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“I promise baby it will never happen again” I looked up into his chocolate brown eyes that had the power to make my knees wobble and sighed “fine I believe you.”
 Wiping at my tears I looked down at the stained floor and sighed, why did I continue to believe his lies when every time he went back on what he said and hurt me again and again.
The bedroom door slammed open making me jump then duck as a large fist headed for my face, it hit the wall putting a hole in it and my heart stuttered in fear knowing how close it was to being my face that it had hit.
My hair was grabbed forcing my head up then his face was pushed against mine his eyes that could hold so much warmth in them now holding nothing but hate “you stupid little cow where is the money that I asked you to get, where is the grog that you promised me that you would steal?” I shook as his hands yanked hands full of my hair out “get your scrawny little butt out there on that street and get me my money then go to the bottle shop and get me my beer and don’t you dare come back here until you do.”
He shoved me so hard that I hit the wall and bounced of it before hitting the floor making me cry out in pain.
Suddenly he was there kneeling in front of me his eyes filled with apology “I am so sorry baby I promise it wont happen again” I shrunk away from him, tears rolled down my cheeks “you always promise me that you wont hit me or make me do these things but then you do, how can you expect me to believe you anymore Reece?”
He pulled me into his arms gently pushing my hair out of my face “because you know no matter what Annie I love you and if I promise that I won’t do these things then I won’t.”
That was one thing I loved about Reece sick as it is, I loved the way that he believed his own lies and made me believe them as well even though I knew that it would be only days before we would be here again with him promising the same exact thing.
With a sob I woke up and sat up curling my arms around my legs trying to warm myself as chills shook my body “god why won’t this stop, it has been months and I can not escape” I sobbed into my knees.”
“Bella what has happened?” My frantic father asked from my doorway, I shook my head looking up at him through my tears “just another dream daddy nothing for you to worry about.”
Dad stepped into the room and over to the bed pulling me into his arms “anything that is troubling my baby girl is a concern to me honey” I sighed wiping at my eyes “I just wish they would stop daddy but they don’t every night they get worse and I am forced to relieve the past and what happened.”
Dad kissed my head and hugged me tighter “I know that it is hard for you to talk about the things that Reece did to you honey but maybe it is time for you to except that you need help”
Sobbing quietly I shook my head “no daddy no doctors you promised” he sighed then started to gently rub my back “I know I did honey but that was six months ago and you talk like it only happened just yesterday still and I know that you have your music but that is only through the day time you need something that will help you to get through the night times and honey your brother and I both feel that you need friends outside of the band.”
He patted my back slightly harder when I stiffened “look we know that you don’t want anyone else knowing what happened between you and Reece but you need kids your own age that you can hang out with maybe go to the movies or the mall with please promise me you will just think about it.”
 Reluctantly I gave a small nod and muttered “alright daddy I will think about it but no doctors” with a slight hesitation he agreed to stop trying to get me to see a doctor for know unless he had real concerns that I wasn’t coping.
The next morning I went down stairs to find my father and brother speaking in hushed voices in the kitchen until I walked in then it went really quite giving that feeling that I was the someone that was the subject of their conversation but instead of calling them on it like I would have a couple of years ago I just ignored it and went to the fridge to grab a drink of orange juice.
Feeling my brother’s eyes on me I looked up from the carton and raised my eyebrows in question “was there something that you needed Nig?” He shook his head then stood up from the table “once you have had breakfast Annie we are going out for the day” I started to shake my head but he shot me a look that told me that there was no point in arguing.
Not wanting any food I headed upstairs to get ready for what ever my darling older brother had planned knowing that what ever it was I would not want any part of it.
After pulling on my favorite black skinny jeans and a white shirt followed by a hoodie I brushed my long brown hair to untangle it before pulling it into a pony tail then after slipping into my pair of converse shoes I headed down stairs dreading my brother and the day he had planned for

Submitted: March 20, 2011

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