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Talking to dad would have been so much easier if Jessie hadn’t disappeared out my window while I slept.

He had left me a note telling me that he appreciated what I was trying to do with my suggestion of him staying with us but there was just no way that he could leave his brother.

With a heavy heart and worrying about Jessie I made my way downstairs wondering if I should just talk to my dad anyway but something told me that if I did Jessie would run a mile and I would never see him again so I decided to leave it until I tried talking to him again.

Hesitantly I walked into the kitchen then stopped in my tracks at the sight of Jessie sitting at the table eating with my father and brother.

He turned his head and smirked when he saw me just standing in the doorway staring at him “morning baby, you going to come join us or just continue to stand there eating me up with your eyes.”

Dean’s eyes went wide in horror and looked like he was going to be sick while my father chuckled making me blush and look at Jessie in disbelief “um, I’m not that hungry.”

Jessie stood up giving me a stern look “babe you didn’t eat last night according to your dad so I really think you should eat something now.”

Looking at my dad in disbelief I wondered what he was thinking talking to some guy about me, dad shook his head and smiled “honey stop looking so worried, Jess and I had a talk this morning.”

Jessie smirked and held his hand out to me “come on baby” Dean gave a groan “please do you really have to call my little sister baby, I think I’m going to be sick.”

Jessie shook his head and chuckled “you said that you were cool with me dating your sister” Dean nodded looking even greener “I did say that but actually hearing you speak to my sister like that is making me feel ill.”

Jessie laughed and thumped his friend on his shoulder “get used to it mate because I am going to be around a lot while your sister wants me as her boyfriend.”

Dad stood up and went to pour me a cup of coffee “sit down honey” I went to take my usual place at the table but Jessie snagged my hand pulling me down into his lap and securing his arms around me.

Dean shook his head and groaned but then fell silent while Jessie whispered in my ear “thank you for last night baby” I nodded unable yet to find my voice after the surprise of finding him hear and my family knowing about us, it was just too much to process.

Jessie brushed my hair back from my face “are you alright?” I gave a weak nod and tried actually saying something “um, yeah I was just trying to get my head around you being here.”

He chuckled and pressed a kiss to my cheek “sorry baby I didn’t realize that me being here was going to leave you so quite” I sighed and lent back against him “Jess your note basically said you were going back to your brother so coming downstairs I never thought I would find you here and you told my dad and brother that your my boyfriend.”

He sighed and his arms tightened around me “I can leave if you would prefer” I turned my head so I was looking into his eyes “are you kidding me I don’t want you to leave, I love that your here, just give me a little while to get used to it.”

He lent down and brushed a kiss across my lips “alright baby” I smiled against his lips then turned around as my dad sat my breakfast down in front of me.

Buttering a piece of toast I lifted it towards my mouth just to have a large warm hand wrap around my wrist and pull my hand past me, swinging my head around I gave Jessie an evil stare “Jess don’t you dare bite my toast.”

Dean started to chuckle looking at Jessie “mate unless you have a death wish I wouldn’t even think about taking a bite out of Heath’s toast or she will take a big bite out of you.”

Dean groaned as he realized how that sounded while Jessie stared at me with a smirk playing across his lips “you would bite me would you?” I nodded eyeing him evilly before looking longingly at my toast “yes if you don’t let me eat my toast I will.”

His smirk grew and he moved my toast right near his so kissable mouth “don’t you dare bite that” I growled leaning closer getting ready to sink my teeth into him in retaliation.

Dad sitting back in his own seat started to laugh “Heath stop growling at your man like that and grab another piece” I shook my head “no I want that piece, I buttered it and I want to eat it.”

Jessie while watching me bit into my toast making me growl angrily “Jess god damn it that was mine.”

Swallowing the last bite of my toast he licked his lips then grabbed my chin pulling me towards him where he proceeded to kiss me before pulling away and grinning at me “there you go I gave you a taste.”

Pulling out of his arms I moved to sit in my normal seat with my bottom lip stuck out in a pout while I buttered myself another piece of toast being careful to keep it out of his reach.

He watched me then shook his head “are you really that upset that I ate your piece of toast?” I had my mouth full so Dean answered “mate one thing you do not do to my sister, is eat her food if you want to continue to breath, the last time I tried she took a chunk out of my hand.”

Blushing I dropped my eyes to the table muttering “yeah well if I prepared it for myself then I am the one that eats it” I blushed more when Jessie started to laugh followed by my own father and brother but it was Jessie that lent over to squeeze my hand “it’s alright baby we all have something we don’t want to share with others.”

Even though he was smiling when he said it something in his voice told me that he meant more by that, I glanced up looking at him in concern but he had already turned away to start talking to my brother about something.

After I had finished eating I helped dad to clean up while we talked about what dad wanted to see me doing on the track today as I practiced for my upcoming race.

Dean and Jessie had already left claiming that they had somewhere to be, I kissed Jessie goodbye but lingering doubts about us were still eating at me and it didn’t help when I asked both him and Dean where they were going and they both avoided answering me.

Dad tried to reassure me that Dean wasn’t as stupid as I always made him out to be, that he would never do anything stupid or dangerous that could get him trouble with both the law and us but my thoughts were troubled when I finally went out to practice.

As I raced around the track trying to break my own times I was so busy worrying about what Jessie and my brother might have been doing that I wasn’t listening to what was being yelled into my ear piece earning me another ear bashing from dad when I finally pulled the car to a stop.

This time I didn’t try to argue with him, I knew he was right that when I was racing I had to keep my head in the race and not be thinking about other things.

While putting the car back in the shed I thought about that and I knew sadly that until the racing session was over I needed to concentrate only on my racing and not be worrying about guys so there was only one thing to be done.

God only knows how much I didn’t want it to be the only way but my racing had always came first until I met Jessie and now I was letting my feelings and worrying about him cloud my mind at the worst possible moments and that was dangerous when you were racing at such dangerous speeds.

While I was eating with my dad and the men they could tell something was troubling me and tried to draw it out of me but when I started to get angry with them they back away from it and started to discuss the race I would be racing in that weekend on the coast.

Listening to them talk about the guys I would be competing against and what was expected of me I felt the excitement growing in me, I couldn’t wait to get out there and again show the men what a girl like me was capable of and while I was thinking about winning I stopped worrying about everything else.

While I was helping dad wash the dishes after the men had retired for the night dad again tried to talk about what had been troubling me all day “okay honey you are not fooling anyone especially your old dad so tell me what is on your mind?”

Squeezing the life out of the tea-towel I sighed “I just realized that if I want a racing carer then I can’t have a relationship to.”

Dad shook his head looking perplexed “why do you say that honey?” I shook my head feeling angry “I think it’s pretty obvious dad, I mean look at my performance today, when I should have been betting my times and showing what I could do I was too busy worrying about what Jessie and Dean were doing.”

Dad gave my shoulder a gentle squeeze “but that doesn’t mean you have stop seeing him honey, it just means that you have to reorganize your life a little and keep your racing separate from your relationship with Jess.”

Taking a deep breath and feeling on the verge of tears I shook my head “that’s just it I don’t think I can do that and if it means that my racing will suffer then I would just rather not have a relationship.”

A noise behind us had both of us looking towards the door to find Dean and Jessie standing there and it was obvious from the look on Jessie’s face he had just heard everything I said.

Dean just looked pissed off and let me know exactly how stupid he thought I was being “so if it comes to racing and Jess you are just going to throw Jess away, just like that and to hell with his feelings, is that it Heath?”

Ignoring Dean I looked at Jessie sadly “I’m sorry Jess but from a very young age when I was simply racing go carts I knew that I wanted to be a race car driver even if that meant I didn’t have a life outside of that and well I just don’t think anything between us would work when you are going through your own thing.”

Jessie swallowed loudly like he was only just holding a sob in making my heartache “H, Heath I would never ask you to give up your racing or worry about my problems especially when you are on the race track.”

Dad grabbed my shoulder again squeezing it “honey maybe you and Jess should go talk in private and not rush into doing anything rash.”

Shaking my head I avoided looking at any of them especially a very sad dejected looking Jessie, I knew I was hurting him but I couldn’t give up my racing for him, I just couldn’t because I just had this feeling that even if I did manage to do racing and see Jessie his life would end up destroying us “I’m sorry but I have made up my mind.”

Rushing past Dean and Jessie I took the stairs 2 steps at a time as I rushed to my room slamming the door shut behind me before I crumped on my bed in a sobbing heap.








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