Howling My Heart

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This is a new story, I think I may keep it, about a wolf pack. This wolf pack is unlike any other, it is a community for all were-wolves. Can you make it there? And once you do, can you survive?
This life does not come easy at all, trust me! You may have to fight to keep what you have. Fighting? Sure, it doesn't sound too hard. Just wait till you see...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A Game?

Submitted: September 27, 2012

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Submitted: September 27, 2012



"This is insane! You must be kidding me!" The black beast growled with fury, baring his dirty fangs. His brown eyes narrowed, and he snorted with displeasure. "You dishonor me every time I send you out, Larkspur." He glanced down at the smaller wolf. "Well!" he spat. "What do you have to say for yourself?"

The younger wolf dug his claws into the ground, and stared up bodly into his leader's eyes. He was done with this job of his, he couldn't stand all of the deaths he had influenced. "I have quite a lot to say for myself, Blaxen. But- that would be unkindly of me," Larkspur smiled. "I did find the one you were looking for, let's just say she has a lot on his mind right now." The gray wolf tilted his head, his one blue eye glowing fiercly. The other quivered, a long, deep gray scar running from the top of his deformed left ear, to the bottom of his snout. Blaxen burst out with a deep, growling laugh.

"Well, if that is all you have to say-" Blaxen gathered his hind legs behind him as he sprung on Larkspur. He knocked the gray wolf to the ground, the wolf slamming his head onto the dirt. Blaxen bent down so his snout was right up to Larkspur's ear. "Kill her." he growled.

Then he sprung off, barked to his commanders, and they sped off through the dark forest. Larkspur lifted his head, then climbed up into a sit.

"Blaxen won't know what hit him..." Larkspur growled, as he glared off into the sky in wonder.

.:Northern Forest:.

My brown paws thudded the leaves, as I galloped between the trees. The wind stung my skin, and the occasional twigs jabbed the rough padding of my wolf paws. But I didn't care, not when I was racing my friends! Scents of honeysuckle, deer, oak trees and more whizzed into my senses.

"Kylie!" a loud bark rang out. I dug my claws into the dirt as I slid to a stop, into a big pile of leaves. I growled, shaking them off my head, and I glanced behind me. Doon, my wolf brother, trotted up to me. I glared at him, his disgustingrotten bones stench hitting my strong nose. He wagged his black tail, gazing at me with bright orange eyes. Yes, Doon had orange eyes, big deal. It's just some silly eyes.

"What could you possibly want in the middle of a run?" I barked with annoyance, rolling my eyes and turning to stare at the orange sunset. The clouds looked like bugs...

"You know," Doon growled, tossing his head before me, "There is a welcomed friend before you." He gave a smirk, and stiffled a laugh. I looked with confusion, gasping. A snake! I yelped, jumping up and backing away. My fur raised up as a chill rushed through, and my eyes narrowed. I growled at the red and brown snake crawling through the leaves. I stepped forward, my tail straight up with dominance.

My claws dug into the bare Earth as I reached down, snapping at the snake. My teeth met with the neck of the beast, and I rolled, renching it's head right off. I dropped the slimy thing on the ground, spitting out the horrid taste of dirt and bird droppings. Doon laughed with amusement, sitting back on his furry black haunches.

"You are such a kitten! Petrified of snakes!" Doon howled. I growled at him, baring my teeth and pinning my ears. I snapped at his tail, "gently" raking my teeth down it. He yowled with pain and leaped up into the air like I lizard, landing hard on his side. He gave me a hostile glare, then shoved him self up and walked off. His black tail drooped, almost touching the moist forest ground.

I watched him with a feeling of satisfaction. For once Doon had not done something stupid to me. Why not? Now if only he could teach a lesson to the rest of the pack. I rolled my dark green eyes as I turned back onto the pathway, staring ahead with conviction. I watched a young she-squirrel hop from limb to limb, I could smell the tangy acorns right from her very chubby cheeks. I admired the bird as it flew, landing in a old oak tree. I gazed at a large, red leaf as it gracefully floated down from it's holder.

Then I took off, racing. The trees and limbs blew by, as everything slowly ceased to exist. It was just me, running for all of the wolves in North Pack... My breath grew heavy, my legs extending farther and farther with each flying step. A small brush appoached me, and I gathered my wits, soaring over it with a easy leap. This was too fun! The leaves blew up in my wrath, the dirt hung in little clouds. My movement was quick, but was it fast enough? I heard the snap, but it was too fast before I could react. Fangs dug themselves into my hip, throwing that leg off to the side. I yelped with pain, my vision turning red as I flew up, landing hard in the dirt. Blood seeped through my dark brown fur, and I grolwed, trying to see my attacker.

I met the lone blue eye of a wolf before it flashed with horror when something barreled into his side, a snarl ringing in my ears. A black, male wolf, snapped at the gray one. Doon growled, his orange eyes glowing with hatred as his claws ripped into the gray wolf's side. The gray wolf snarled, twisting up under Doon and raking his claws into Doon's stomach. Then the gray wolf bolted into the trees with Doon's two friends close on his tail. Doon whimpered, wincing and biting at his lip. Then he looked down at me.

"Are you okay, sis?" Doon asked with a struggle. I met his orange slits for eyes. He was going to faint!

"Yes!" I barked, using my good paws to hoist myself up, to support him. Doon snarled at me, and slowly trudged away from me, heading back to the camp. I watched him with horror, pain throbbing deeply. I felt something soft touch my wounded hip, and the calming smell of my mother washed over me.

"Kylie, let's get you inside," Rosaline barked softly, her blue eyes feeling with shock. She gently touched me in the neck, and I tuned to follow her, leaning my bad side against her. Rosaline was a beautiful she-wolf, a shiny carmel color, with brown paws and tips of ears. Her eyes were a bright blue, and Rosaline was the sweetest she-wolf in the Northern Pack. Which made sense for her to be the pack healer, when she wasn't caring for her four pups, Doon, Whinnie, Rolin, and me.

Rosaline's brown paws lightly touched the ground, silent as a feather. She led the way, her tail guiding me, as she weaved gracefully beteen the trees on the well worn path heading to the camp ground. She stiffened as the smell of a bloody Doon washed over her, but she loyaly stayed by her daughter's side, me of course.

As night began to fall, and the crickets started up, the two she-wolves approached the edge of the camp ground. Almost as soon as my front paw touched inside, a white wolf ran out at full speed to me, her jaw open.

"Kylie! You are a mess!" Natalia barked with surprise, her sunset eyes wide with fear. My best friend whimpered, and Natalia put her snout on my shoulder. "Don't worry, it will heal, it always does," Natalia whispered comfortingly. I looked at her with a half-hearted smile, then I whimpered as pain erupted through my side, making my vision turn red and I staggered. Natalia yelped, steadying me, and looking me in the eyes. I was unfocused, I could hardly concentrate, or think. Stars collided with my vision, and slowly, I lost contact to everything and staggered face-first into the ground. Rosaline screamed with terror, and the caramel wolf let out a braying bark for help. More responded as the Northern Pack burst from the trees, their eyes as round as bird-nests.

"What happened?" Asked the alpha, a black, green-eyed male wolf. He gazed with worry at my slumped body.

Rosaline shook her head, "He is here. He ambushed her." The alpha grew very, very still.

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