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The next night my brother informed me that dad was again at work and he was heading out.
Sitting at the kitchen bench I searched his eyes “where are you going on a Tuesday night?” He shook his head giving me a hard look “just out with some guys” I knew that look meant not to ask him anymore questions so I just nodded “fine but I will not be here either because I have to go over to Josh’s for rehearsals” he frowned while checking his watch “wasn’t you doing that last night?” I nodded chuckling at the thought of the way the guys were last night “yeah but things didn’t go to plan so we need to try again.”
A horn blasted out side and Nigel looked towards the window “okay that is my ride” he came over kissing my head “behave yourself tonight and don’t let those guys get the better of you” I nodded while wondering who was here to get him.
The horn sounded again this time longer and more impatient sounding “okay I’m out see you tomorrow kid” I watched him run out the door then looked around the empty house with a sigh.
Pulling my phone out of my pocket I sent a message to Josh telling him I was on my way then grabbed my jacket before hurrying out the door.
Since I had no ride because my truck was out of commission I was going to walk.
While I was walking I heard the loud screech of tires just before three flashy cars came racing around the corner so fast that I jumped back fearing that they would lose control of them.
But who ever was driving them certainly seemed to be able to handle the power of what seemed to be three Lamborghini’s all in different colors.
While I was watching four cop cars came flying around the corner in hot pursuit of them.
The drivers of the Lamborghini’s separated, a yellow one went left while a red one went right and a black one came straight towards the corner where I was standing watching it all unfold.
The car slowed down just long enough for two of the cop cars to catch up then the driver gunned the engine and shot of around the corner quickly disappearing out if sight.
I stood there with my mouth hanging open before I snapped it closed and continued on towards Josh’s house.
When Josh opened the door I was still thinking about what I had just seen “hey beautiful what are you so lost in thought about” I blinked then focused on him “sorry I just seen a police chase involving three Lamborghini’s” Josh whistled long and low “nice someone has some taste in cars” I shook my head looking at him in disgust “only you guys would think that guys with more money then sense are cool.”

Josh chuckled pulling me into the house with him “hey that is not true I know for a fact that you love hot cars” I grinned at him “yeah well I love Bagatti Veyron’s and would love one myself but I wouldn’t steal it to get it.”
Josh patted my shoulder “do you think those guys did?” I nodded “yeah I think that would explain why the cops were chasing them” Josh nodded looking thoughtful “yeah you could have something there, I heard on the news earlier that more and more crime is happening in our area of the city and that the authorities believe that a well known mob family has moved into the area.”
Chills went up and down my back at this piece of information and one name came to mind, Kane Morgan and his family there could not be that much of a coincidence, they move here and suddenly there is a police chase and then there were the three men looking for them.
Josh shook me bringing me back to him “hey come on stop worrying about some police chase and go get some of this music down so we are ready for Saturday” I nodded then looked around “are the guys here yet?” He nodded “yeah but they are still arguing about what music we should be playing” I sighed then gestured with my arm “okay lead the way.”
Kicking a stone along the road I ground my teeth together in frustration, rehearsals were as bad if not worse then yesterday with everyone arguing about what we should play and we only managed to agree on two songs so far.
Kicking the rock harder I swore at the top of my voice “fuck those guys if they keep this up I will quit the fucking band.”
“Sounds like someone has had a rough night” a voice said from behind me, I spun around to find a group of guys walking there “piss off” I snarled spinning back around.
Someone grabbed my arm “our boss is having a big party and loves having pretty girls there so you are coming with us” I tried to shake his hand off but he held on tighter “don’t fight us girl or you will get hurt.”
I dropped my head and muttered all the names I could think of for them while they dragged me along with them.
My head shot up at the sound of loud music and voices, I looked at the huge house in front of me then around the people spilling out of it.
The men holding me dragged me up the front stairs and through the door and towards a lot of shouting.
The room they pulled me into fell silent making me look up in fear “what the hell are you doing?” Someone shouted, the man holding me released his hold stepping around me “relax man we brought her here for you.”
There was aloud thumping sound followed by a lot of swearing that made even me blush “do you have a clue what you have fucking done?” The voice shouted making me shake “yeah we brought you a sweet piece of ass candy to have some fun with.”
The guy in front of me was suddenly on the floor then I found myself looking at the person responsible for all the yelling “o, oh my god” I stuttered looking around for an escape “Annie calm down you were brought here by mistake and are free to leave” I looked back at him “what the hell is going on Blake why did those guys kidnap me of the street?”
Blake sighed “come to my uncles study with me and we will talk” I shook my head taking a quick step back “no I am going home and I am going to tell my father the captain of  our police what you and your mates did” Blake raised an eyebrow at me “what exactly did we do, my friends brought you to my party unharmed and I told you that you could leave so what law have we broken?”
The look he was giving me was scarier then any his brother had ever given me “come in to the study we will talk” I could see that he wasn’t asking anymore so I gave a small nod.
He grabbed my arm pulling me along with him as he headed down the hall towards doors that appeared to be locked.
“Blake what the hell is she doing here?” I looked up to meet my brother and Kane’s angry expressions.
Blake stopped walking “the idiot’s thought that I would like some company tonight so they brought her here.”
Kane stepped closer his eyes dark with anger “I will deal with them but first I will see Annabelle home.”
Blake tightened his hold on my arm and shook his head “Annie is going to the study with me so we can talk then I will have someone take her home.”
I looked at Nigel pleadingly but after looking at me in horror he dropped his eyes to the floor and wouldn’t meet my eyes “Nig don’t let them do this please” I pleaded with my older brother.
He shook his head but kept looking at the floor “I am your sister Nigel and I know what you have been doing so help me or I will have dad lock you away.”
A hand clamped down over my mouth stopping my angry words “be quite since you are in no position to threaten anyone” I quivered at the threat in Blake’s voice.
He removed his hand then started pulling me along with him again, I stared at my brother pleadingly “Nigel please” I whispered as I was pulled into a room and the door slammed closed.
Before Blake could say anything the door flew open again and I was yanked into strong arms “my sister is not to be harmed I will make her understand and then I will have dad send her away” Nigel snarled angrily.
Blake picked up a whisky bottle and poured a glass before looking at my brother and I “how can you guarantee that she will keep her mouth shut and how can you make sure she is sent away?”
Nigel squeezed my waist gently “Annie knows what happens when you don’t do as your told her boyfriend taught her that before he died and she will do anything dad asks of her so I know if he asks her to leave town she will.”
Blake looked at me for confirmation “do not worry I will not tell anyone that your gang kidnapped me of the street or that you are apart of the mob and I will go and live with my aunty far away from this city and your family.”
Blake nodded giving me a cold smile “see that you do or we will make you disappear where no one will ever find you” I gave a small sad laugh “don’t worry I know what people like you can do to people like me if we don’t do as you want.”
Blake’s eyes softened “I know that you have had a hard time Annie and we do not wish to add to it but we can not have you interfering in our way of life or your brothers” I gave a weak nod sagging against my brother “then do not worry because I will go away and no one will ever have to see again.”
Nigel sucked in a sad breath at my words but I didn’t care that I was going to hurt him after all he let this gang threaten me and force me to leave so he could go to hell with the rest of them as far as I was concerned.”

Submitted: March 20, 2011

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Ok I popped in today to see if I could find anything new to read & I happend to find your story. Its very interesting & I like where it is going. Although at times I kinda feel like it is being rushed. Oh & to be honest even though Kane & Blake are the bad boy's I like them both. KMU!!!

Sun, March 20th, 2011 1:31pm


Thank you for your comment I think in some places I might have rushed a bit so I will take it more slowly and try to add more detail and so on to it and I also love Blake and Kane because they may do bad things but underneath their tough image they are really sweet guys with big hearts and of course I will keep you updated thanks again for reading.

Sun, March 20th, 2011 9:05am


im really enjoying reading this. it even made me cry in one section. hoping to see more :)

Wed, March 23rd, 2011 3:51am


Thank you so much I am working on some more at the moment but not sure how long before i post because i am actually writing another one as well i will be posting soon called Gang Wars, Hot Guys and Guns which i am quit enjoying writing at the moment but i will try to get another couple of chapters up soon of this one and thank you so much for reading and I cry a lot when writing this because there a lot of hard parts to write for Annabelle hope that you enjoy the rest when i do post.

Tue, March 22nd, 2011 9:40pm

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