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Waking the next morning I started to stretch then remembered the night before but when I turned my head it was to find Jessie gone.

Taking my time gathering clothes and showering I finally headed downstairs to find my father and brother eating breakfast and discussing the weekend.

Dad looked up giving me a warm smile “good morning honey did you sleep well?” I wondered if they knew about Jessie staying last night but something told me they didn’t making me wonder what time he left, mostly likely going through the window “um yeah okay I guess” I mumbled while grabbing a coffee.

Sitting down at the table I grabbed a piece of toast and buttered it chewing it while Dean was told that he was expected home tonight to help get the race cars loaded.

Dad lent back in his chair looking at me in a way that had me fidgeting “now Heath I know that when you are on the race track you forget about everyone and thing around you but this weekend you need to listen to what we are telling you from the pit or I will seriously think about pulling you out the rest of the season.”

Slamming my coffee down I leant across the table meeting my father’s eyes in disbelief “pull me, dad I may not listen but hell I have won every single one of my races so why the hell would you pull me?”

Dad pointed at my watching brother “Dean may not be the best racer we have but at least he does listen to our instructions, so either you start doing the same or I will find someone else that will.”

Shoving away from the table I stood up my anger starting to get the better of me which could be a bad thing right now but I was unable to stop it “fuck dad, I cannot believe you, did I not win my last race with the fastest time on the track and against guys, did I not bring the car back in, in one god damn piece and now you are coming down on me for not listening to you guys when you are sitting in the pits while I am out there on the track seeing everything going on around me.”

Dean jumped to his feet placing a calming hand on my shoulder “Heath calm down yelling at dad is not going to do you any good if you want him to keep you in for the season then you need to show him why he should.”

Giving a stiff nod I pulled away from his hand “fine I am going to school when I get home I will be working on my car and I will be the only one racing it this weekend then I will show you why you need me.”

Spinning around I hurried from the room to grab my bag before driving my own furious ass to school and leaving Dean to get himself there.

Sophia was waiting at my locker when I got there with her phone pressed to her ear and looking at me with a weary smile on her face “yeah she’s here now, okay see you when you get here.”

She hung up then crossed her arms “really Heath yelling at your dad then storming of like a two year old leaving your brother to drive himself to school when he has practice today is this how you show your dad why he needs you on that race track.”

Yanking my locker open I shoved my bag inside then grabbed my books out before slamming it shut and leaning against it “if it didn’t come out of the blue like that maybe I wouldn’t have reacted the way I did but he threatened to take away the only thing I really have that I love doing.”

Sophia wrapped her arm around my shoulder squeezing me to her “babe I don’t think he would, he just needs you to listen to him and the guys when you’re in that car racing in such a dangerous sport against guys who hate having a female beat them and when that female is only sixteen of course your dad is worried.”

Giving a defeated sigh I dropped my head to glare at the floor “fine I will apologize tonight for being such a bitch and I will try listening to them on the weekend.”

Sophia grabbed my baseball cap off of my head and ruffled my hair “that’s my girl, now let me fill you in on the sickening news that I heard when I got here this morning.”

Lifting my head up I looked at her and waited “well it seems that our new guys has hooked up with at least two cheerleaders since coming here and is now on to his third.”

My heart gave a painful thump and seemed to stop beating as I looked at my friend praying that she had just heard wrong “are you sure?”

She brushed her hair back and gave a tight nod “yeah I heard some of them in the bathroom when I got here comparing notes on him, apparently he is a player and he is planning on playing with every single girl in this school that has a pulse and the sick thing is they all know this and don’t care.”

She looked over my shoulder “yep there he is now with his next conquest” I spun my head around to see my brother, Jessie and Samantha Gilbert walking through the door, Jessie had his arm firmly placed around her waist while laughing with my brother.

Turning my head back around I moved away from my locker and pulled my cap down low giving an anxious looking Sophia a tight smile “are you ready to head to class since the bell will be going in a minute.”

Sophia hooked her arm through mine and started walking down the hall with me until my angry brother shouted to me “thanks for being such a bitch this morning Heath” I turned around and gave him my middle finger and sickly sweet smile while ignoring the two people with him “yeah well next time maybe you will actually step in when dad is threatening to take away the only damn thing I have.”

Dean shook his head giving me a death glare “maybe if you would pull your fucking head out of your ass and listen to simple bloody instructions dad wouldn’t have to pull the boss card on you.”

Throwing my head back I gave a cold laugh “maybe he should pull that card on you since you race like a bloody girl leaving me to bring home the money and trophies.”

Dean started down the hall towards me while Sophia anxiously tugged on my arm “come on Heath you have said enough and we should be getting to class.”

Turning around I allowed her to pull me down the hall with her a little fast in her haste to get me away from my extremely angry brother.

By the time lunch time came around it was all over our school how the Reece kids had blew up at each other.

Sophia told me to ignore all the talk and just try to stay calm and not make it any worse but when we walked into the cafeteria to find Dean and his mates along with Jessie and his new girlfriend all talking about my behaviour I just had to walk over there and say something.

Sophia raced after me as I planted myself in front of my brother “do you have something to fucking say?”

Dean stood up shoving me in the chest until I slapped his hand away “yeah I do” I nodded crossing my arms “then say it instead of talking about me behind my back.”

Dean looked me up and down “you are a disappointment to myself and dad, I mean look at you always dressing like a guy and acting like one and when one of us tries to say anything you blow up at us.”

Sophia tried to grab my arm but it was too late, my brother landed back in his seat as my fist connected with his face “fuck you Dean” I snarled before spinning around and walking away.

Unfortunately for me at the time a teacher was just walking in and saw me hit my brother “Heather Reece get to the principal’s office and remove that cap from your head, this is a school not a baseball field.”

Spitting mad I glared at her as I shoved past her and made my way down the hall and towards suspension.

One week that was how long I was out of school for, it wouldn’t have bothered me if it wasn’t for the fact that my father was called and told what I did and to who so by the time I got home he had already decided my punishment and was waiting.

He called me into kitchen as soon as I walked through the door, he pointed to the table “take a seat and tell me what the hell you were thinking hitting your brother.”

Straddling the chair at the table I stared at my dad refusing to say anything, he gave a sigh and brushed his hand through his hair “fine, you give me no other choice you are banded from racing for two weeks which means you will not be racing this weekend or next, I hope that this will make you think about your attitude.”

He couldn’t be serious he was going to stop me from racing my beloved race car simply for hitting my pompous ass brother “dad please.”

He shook his head and turned away leaning on the sink “please go to your room and think about what you did and I think an apology to your brother will be in order when he gets home.”

Slowly getting to my feet I stared at my father with tears stinging my eyes before I swung around and left the room hurrying towards mine.

By the time I came back downstairs in search of food it was dark and my brother was home along with some of his friends.

Hearing them in the lounge room I paused on the stairs debating about turning around and just going back to my room but I decided against it and continued on down the stairs.

Leaning against the door frame of the lounge room door I watched my brother smack his buddy Luke over the head with a cushion “dude shut up.”

Luke chucked it back at him while laughing his ass of about something “seriously man that was really something” he hooted while others laughed along with him.

Dean went to say something back but then caught me watching “what the hell do you want?” I sighed shaking my head “I was going to say sorry about earlier but if you are going to be like that then forget it.”

He pointed an angry finger at his eye which was swollen shut “yeah well thanks to you I am now the laughing stock of the whole damn school” I straightened up taking a step into the room “yeah well this weekend maybe you can show dad and everyone else you have some fucking balls since you are taking my place.”

Dean shot to his feet looking at me in disbelief “dad has taken you out of the race?” I shrugged “isn’t that what you wanted, to show that you are better then your little sister in every way, well now you have that chance let’s hope you don’t screw it up.”

Glancing around and seeing the mess they had made I gave a small grin “ooh I cannot wait until dad sees the mess you lot have made.”

A tinkling nail against chalk board laugh had me cringing just as a high pitched voice spoke to my brother and the guy she was snuggled against “I cannot believe you tried to tell us all that she was just having an off day when clearly she is nothing but a bitch every day.”

Dean groaned and shot a look at Jessie’s girlfriend-booty call, hell whatever she was “why the fuck are you even here?”  I stifled  a giggle as she gave Dean a wide eyed look “Jess is here.”

Dean nodded “yeah but why are you and seriously if you call my sister a bitch again I will throw your scrawny ass out the door before Jess has finished with you.”

Jessie didn’t even jump to her defence making me see that my first opinion was right, he really was a jerk and I didn’t care what problems he was having at home that did not give him the right to treat girls the way he obviously does.

Shaking my head I started to turn away “I am going to get something to eat then go work on my car and if I was you guys I would have this place cleaned up before my dad comes in or all your asses will be in for it.”

Walking away I headed into the kitchen to fix myself a quick sandwich before heading out to the shed, I was just putting the finishing touches to my sandwich when someone else came in.

Looking up I looked Jessie up and down then blanking him I went back to making my food “um, I left while you were still asleep this morning so I just wanted to say thanks for allowing me to stay.”

Chucking the knife into the sink and wrapping my sandwich into a napkin to take with me I nodded “no worries, just don’t expect it again.”

Jessie sighing had me looking at him “Heath I hope that you didn’t read anything into me coming here last night, I mean if it wasn’t so late I would have just came to the door instead of your window so I hope you didn’t think it was because I liked you or something.”

Grabbing my sandwich of the bench I avoided his eyes “Jess I know you have every girl eager to climb into bed with you but I am not one of them” I glanced up to see him staring down at the floor “don’t worry I am not interested in you so you can rest easy, I am not expecting you to come crawling into my bed and I will not tell anyone you actually sunk to such a level that you asked me a tom boy for help.”

Walking around the bench I started to walk past him but paused to say quietly “I never really believed that I could take your breath away anymore then you could take my love away from my car.”

Leaving him standing there I left the house and headed for the shed wiping a tear from my cheek as I went, stupid asshole hurting me without even knowing he did or caring, to him just like everyone else in these parts I was just some tom boy and could never compare to the beautiful hot cheerleaders that would willingly sleep with them.

It didn’t matter I had my race car and just as soon as dad allowed me to race again I was going to put my whole heart into that and nothing else.

Submitted: August 26, 2012

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