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Lunch time came around way to quickly for my liking and then I found myself following my friends to the canteen.
While I waited in line with Keith one of the hot jocks walked up to us, I looked up at him smiling shyly “hi Zeke” he smiled down at me his brown eyes twinkling “hi Annie listen I am having a party this Saturday and I was wondering if your band would be interested in playing my parents will of course pay you.”
Keith put his hand on my shoulder and lent down to whisper in my ear “Zeke Richards family is one of the richest in this town and could help us get some exposure for the band” I nodded then looked at Zeke “okay we will do it just give Josh all the details like what time we should come and set up so on” Zeke nodded while grinning “thanks Annie I will see you on Saturday.”
After he ran back to the table where he sat with all the other jocks and cheerleaders I turned my attention back to the food on offer “yuck you think that they could at least change the menu once in awhile” Keith chuckled and ruffled my hair before grabbing what he wanted “meet you at the table Annie.”
When I made my way to the table it was to find Amber sitting with us while I spotted her brother two tables over sitting with well known gang members.
Amber looked up as I sat down across from her “hey I hope you don’t mind me sitting here but the others kids you go to school with scare me a little” I again glanced over at Kane “I think some people would be more scared of your brother.”
Amber followed my eyes then quickly away again “yes well what my brothers do has nothing to do with me so I hope you will not think ill of me because of them” I reached across the table giving her hand a gentle squeeze “hey don’t worry I can see that you are nothing like them.”
She brushed her hair back looking worried “Annie I know that my brother scared you but he really is a good guy and he wouldn’t hurt you” I shrugged then looked down at my food “look I am sure that Kane is a great brother but he scares me and I think that he is the sort of guy that is best to avoid so that is what I am going to do.”
Thankfully Keith pulled Amber in to a conversation so I could eat without having to think about how scary her family is.
Josh ran up to table and plopped down in the seat beside me grinning from ear to ear “so we have a gig this Saturday and I hear that I have you to thank for it” I sat my fork down then turned to look at him properly “me, what do you mean I didn’t do anything except agree to play for his party.”
Josh lent in pressing his lips to my head “yes but if he didn’t have the major hot’s for you he wouldn’t have asked us to play” I shook my head a blush starting on my cheeks “no your wrong Zeke Richards doesn’t like me” Josh nodded “oh yes he does honey.”
Before I could protest more Keith jumped in with his big mouth “yeah Annie I saw the way he was looking at you when he came over to ask us to play for his party” I shook my head and got to my feet “you are both wrong but now if you would all excuse me I need to go to the library before our next class.”
Leaving them to talk about the party and what songs we would be playing I headed out of the cafeteria and towards the building that housed the school library.
Before I could reach the library my path was blocked by three guys I had never seen before.
Backing away I eyed them wearily wondering what they wanted, they all looked like bad guys.
One with blonde hair that looked to have been dyed stepped forwards a cruel smile on his lips “hi there” I clutched my hands at my side “um hi can I help you?” I asked hesitantly.
The blonde nodded his smile growing “yes actually you can you see we are looking for someone, a family to be exact” I nodded looking at the three of them wearily “um okay maybe if you tell me the families name I maybe able to help.”
The blonde looked at one that had bright red hair and freckles spattered over his face, then he took a step towards me making my fear spike “the name of the family is Morgan do you know them.”
Oh my god they were looking for Kane and his family what was I going to do?
They were still waiting for my answer so slowly with my heart in my throat I shook my head “no sorry I haven’t heard of them but I do not know everyone in this town.”
The blonde grabbed my arm yanking on it hard enough to leave bruises behind “you had better be telling the truth about not knowing them girl or you will be in just as much trouble as they are.”
I watched as they walked away towards the car park while rubbing my arm “Annabelle are you alright what did they want with you?”
Turning around slowly I found Amber standing there looking pale and worried “I’m fine they were just looking for someone but left when I told them I didn’t know the person they were looking for.”
She glanced behind her a look of relief crossing her face “okay as long as you are alright” I wiped my sweaty hands down the sides of my jeans and nodded “yeah I’m fine” she gave me a warm smile “okay then I will head back and let you get to the library” I returned her smile mine forced “yeah okay I will see you later” I watched her walk away before turning and heading again towards the library.
The bell went for my next class just as I finished getting all the books that I needed so I quickly got them checked out before racing towards my next class which was art.
I had just sat down in my seat when our art teacher Mrs. Fish came into the room carrying a pile of art supplies in her arms.
After putting them down her desk she turned to us with a smile and clapped her hands together excitedly like she was a kid herself “okay class today we are going to be going outside today and I want you to pick a spot somewhere and draw what you see in front of you.”
I waited as everyone rushed to get outside into the fresh air, Mrs. Fish noticing me still sitting in my seat stopped at the door and smiled “are you going to join us today Annabelle?” I nodded standing up “yes I just didn’t want to get crushed in the rush to get out the door” she laughed and gestured for me to go before her.
Outside it appeared that everyone had already picked their spots so I looked around looking for a spot somewhere away from them all.
A group of trees sat just of from the car park and didn’t appear to be anyone there so I headed for them.
Sitting under one of the trees I sat so I was facing away from the car park then put my sketch pad on my lap.
Just as I started to draw the view in front of me someone sat down right where I was looking, I stopped drawing and just sat there staring at them.
Kane looked up from his own sketch to look at me “you know that staring at someone is considered rude?” I got to my feet my look turning into a glare “really well so is stalking” Kane chuckled shaking his head “honey I wasn’t stalking you” I raised my eyebrows “okay so you just happened to choose this spot after I was already here?”
He sat his sketch book down “okay you got me, Amber told me that three men were talking to you after you left the cafeteria so seeing you sitting over here I took the chance to come over here and ask you what they wanted.”
Clutching my sketch book tight I stared down at him “since you are here questioning me I think that you already know what they wanted.”
He stood up making me step back in fear “what did you tell them?” I shrugged looking anywhere but at him “I told them that I didn’t know the people they were looking for.”
He grabbed my arm in the same spot as the blonde guy looking for him making me wince in pain, with a frown he pulled my sleeve up his eyes growing wide at the sight of all the scars then they went dark with anger when he saw the bruises that looked exactly like Blondie’s fingers.
Holding my wrist tighter he pulled me closer looking at me in concern “they hurt you?” I shrugged pulling my arm away from him “it is just a couple of bruises from where the guy grabbed me.”
His expression grew murderous “the next time you see those guys you tell me and I will deal with them” I backed away from him “I wont be seeing them again and even if I did you scare me more then they ever will.”
He gave me a cruel smile stepping closer and making my fear kick up a notch “you should be very afraid Annabelle” I could feel tears starting to build “just stay away from me” he sighed running his fingers through his already tussled hair his green eyes looking like angry green flames “you stay out of my business and I will stay away” I nodded glancing towards Mrs. Fish “I have no intentions of ever sticking my nose into your business.”
Before he could stop me or say anything else I hurried back towards the other students feeling safer with others around me.
When the day finally came to an end I was one of the first ones out the door racing towards my car just wanting to get home and hide in my room where nothing in this world could touch me.

Submitted: March 20, 2011

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