeth and tattoo’s all over his face and arms opened the door and looked down at me while blocking the doorway “you lost Annie?” I shook my head and pulled the large sum of cash from my pocket “no I am looking to buy.”
He crossed his arms and leant towards me “really and who told you I was selling especially to you?” I shrugged giving him a small smirk “my money and the fact that I know the Morgan’s tells me that you are selling and that you will sell to me Corky.”
Just like I knew it would at the mention of the Morgan’s he stepped aside and gestured for me to enter then after quickly checking the street he closed the door.
Walking over to a ratty old couch that was losing its stuffing he sat down giving me a cold calculating look “so you say that you know the Morgan’s, Annie?”
Nodding I crossed my arms “that’s right but how I know them is none of your business how ever what you can sell me is so I am looking to buy a pound of cocaine would you be able to do that much?”
He nodded then got to his feet “wait here and do not touch anything I will be back in a minute” I nodded then watched him waddle from the room before letting my gaze go around the room, I felt disgust when I saw all the dirty clothes and unwashed dishes laying around and squished into the couch was what looked once to be a pizza but now was furry and green.
Feeling sick I prayed for Corky to hurry up so I could leave, finally he waddled back into the room carrying a bag filled with white powder, I reached for it eagerly but he shook his head and held it out of my reach “come on Annie you now the drill money or your body first then the drugs” I choked down the vile that tried to force its way up my throat “you will no longer be putting your fat body anywhere near mine Corky so you can forget that right now” I threw the cash at him “here this should be more then enough to cover it.”
Corky quickly counted the money then past me the bag while smirking at me “it is a shame that I don’t get to see you much anymore Annie maybe you could come and visit again some time or maybe I could just give you your money back right now and you earn it in the bedroom” I shook my head and raced for the door “I wasn’t kidding about knowing the Morgan’s Corky so next time keep your disgusting comments to yourself because I no longer sell my body.”
Corky gave a harsh laugh “really Annie we shall see about that when you run out of money to supply the habit.”
Jumping into Nigel’s truck I gunned it and got the hell out of that part of town as quickly as possible not relaxing until I was back closer to where the Morgan’s house is.
Parking the truck in the driveway I cautiously got out praying that they all would be still out.
Angry voices coming from Stan’s office told me that they wasn’t so I hurried up the stairs being careful to look my door before pulling the bag from under my clothes.
Searching around I found everything I needed then with a sweep of my hand knocked everything of the dresser and onto the floor then I made some straight lines with the powder and rolled up a piece of paper and quickly made the lines disappear one by one.
Cleaning up the evidence I quickly put everything back the way it was then went into the bathroom and lifted the back of the toilet system and hid the bag inside then I closed it again making sure no one could see that it had been opened.
Smiling to myself I checked my face in the mirror and got rid of any trace of powder before heading back downstairs.
There was still yelling but it seemed to be coming from a different part of the house then I heard a cry of pain.
Creeping forwards I listened hard to see if I could workout where the voices where coming from until I came to a door that seemed to lead downstairs, the basement I was guessing.
Standing near the door debating whether to open it or not I heard a noise behind me and turned to see the maid standing there “Miss. If I was you I wouldn’t go down there” I blushed at her accusing tone “I was just curious to what is down there.”
The maid gave me a suspicious look and I knew she didn’t believe me “miss everyone in this house knows that the basement is forbidden” I nodded suddenly feeling sick “um okay sorry I will try to remember that.”
Hurrying past her I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a glass quickly filling it with water and gulping it down.
My hands were shaking so bad that I had trouble holding the glass as I tried to refill it.
“Annie would you care to explain to us why the maid found you snooping outside the basement door?” I jumped at the sound of my brother’s voice and swung around to find him and all three Morgan’s looking at me in anger.
Wiping my shaking hands down the sides of my jeans I gave Nigel a weary look “I heard a noise coming from there and just wondered what was down there.”
Stan Morgan stepped towards me with his large arms crossed “my basement is forbidden for anyone but us men to enter is that clear young lady?” I nodded telling myself not to cry or show them fear “yes I understand it wont happen again” he gave a tight nod then turned away to look at the others “get down there and do what needs to be done and make sure you do not miss anything” they all nodded and turned around and walked back towards the basement door.
When they were gone Stan turned back towards me his face a hard mask of anger “if I find you snooping around my house again I will deal with you myself is that clear?” I nodded backing away from him fearfully “y, yes” I stuttered “good then get to your room and do not come down unless I send someone up to get you.”
Locking my door I curled on my bed shivers shaking my small body, Stan had just shown me what an angry mob boss looked like and they were truly as scary as every news channel said they were.
Blinking to try and get rid of my tears I kept a fearful ear out for anyone coming near my room while I hurried to the bathroom and grabbed the powder again.
After doing a few more lines I hid everything and sat down in the middle of the floor and closed my eyes letting the drugs take me over while I sang a song from Evanescence.

I tried to kill the pain
but only brought more
so much more
I lay dying
and I'm pouring crimson regret and betrayal
I'm dying, praying, bleeding and screaming
am I too lost to be saved
am I too lost?

my God my tourniquet
return to me salvation
my God my tourniquet
return to me salvation

do you remember me
lost for so long
will you be on the other side
or will you forget me
I'm dying, praying, bleeding and screaming
am I too lost to be saved
am I too lost?

my God my tourniquet
return to me salvation
my God my tourniquet
return to me salvation

I want to die!!!

my God my tourniquet
return to me salvation
my God my tourniquet
return to me salvation

my wounds cry for the grave
my soul cries for deliverance
will I be denied Christ
my suicide.
Lying down on the floor I curled into a ball as I thought back to when I first heard this song.
Reece slammed the door then stalked towards me a murderous look in his eyes while I cowered against the wall “Reece please do not hurt me you promised” I pleaded feeling tears starting to fall down my cheeks.
He slammed his fist into his open hand “promised bitch I didn’t promise you a fucking thing god you are so pathetic cowering against the wall, Reece please don’t hurt me you promised” he mocked as he drew closer, he was so angry a vein was popping out in the side of his neck “you know Annie I should do the whole fucking world a favor and kill you right now.”
He fingered his chin while looking at me thoughtfully “but first let’s make it so the neighbors don’t hear us this time and call the cops like they did the last time.”
He walked to his stereo and hit play and a song by Evanescence started to play I closed my eyes and listened to it while Reece beat on every part of my body while screaming at me how pathetic and useless I was until I blacked out from the pain.
Blinking I came back from the past still curled on the floor and still that pathetic broken girl he had made me.
Shakily I got to my feet and went to the window and looked out only to see my brother and the Morgan brother’s loading something into the back of their four wheel drive something that was shaped exactly like a body.
Stepping back in fear I shook my head, no way my brother wouldn’t be involved in murder there had to be some other explanation I told myself even when my mind kept showing me what I had seen.
Trying to calm myself down I paced the room trying to think of something that I could do but my mind still kept going back to that thing my brother and the others were carrying so carefully.
A knock at the door halted my pacing and had my head shooting up to look at it “yes” I called out “Annie you are right to come downstairs if you want” Nigel called through the closed door.
Go downstairs and be near them after the noises I heard and then seeing what they were carrying yeah right I don’t think so.
Sitting down on the edge of the bed I called out “um no thanks I’m fine in here” I heard him sigh “Annie it is perfectly fine if you want to come downstairs” I squeezed my eyes closed hating that I now feared being around my own brother “um maybe later” I called.
Hearing his retreating foot steps I relaxed slightly but not for long because there was another knock on my door “Annie your band is here to see you” Blake called through the door, I sighed and got to my feet “okay I’m coming just give me a minute.”
Walking over to my dresser I picked up the small rolled up piece of paper and done the two lines of powder that I had set up then wiped my face and hoped that by the time I got downstairs my hands wouldn’t be shaking.
 My band mates were sitting in the lounge room talking to my brother and the Morgan’s when I got downstairs.
Walking into the room I looked at them wearily “hey guys what brings you here?” Josh and Keith looked up smiling at me “hey Annie we got a call from Ben wondering when we will be returning to New York?” I sighed shaking my head “at the moment I am not ready to go back I’m sorry and if you want to replace me I would understand.”
Josh looked outraged at such a suggestion and the other guys looked pretty upset to “Annie like we said in New York we will go along with what ever you decide because our band would be nothing without you in it” I nodded then looked at my brother “look I know you want me under house arrest but I am nearly nineteen so I am going to go to the bar with the guys and see if Dana and Larry will let us perform.”
Nigel and the brother’s got to their feet towering over me and bringing my fear back “alright Annie I tell you what you can go to the bar but you are not performing and we are coming with you.”
When I would have protested Kane shot me a look that had my voice freezing up “good then go get ready and we will go.”
Crossing my arms I stared down at the floor “I am ready and you all can’t come who will look after Beth?” Kane cleared his throat “my aunt and uncle are going to take care of Beth so if you are ready then we should go” I looked around them all wearily “what car are we taking?” Nigel looked at Blake for an answer “don’t worry Annie we will take two cars so there will be plenty of room” I managed to give a weak nod before following them all out to the cars.
God please don’t let them put me in the four wheel drive, I prayed as we drew closer to some of the cars that were yet to be put in the large garage.
Thankfully the two cars they stopped in front of were two Bugatti Veyron’s one red with black strips and a yellow one with black strips.
Looking between the two cars with my mouth slightly a jar I shook my head “we wont all fit in these” Kane chuckled and pulled me over to the yellow one “we are going in this one Blake and Nigel are going in the other and the guys are taking their car.”
Pulling away from Kane I shook my head looking towards my band members and their small silver van “no that’s okay I will just go with the guys” Kane gave me a cocky grin “are you scared of me Bell?” I nodded not meeting his eyes “yeah I am very scared of you.”
He sighed angrily then pulled the passenger door open “get in the fucking car Bell now or I will drag you in” I shivered at his threat “fine just keep your hands to yourself.”
He gave his head an angry shake then went and got in the driver’s side, I jumped when the car started with a roar and hurried to get in.
Driving so fast that I felt like we were in a race but with Blake right behind us we may as well have been the way that the two brothers’s seemed to compete for the road, anyway with them driving so fast it didn’t take very long at all to get to Larry’s bar.
When I went to jump out Kane grabbed my arm stopping me “just remember what Nigel said Bell no singing tonight and you stick close to us while we are here.
Pulling my arm out of his grip I turned towards him with my eyebrows lifted “why can’t I perform and why must I stick close to you lot, what is going on Kane?”
He opened his door and started to get out “just do as your told Bell and do not try to argue or so help me I will do what Blake threatened to do and put you over my knee.

Submitted: April 06, 2011

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