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When I was finally allowed to leave the Morgan’s mansion and go home it did not take much convincing to get my father to agree to me leaving.
Ha in fact if I was honest with myself my father was actually glad to see me go and be able to wash his hands of me.
My aunt my mother’s sister welcomed me into her home with open arms but I missed my band and mopped around the house.
My aunt lived by the beach in Florida, and everyday she insisted I get out of the house and go swimming or do something, but everyday I refused preferring to be locked in my room.
Until one day fed up with my behavior my aunt forcibly pushed me out the door ordering me not to come back until night fall.
Florida was beautiful and filled with beautiful people that made me feel so dowdy next to them so I avoided the shopping places and instead stuck to the beach where I could be by myself.
Laying down in the sand I stared up at the sky feeling lonely and missing my father.
A shadow blocking the sun had me sitting up fearfully “hi” I squinted at the guy that had spoken to me “um hi” I muttered back a little unsurely “you new here?” I nodded still unable to work out his features.
He sat down on the sand beside me tucking his legs up and resting his chin on them “I thought so” I looked him up and down now that I could see him.
He was hot like a Greek god with his sandy blonde hair and muscle frame and he was tanned a golden brown from the sun, I blushed when he caught me checking him out and dropped my eyes to the sand “so you live here?” I asked him.
He nodded giving me a crooked smile “yeah just all my life” he looked me up and down his eyes showing that he liked what he had seen so far “so where are you from?” I frowned looking out at the ocean “the city” he nodded “okay so why is a city girl here in Florida?” I shrugged “staying with my aunty.”
He held his hand out towards me “so anyway I am Tony” I took it giving it a quick shake “Annabelle” he gave me a warm smile “it is nice meeting you Annabelle” I got to my feet smiling down at him “it was nice to meet you to Tony but I am going to head home now.”
He jumped to his feet grabbing my hand to stop me from walking away “maybe I will see you again some time” I nodded giving him a shy smile “maybe you will.”
He bent down and kissed my cheek “I am here everyday so if you sit in the same spot as today I will find you” I nodded then moved away from him “good bye Tony” he gave me a small salute “good bye Annabelle until we meet again” I laughed softly as I made my way back across the beach and towards home.
After that day I started to see Tony on a regular basis we were not dating we were only friends since Tony batted for the other team but I felt like I could talk to him about all most anything except my life back in the city.
One day when I came back from spending the day on the beach with Tony I found my dad sitting in the lounge room with my aunt “dad what are you doing here?” I asked him in shock.
He stood up coming over to kiss my cheek “hey baby girl I have come to bring you home” I looked at him in shock “home but why? I am not ready to go back yet.”
My father looked almost sad “the house is to big and lonely without you or your brother there” I frowned “but Nigel lives there doesn’t he?”
My father shook his head “nope he moved in with some of his new friends leaving me on my own” I sighed running my fingers through my hair “I can not go back there” my father nodded “yes you can and are coming home after all you still have to finish school and what about your band I know for a fact that they are missing their singer.”
At the thought of being with my band again I looked at my dad with my heart in my throat “alright dad I will come home with you.”
He gave a sigh of relief and hugged me tight “good then go pack your bags then we will get going” I nodded untangling myself from him and hurrying towards my room.
While I was packing I sent a message to Tony telling him that I was going home and promised that I would come back soon to see him.
He sent a message back in response saying that once I was settled back into home he would come and visit me so he could see the band playing, I sent one back saying I would call him to organize it soon then I closed my suit case and headed downstairs to my waiting fate.

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