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Walking behind Nigel I had never felt more afraid as we entered not Stan Morgan’s house but the house Nigel shared with the Morgan brother’s.
Nigel wrapped his arm around me giving me a gentle squeeze “don’t worry sis no one will hurt you” I nodded smiling slightly “I know Nig because I am never going to be anyone’s victim again.”
He looked at me proudly as he pulled me into the lounge room with him, I looked at the brother’s and their sister Amber nervously as they all got to their feet.
Amber raced over wrapping me in a hug “Annie I have missed you so much” I hugged her back “it is nice to have you home Amber how was college?” She smiled “it was good but it is nice to be home with my brothers and my new niece” I nodded glancing at Kane who was holding his daughter “Beth is beautiful.”
Amber nodded as she released me then Blake pulled me into his arms “welcome home kid don’t ever scare me like that again I think you added twenty years on to my age” I looked at him sadly “”don’t worry I wont I finally have said goodbye to Reece and the life I had with him.”
Blake hugged me tighter “that is good Annie you deserve better then that life you had with him” I nodded in agreement “I know but for now I am going to concentrate on my music but first I have a band to apologize to and two other people that treated me like their own daughter and I let them down.”
Blake shook his head “Dana and Larry were upset Annie but they do not hate you and they can not wait to have their little star back” I looked at him uncertainly “really?” He nodded and smiled “really if you are feeling up to it we will take you tomorrow to see them” I nodded eagerly “that would be great.”
He moved away then there was just Kane and his daughter left. I looked at them sadly then started to turn away “Bell please we have missed you so much” I slowly turned around to face him “I missed you but I am not going to be in a relationship with you from now on I am just concentrating on me.”
Kane looked at me sadly then turned away “I am sorry that I ever made you doubt me Bell but I do and always will love you.”
Blinking back tears I looked at Nigel “I’m tired so I am going to go and lay down but please remember that tomorrow we have to go and get my friend Diana who is going to stay with me for awhile” Nigel nodded and kissed my head “don’t worry I wont forget I look forward to meeting her but Annie you should at least talk to Kane” I sighed shaking my head “not right now Nig I’m not ready” he nodded and let me go as I moved towards the door.
Stepping into my room I looked around it sadly then moved to sit on the bed thinking back to the night when I made Kane angry with me.
“You know you still have a beautiful body Bell and I would never do anything to hurt the woman that I love or mark her beautiful body I may have smacked you that time but I would never do it again or do anything to make you cry.”
Looking up at Kane standing in my doorway through my tears I shook my head “you already have” he sighed moving into the room and closing the door before moving towards me.
Sitting down beside me he stared down at his hands “I know I have made you cry Bell but I would never do it again and I know that I scare you but all I have ever wanted from the day I first met you was to love you and show you that not all guys are like Reece.”
Reaching out I unclenched his hands and took one twining my fingers through his “Kane when I said that I just wanted to concentrate on my music I meant it but when I get that back on track I would like to be apart of yours and Beth’s life if you still want me to.”
He turned to face me then lifting our twined hands he pressed a kiss to the back of mine “let me show you that you can have both” I looked at him thoughtfully “why are you so determined to have me in your life?”
He pressed my hand against his face as he leaned in closer “because from the moment I saw you I saw the girl I wanted to spend my life with, I saw a girl that needed someone like me to love and protect her and that is all I want to do baby, I want to love and protect you for the rest of our lives to make you smile instead of cry, to make you feel pleasure instead of pain.”
I pressed my fingers to his lips “stop I believe you” he kissed my fingers making a shiver pass down my spine “then please Bell just let me love you as you were meant to be loved” I looked at him thoughtfully “on one condition.”
He looked worried but nodded anyway “the scary business side of your life stays outside of our home that you do not bring it anywhere near me and Beth when you are with us you are just Kane the man that I love and Beth’s daddy not some scary mob guy who sells drugs and guns and runs sleazy clubs to us you will only be loving that is the condition.”
He kissed my fingers then pulled them away as he gathered me into his arms “deal; to you I will only ever be guy that worships your beautiful body none of my scary business side will ever enter this house.”
Pressing my face into his chest I wrapped my arms around him tightly “I love you Kane Morgan” he pressed his lips against my neck “I love you Annabelle Roberts with all my heart.”
He gently pulled me away so we could lay on the bed then he gathered me into his arms his lips seeking mine “mm Kane where is Beth?” I murmured against his lips “my sister stole her which works in my favor since I get to stay in here with you and get some sleep” I laughed softly pulling my lips away from his “sleep is that all you want?”
He looked down my body his fingers brushing across my stomach “well maybe later” he murmured as his lips again found mine.
Much later that night he gathered me against him brushing his lips across my shoulder “sleep baby before Amber brings our daughter in here looking for us” I smiled up into his eyes “our daughter” he nodded pressing his head against mine “yes you are her beautiful mother who her father loves very much now get some sleep since we have to go and get Nigel’s future wife tomorrow then we have to start looking for Blake’s.”
With his arms securely wrapped around me I fell into a peaceful sleep that no nightmares penetrated.

Submitted: April 06, 2011

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