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Crossing my arms I refused to leave the car no matter how much my brother begged me to.
 “No way Nig I am not going into that mansion, who lives here anyway?” He sighed pausing from trying to forcibly remove me from his truck to answer my question “this is where Blake and his family live.”
Still shaking my head I crossed my arms and stared at the large white mansion, it was huge and looked like just one room would fit our tiny house inside of it “Annie get out of the truck they are waiting for us” I pulled my eyes away from the place to look at Nigel “why are we here anyway when I told you that I don’t want to be friends with these people.”
Nigel growing tired of my stubbornness lent into the truck and forcibly pulled me out and swung me over his shoulder “Nigel Roberts you put me down this very instant” I shouted pounding on his back “if you had just gotten out of the truck I would not have to do this.”
Chuckling caught my ear making me blush when I realized we had an audience “I see Annie is still in a bad mood.”
Nigel laughed slapping me on the rump “yes but to be fair my sister is very rarely in a good mood anymore” I squeezed my eyes closed speaking between my clenched teeth “Nig do not start” he sighed setting me back down on my feet “fine but we are spending the day here so stop being such a bitch and try to enjoy yourself.”
Lifting my head I found myself standing in a large lounge room that had a huge television on the wall “good god I knew that they were out of your league as friends Nig.”
Blake who was sitting on a large brown couch cocked his eyebrows at me “out of his league how so little girl?” I shrugged looking around the room “well let’s see our house would fit in this room without any trouble, we live in a poor part of the town while you live here in the rich part you work out what I mean.”
Blake shrugged giving me a smile “Annie money is not everything, our father raised us to appreciate people that don’t have a lot and we like your brother simply for who he is and do not care that he is not rich like us.”
I gave Blake my first genuine smile in a long time “I think I am going to actually like you” he laughed shaking his head “you sound surprised by that” I nodded giving him a sheepish grin “yeah well I don’t really like anyone outside of my family or the band so it does surprise me to find myself actually liking someone else.”
 Nigel patted my shoulder gently on his way past “you are starting to allow people past that wall that you have put up and I am proud of you Annie girl” I shook my head and sighed loudly “no Nig I just like Blake’s sense of humor but I will never allow myself to trust people like this.”
“Like this, what could you possibly mean by that Annabelle?” I swung around to find Kane and his sister standing behind me “I, I.”
Blake chuckled from the couch “Kane leave Annie alone and stop just standing there and come in” Kane smirked at my obvious lack of a response before moving past me with
his sister.
With a sad sigh I headed for the couch to sit beside Nigel but Amber stopped me with a small warm hand on my arm “I, I was wondering if maybe you would like to come hang out near the pool with me?”
I looked her up and down; she wasn’t that different looking to her two brothers they all had black hair with bright green eyes the only difference was that she was small and petite but still beautiful with a body that a lot of girls would die to have.
She gave me a weary smile as she waited for me to answer her question “um, sure lead the way.”
With her hand still on my arm she pulled me towards the door where her and Kane had been standing “hang on Amber I think I might join you.”
We both swung around at the sound of Kane’s husky voice “you wish to join us brother?” Amber asked with a knowing smirk “yes that is not a problem is it?” Both Amber and I shook our heads even though I dreaded the thought of spending time with him without my brother there.
They led me out a door that led of from a large spacious kitchen that my mum when she was still a live would have killed for.
The swimming pool was outside but under cover so they could swim or just relax without getting burnt not that they would since they both had perfect tans and made me look like some pale vampire.
Amber pulled me over to some lounge chairs “so tell us a bit about yourself Annie” I raised my eyebrows at her in surprise “surely you have heard everything there is to know from my brother and everyone else in town?” She laughed nodding her head “yes we have but we are a family that only believes what the person their self tell us.”
Shaking my head I glanced at her brother then looked at her sadly “trust me you do not want to hear about my sad life” Amber gave me an encouraging smile “Annie we want to hear about the things that make you who you are” I brushed my hair back behind my ears and took a deep breath “well as Barbie the bitch told you I did have a boyfriend until recently but he died.”
 Amber grabbed my hand and gave it a gentle squeeze “I am sorry do you still miss him” I nodded tears starting to pool in my eyes “yes sick as it sounds, everyday I miss him and my life with him.”
Kane making a hissing noise from between his teeth had me looking at him only to meet his really angry eyes “you miss him, how the hell can you miss him when we have heard about the things he did to you while he was alive?” I shot to my feet my fists clenched at my sides “shut the fuck up you know nothing about Reece and I” he got to his feet towering over me “I believe some of what people have told us about your beloved Reece and I know that he hurt you in a lot of ways but you still kept taking him back again and again no matter what anyone said or did” I shocked myself and him when I swung my fist connecting with his face and knocking him off of his feet.
There was laughter and lots of clapping from behind us making me swing around to find four guys built like wrestlers standing there laughing at what I had just done to Kane “boy she just knocked you off your feet with that one punch” one with short dirty blonde hair laughed making Kane growl as he got to his feet.
He pushed past me to stand in front of them “what the hell are you doing here when we told you we were having guests today?” He growled making me shrink backwards “calm down your uncle called us and told us he needed us to come in.”
Kane swung around to look at his sister “Amber take Annie inside now and ask Blake to come out here” Amber nodded jumping to her feet and grabbing my arm “oh come on boy at least introduce the little lady to us before you hide her away” another with spiky red hair pleaded “no” he shouted making me jump and grab Amber’s arm tightly as she started to pull me past them.
Something caught my eyes as we drew level to the dirty blonde headed one, under his shirt I could see a bulge that didn’t seem to belong and as I looked around the others I could see the same thing.
Guns they were all carrying guns tucked away under their clothes but they all had them, I glanced at Kane who had on loose fitting jeans and a black tight fitting shirt but he didn’t seem to have one but then as he turned away from me I noticed that his shirt was untucked and there was a defiantly a bulge of something tucked in to his jeans, oh my god what had my brother dragged me into, I knew when he introduced me to them that they seemed dangerous and now I was sure of it.
Amber shook my arm to grab my attention “Annie are you alright you seemed to be out of it there for a minute?” I nodded then gulped as I felt the other eyes on me “yeah um I guess I was thinking about something and I think maybe I should see if Nigel can take me home now” Amber looked at me pleadingly “please don’t, it is not very often that I get to talk to another girl I am usually stuck with just these guys for company” I glanced at the five guys all over them absolutely gorgeous but all of them looking like dangerous bad guys “um, I have things that I need to do before school tomorrow I’m really sorry.”
Amber looked sad at the thought of me leaving but forced a smile “oh okay then maybe we could hang out at school tomorrow” I nodded not really believing that we would not with all the other girls there that she could hang out with instead of me “yeah maybe but I usually spend my lunch time with my friends from the band.”
Her smile dropped making me feel guilty for hurting her feelings “but maybe you would like to meet them?” Her smile returned bigger and fuller then before “I would love to meet your friend’s thank you so much Annie” I nodded shuffling my feet “they are all guys I don’t hang with girls so I hope that is alright?”
She looked at her brother and the others “Annie the only people I know besides you and my aunt are guys so I think I will manage.”
Kane looked up from an argument he seemed to be having with the other four and looked towards us his eyes going hard with anger as he realized we were still standing near the door “Amber for fuck sakes I told you to take her inside and bring Blake out here now go” Amber winced as he shouted at her and gave me a look of apology “sorry he has a bit of a temper when people don’t do as he asks” I risked a glance in his direction only to find him looking at me with a look I couldn’t pick “um that’s fine but maybe we should go before he gets any angrier.”
Amber nodded and again grabbed my arm as we made our way inside and to the lounge were we could hear Blake and Nigel talking “Blake the guys are here and are outside near the pool with Kane I think you should go see what is going on while I keep these guys company” Amber said giving her older brother a meaningful look while I looked at Nigel “Nig maybe we should just go home” he started to get to his feet “of course if you are ready to go” I started to nod but Amber’s hand on my arm tightened “no please stay we were planning on having a barbeque once my uncle and aunty get home and I am sure what ever business my brothers have to discuss with the others will not take long.”
Business yeah right what kind of business involved guns except the kind that was illegal and the more I took notice of these brothers the more I was sure that they were in to something that I certainly did not want to get caught up with and did not want my older brother getting caught up in.
Nigel settled himself back down on the couch grinning at me “a barbeque doesn’t that sound like fun sis?” I glared at him “oh yeah bro it sounds like a blast” he chuckled then looked at Blake ‘go and see to what ever you need to we will be fine here with your sister” Blake nodded then smiled at me “I look forward to getting to know you better once I have seen to some matters” I crossed my arms and avoided his gaze muttering under my breath “I take back what I said I don’t think I like you at all.”
 Amber heard me and looked at me questioningly but I ignored her look and went to sit beside my brother fiddling with my hands nervously “honey if you really are uncomfortable we can go” I shook my head and took a deep calming breath “no I will be fine” Nigel didn’t seem so sure so I gave him a tiny small “I will be fine Nig I promise.”
He smiled in relief and wrapped his arms around me and whispered in my ear “I am so proud of you Annabelle you are over coming your fears and starting to get your life back” I sighed pressing my face into his chest “my life is fine just the way it is I don’t know why you and dad can’t except that I like the life I have.”
Nigel squeezed me gently “you were the most popular and out going girl in school until you met Reece now look at you, you are nothing more then a shell of what you were.”
I pulled away from him and glared down at my lap “just leave it alone Nig, you know I hated being popular that I prefer not.”
Before I could finish speaking Blake came back with his brother and the other four and they all looked slightly tense “hey guys I told Nigel and Annie that we were going to have a barbeque so one of you need to go and fire it up.”
Blake looked at Kane but he shook his head and looked at the other four “yeah okay we can take a hint” the one with dirty blonde hair said with a chuckle gesturing to the other three to follow him.
Feeling eyes on me I looked up to find Kane staring at me in an intense way that made me shiver and shift closer to Nigel on the couch “Annie would you like to come and see my room?” I pulled away from Nigel to look at his sister who was smiling at me shyly “um, yeah sure” I said hesitantly as I got to my feet trying not to look at her two scary looking brothers “are you okay Annie?” I looked at Blake then quickly away again “yeah just fine” I muttered hating how I was now in a house with men that I knew that we couldn’t trust.
Following Amber out of the room and up some stairs I was stopped by a hand on my arm that restrained me without being to tight “Amber I need to talk to Annie for a moment please wait in your room for her and I will bring her there when we have finished talking.”
Kane’s husky voice sent shivers of fear down my skin as he pulled me closer to his tall muscle body while he watched his sister smile at me before walking away down the hall.
He pulled me along behind him into a large bedroom closing the door before gently pushing me against the door trapping me there with his arms “now Annie outside earlier I think that you seen things that you shouldn’t have seen”  I looked down at the floor to scared to meet his penetrating gaze “I didn’t see anything” I lied making him sigh and push his face closer to mine “Annabelle do you really think that I didn’t see how you looked at us when you caught sight of the guns we carry?” I shook my head blinking back the tears of fear that threatened to fall “please can you let me out.”
His breath brushed my face as he lent down to my ear “I will after I warn you” I cringed away from him pushing myself in harder to the door “you will forget seeing anything downstairs and you will not say anything to your brother or trust me we will make your life hell.”
The tears I was trying to hold in started to slide down my cheeks and my body was shaking “look I don’t want to scare you but you need to keep your nose out of our business or it will end badly for you.”
He stepped back giving me breathing room and I was glad the door was behind my back when my legs wanted to give way “I, I didn’t see anything downstairs and even if I did I would never stick my nose into anyone else’s business” he turned his back on me and stared out the window “go Annie and just remember what I said” I didn’t hesitate even a second before pulling the door open and bolting back down the stairs and out the front door forgetting all about my brother and Amber waiting for me.
I jumped into Nigel’s truck grateful that he had left his keys in the ignition allowing me to start the truck and with a loud screech of the tires I got the hell out of there.

Submitted: March 20, 2011

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