Fangs Of The Night

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You never know who you are going to school with. Some, have invisible ears and tails, others may slither in their bedroom at home. Life is a crazy thing, especially with so many cross-breeds swimming around. Watch your step, or your paws when it comes to the Agzillas. This is a tale of how human life will never be the same... the day the Agzilla's came to town.
Kahty: An unye-wolf ready to fight for her rights. She is assigned to watch Adam, a hot augre-snake who she is in desperate love with.
Adam: An augre snake who knows nothing about magic, only that he turns into a snake. He used to date Candy, a popular queen, until he broke up with her to date Kahty.
Holo: The queen of the eastern flank of wolves. She is the goddess of rich harvest, and is said that she helped save a town of people from starvation. Then the town advanced so far, they left her. Now, she leads the 2,064 wolves, some directly, others not.
Starstruck: A young orphan who trusts no one but herself. She was found on a highway as a baby, and lives in the woods. She is a white tiger, or lino-ger.
Peter: A teen who is a kinxh-falcon. He discovered while watching over his stupid sister, who is a gang member. He knows nothing of others. Alone.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Fangs Of The Night

Submitted: March 16, 2012

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Submitted: March 16, 2012



Kahty peered around the brick corner. Was he watching? With a yelp, she jerked back around. Adam was watching. How was she supposed to watch him, if he saw her? Ugh! Kahty piled her binders in her arms, and rushed around the corner. She fled through the school hallway, and eased into the flow of bodies. She could feel his green eyes piercing through her.

Something about Adam just threw Kahty off. Perhaps it was his beautifull snake eyes, or his shiny, pitch black hair? She felt her cheeks grow red, and she dug her nose into her book. An unye-wolf in love with a augre-snake... how romantic! Without thinking, Kahty ran, and hit something that smelled of cookies. In a wave, Candy was thrown over Kahty's back, the two went spiralling mid-air, only to land on the hard tiles. Kahty, in a daze, shoved the lump off her. She opened her sky colored eyes, only to peer right into the mascara eyelashes of Candy's glaring eyes. Her blond curls were everywhere, and her dress was torn... Candy looked a mess.

"Why in the world did you do that, bitch?" Candy snapped. Her eyes began to water, as she snatched a paper off her head. They had dropped their binders, and paper had flowneverywhere!

"I... didn't mean to!" Kahty stammered. Before Kahty could say any more, Adam was by Candy's side. He reached a pale, slim arm, and Candy's hand wrapped aound his. Her metallic blue nails seemed to sparke, as the light hit them when Adam pulled her up. She twirled to his side, and his fingers wrapped around her waist. Kahty felt her heart break, and her eyes water. Suddenly, she burst into tears, and ran. She skid into the bathroom, and sat on the toilet sobbing. Her ears and tail grew, just like every other time she grew upset, and her ears pinned against her head in sorrow.


I stared at Kahty. Why had she ran away so quickly? Was she hurt?

"Baby, look! The little cry baby ran away! I wonder how bad she is going to cry, when thePapparatz beat her up!" Candy said, as she and her friends snickered. ThePappartzwere Candy's popular girl club. They always defended Candy. I took Candy's binder when she handed it to me, but I still stood there, staring at where Kahty had left. "Do you really care about Kahty?" Candy snapped, grabbing my arm.

"No!" I lied, crossing my fingers. Something odd attracted me to Kahty, and I could never tell Candy! "Needn't worry, my little plum!" I brushed my silky hair out of my eyes, and helped gather Candy's things. I was awfully late for my secound exploritory, but I didn't mind. Untill I realized what class it was.

"Don't you have Band to go to?" Brock asked, my team mate and friend.

"Oh, yesss!" I cried, giving Candy a kiss, and rushing down the hallway. Mr. Dioux, the Band teacher, hated late students. My sneakers squeaked against the pearly tiles, and I burst through the door. The whole class was staring at me, and I slowly took my seat.

"Mr. Sleeth, where were you? Class started fourty-five minutes ago." Mr. Dioux growled.

"I'm sssory sssir! Candy dropped her ssstuff, sso... I had to help clean up?" I said, growing slightly pink. The whole class ooed, and Mr. Dioux told them to quiet down.

"Point, Adam." He snapped, then resumed class. Points were bad, when they were taken away. I rolled my eyes, and reached up to feel my teeth. My finger started to bleed, the sharpness had punctured the skin. I stared in shock, then resumed the rest of my class.


"Adam? Is there something you should be telling me?" Annabeth asked. Annabeth was my step-mom. She stared at me, with her icy violet eyes, her pink lips pulled tight. I glared back, feeling my hands clench.

"No," I snapped, "Stay in your own buisness!" The chair scrtached the floor as I jumped to my feet and stomped away. Suddenly, my vision changed. Everything started to glow. My vision grew sharp, as my skin felt as though it was burning alive. Doubling over in pain, I tried to scream out, while I watched, with enlarging pain, my skin grow scales, and turn green. I slumped against the hallway wall, away from Annabeth's stupid eyes, my body writhing.

"Adam! Are you okay?" Annabeth cried, jumping to her feet. I knew she just couldn't see me! While the pond smell filled my nose, and my eyes hurt from the bright glow, I could hear her heels clicking as she rushed to me. Suddenly, hands wrapped around me, and I was instantly drugged into the laundry room. A furry hand covered my mouth, so when I tried to scream, nothing came out. I was being ambushed! The door shut on it's own, and locked, while Annabeth hurried the wrong direction. My body had stopped hurting, other than an ache, and the hands slowly uncovered my mouth.

"He-" I started, and instantly I was blocked. I tried to roll my head to see the ambusher, but I ended up seeing a huge green snake! I tried kicking to get away, only for the tail to thump instead.

Then it hit me. I had transformed into a snake! I fell limp, and with a dash, the hands let go. I heard something rustle, and I quickly slithered to the left. This was fun! I shook, to stare straight into Kahty's eyes. I fainted.


"Are you okay?" Kahty's soft voice breathed into my ear. I groggily opened my eyes, which caught right into Kahty's beautiful sky eyes. I sat up quickly, my eyes not leaving hers. They were beautiful!

"Yeah, I'm fine," I muttered, "Thanks for that..." My hand scraped along the tiles, then I remembered. I had been a snake. I broke the contact between us, and I looked down at my legs. I wasn't a snake.

"You had an awful fall, you hit your head, then collapsed, scraping your legs. Do you need some medicine?" she asked, her long blond curls falling softly around her face. Her cheeks was slightly pink, with long eyelashes and big eyes. Her ears poked out behind her sleek hair, and I noticed two little heart earings. Her body, although sitting, was slim, and tanned. Her breast seemed larger, her hips wider, her body full of posture. A slim, pale blue, and flowery dress hung on the adorable form. I found myself falling in love with her.

Outside, the thunder roared, and rain pelted the window. Kahty stood, and reached a slim hand to me. I grabbed hers, and she lifted me, slowly and sweetly. So close, I felt as though our lips were inches apart, and I could smell a sweet pine scent. Lightning flashed, and it felt as though it had struck Kahty. Her body lit up, and I noticed something flash in her eyes. Her mouth fell into a worried look, and she shoved me to the door.

"Go to your room! Quickly! They can't see me! Don't tellanyoneI was here!" She almost shouted, her movements rocky. Impatiently, she pushed me into my room. I brushed my silky black hair out of my eyes, stood up straighter, and stuck my foot in the door before she closed it. Agervated, she looked at me.

"Please, Kahty! Be my girlfriend!" I whispered. Her eyes met mine, her cheeks grew red, and she nodded quickly. Then, with that, she left. Vanished into the pitch black night. My bare feet scuffed the carpet, as I fell onto my bed, arms spread wide. A smile fell on my face, and I felt something odd. My fangs had grown longer!


"Kahty... news?" Holo's loud and sharp voice cut through the forest, and all the chatter fell silent.

"Yes, Adam has completed the transformation." Kahty spoke. Holo was the God of us. She helped normal humans get rich harvest. She was in controll of all of nature, but, her size was large. She was as tall as a full grown oak tree. Holo's glowing red eyes pierced Kahty, and she smiled. With a flick of her orange ears, and a toss of the longs strands of red hair over her shoulder, she spoke.

"Good. How many times were you spotted, unye-Kahty?" Kahty instantly trembled.

"Twice.... Mother." she lied. Kahty's ears flicked back in sorrow, and she silently prayed that she wouldn't be caught. Holo swished her long tail, and pushed herself out of the tree throne she was perched in. Silently, she walked to Kahty.

"Is this true?" Kahty shook with fear. A loud, deep voice rang across the meadow.

"She lied." A lone wolf called out. The wolf, in full form unlike the others, shook her fur, and dug her claws into the soft ground. "She was spotted many times. She is dating Adam." The wolf was Adruly, an older she-wolf, who read minds. Each wolf had a power, but Holo had most. Kahty tremebled, and tried to comeback.

Kahty shivered with fear, then anger bubbled inside of her. Her green eyes started to glow, and she covered her mouth, sighing. It would be useless to transform now. Kahty had a different power, that only Holo knew of. Kahty was Holo's daughter. She was the same size as the legendary God. It is forbidden, though, to have pups. So Kahty is secret.

"Is this true?" Holo demanded, while wolves circled around her. All I could do was nod, while my ears pinned and tails perked with posture. I wasnotgoing to get beat today. All the wolves around me started to move away, infront of me and Holo, baring fangs. "Enough! Quiet down NOW! All of you, nonsense wolves. Have you gone nuts? She was only trying to protect him," Holo's eyes flicked to mine, and something passed through. "It is only young love. But, love is a dangerous thing..." Holo's last words hung in the air, as all the wolves shifted back. All of the green, brown, violet and blue eyes fixed on me.


"Stardust! I need help!" Kahty groaned into her cell phone. Kahty was lying on her bed, with her head handing over the edge, stomach up, and feet resting on her pillows.

"With what?????" The voice replied. It was a gruff, female voice, with a bit of a hiss.

"I have a date with a boy named Adam. I don't know what to wear!"

"I'm on my way!" Stardust yelled. The phone clicked off. Kahty sighes, and stares at the mirror, at her soft cheecks, bright eyes, round face, and golden blond curls.

After half an hour, Stardust pulled out a dress from Kahty's closet. It was short, and a shimmery jade color. The dress was strapless, but it had fluff at one end, like a strap. The shoulder part is what you covered with gems and glitter. Stardust tossed her white and black striped, long, sleek hair over one shoulder and stared at it.

"Youhaveto use this dress! It is gorgeous," Starburst claimed, clutching the soft fabric. She handed it to Kahty, who nodded, and hurried it to the bathroom to change. Her bra clinked as she dropped it to the tiled floor, and she pulled the dress over her bare body. She fixed her hair evenly over her shoulders, and fixed the strap. Taking her right hand, Kahty straightened the dress' wrinkles, and Stardust stepped in.

"Oh, it's beautiful! He'll never take his eyes off you!" Stardust cried, and circled Kahty, oohing and ahhing. Stardust lifted her head from Kahty, and stared out the window, her pale, bluish eyes flickering. Kahty could swear that she saw Stardust turn paler than her ghostly white normal state.

"I think I have to go," Stardust's hissing voice replied from the window. "There is somebusiness, I must do," she yowled. Then, just like that, she left. Kahty sat there, staring out the window at the moon. Would this date work? She sat down onto the creaky, old bed, and sighed.

"So,... nervous," Kahty muttered. Her hand reached up to tuck a curl behind her ear. Taking a deep breath, Kahty closed her eyes, trying to relax.

"Ring! Ring!"The phone jumped to life, and Kahty sat up with a startled scream. She opened her eyes with a freaked laugh, and reached a hand to the phone. It was Adam.

"Hello?" Kahty replied, sounding too squeaky, she thought.

"Hi Kahty, um, I can-"thud "Can't make it tonight. I'm so sorry!" He cried into the phone. Kahty's smile dropped, her green eyes growing big.

"Why? How could you fucking ditch me like this!?" Kahty cried, anger bubbling through her body. She knew this was coming.

"Because... I," he muttered. "No, you need to think about me. Something big, sad, sorrely happened to my grandma. She must need me to come help her, can't you see me later? If only now is the time I'll help her, I get your concern. Some black, evil people stole mail of mine. I'll soon see you, later, promise! Bye!" Adam quickly growls into the phone, then a sound like the phone dropping to the floor bursts out.

"You idiot! Why did you say stuff about your grandma? You'll pay for this, stuped little brat!" Someone screamed. Kahty hears Adam scream out with pain. The phone snaps off.

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