My Water Life

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Emmy is twelve with a love for swimming. Every day she leaps into her pool and learns all the ways of swimming. She and her friends love seeing how long they can hold their breath and how fast they can swim. Emmy's parents decide to go on vacation and Emmy is excited, she wants to try swimming in a hidden lagoon behind a forest. When she finally gets there, Emmy meets a friend she never thought she'd see. When she struggles to keep her friend, and accept the way of her new life, something happens. Will Emmy be able to keep her water secret?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - My Water Life

Submitted: May 23, 2011

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Submitted: May 23, 2011



I leapt into the cooling waters of my thirty-foot-deep pool. As the chilling waters danced around my body, my legs pounded, and I was off, swimming wildly through the water. I twirled, dived and pounded through the water, watching all the fish swim by. Yes, my parents made a pool-pond with actual fish and coral/plants. The lights of fish danced before my eyes as I swirled up to the top.

"How is the lake today, Emmy?" my boyfriend, Jesse, yelled out, sitting on the edge and putting his feet in the water. He grinned, splashing his feet around and scaring away all the angelfish and sending the guppies into hidding. He always refuses to call it a pool, because of the plants and fish.

"Great. And stop splashing, I want to try and catch that green one and... hey? Where did it come from!?" I pointed at this new fish I had never seen before, it was an emerald green color with a long wavy fin that danced out behind him. Jesse looked to where my finger lay and nodded.

"Do you like your birthday present from me?" He asked in a mockingly-way voice.

"Aww, thanks Jesse! He is truly beautiful!" I smiled and watched as the green fish darted off. "He's awfully fast!"

"Thought you needed a fish to actually have to chase." He joked around. Jesse is nineteen and has light green eyes with brown hair. He has freckles all over, with a round face. He grinned at me, waving his hand through the cool waters. I kicked and was off, trying to capture the fish. But before I was ready he was gone, swimming way ahead of me, seeming to look back and wait till I could nearly capture him then dart off again. Jesse was laughing his head off.

"Honey. Can you come here for a moment?" My mother asked sweely. She has short brown hair, with red highlights. Her green eyes suited her nicely.She smiled, I admired her rosy face.

"Yes?" I responded.

"Your father and I have booked us a vacation to Hawaii. For your eighteenth birthday, we leave tomorrow. Could you get out and help pack?" She asked, grinning. I gasped. No, not the amazing Hawaii!? I jumped out of the water.

"Sure! Thanks, mom, dad!" I grabbed a yellow towel and began drying off. "Jesse? Do you get to come?"

"Yes." He helped dry me off. I smiled, and kissed him on the cheek.


I stuffed my shirt into the suitcase. Jesse watched me.

"I've, never been in a airplane before... I'm scared." I looked at him.

"There is nothing to be worried about, honey."

"But... we could crash."

"That is a very slim chance. Don't worry!" He walked over and hugged me. Picking up my orange shorts he placed in my suitcase. I understood that he wanted me to continue packing.

"Will we sit together?"


"I love you."

"I love you too." He smiled kindly at me,I hugged him, and shoved my last bathing suit into my bag.


I clutched Jesse.

"I'm scared!"

"Why don't be." He hugged me, reassurring me. I just clutched him in fear. A loud boom was created,with a whizzing sound and the airplane lurched forward. Slowly it accelerated and I gasped, turning to watch as the people and building fled by. Soon it hit the air, and everything out of the window became ant sized, then smaller. I looked into Jesse's smiling eyes, hearing a loud ring in my ear. Jesse noticed the look, and handed me mint gum. I popped one in my mouth, and swollowed. (Not the gum of course!)The sound stopped.


I stepped off, my hand wrapped around his.

"Was that so bad?" He asked me, grinning.

"Yep. My ears are still popping!" He laughed. I hugged him and followed my parents. We decided to stop at a cafe, and I am sipping quietly on a mango smoothie. All the strangers lurk around us, and for the first time I feel lost, lonely, and far away from home.

"Do you like airplanes?" Dad asks me. He has brown hair, with light green eyes and a grinning face.

"No. I am dreading the next ride back."

"You will get used to them." Mom chimes in. She slurps on her strawberry smoothie.


"Here we are." Mom looks at our rented house. It lookes like baby blue concrete walls, and wooden shindels. The house it surrounded my mango trees and palm trees. A pool lingers in the back. The house theme color is baby blue and orange. I have to say it is pretty. I heave my suitcase into the door, and wheel it down the hallway. I stare in amazment.

The furnature looks comfy, and made out of bamboo. A full survice kitchen, tv, couch and stuff is just everywhere. Pretty flowers sit in swirling vases,while pics of the ocean and sunset scatter amongst the wall. The wall is orange. I head downanother hallway to my bedroom.

A queen sized bed seats the middle, with a hawaiin pattern cover. A huge screen door is to the right, with a t.v and dresser. To my left is a bookshelf and bathroom. Exhuasted, I sit down, and call out for Jesse. He marches in, and grins when he enjoys the room.

"Don't you like the room?" He sits down besides me and kisses me on the cheek. "I heard there is a lagoon out back, hidden in the jungle. Why don't I meet you there in thirty minutes?" Jesse asked. I nodded, heading to the bathroom, to change, while he un-packs. Smiling at myself, I comment on my bathing suit.

I have long, wavy brown hair and blue eyes.Also an oval shaped face, and long legs. My bathing-suit was blue, with silver leaves and purple paint-splatters. (Really cute!!) I slipped on my sandals and jogged outside. Gasping, I walk silently through the Jungle, commenting on the trees. Finally I reach a clearing, where is a hidden lagoon. I inch my body into the cold water.

It felt amazing. Refreshment rolled over me as I dunked my head under. Suddenly I couldn't feel my legs! I tried to kick out, but couldn't, they seemed stuck on something. I started screaming, flailing my arms around- underwater. I started choking, beacause I had no air left.

Finally my body forced me to open my mouth, and I gasped, water not filling my mouth. Amused,I gulped, and realised I could breath! I gasped, my eyes growing big. But then that made me realise also, I could see too! I Looked around, and down at my legs.... and instead of legs, I saw a tail! Screaming underwater,I stared at a silver tail, with scales that edges seemed to constantly change colors. I tried wiggling it, and it moved forward. Turning, my tail waved.I gasped, and tried moving like a mermaid, and it worked, I started swimming upward. I burst out of the water with a explosion of water droplets, that sparkled as the light hit them, showering around me.

"Hello." I froze in terror, and spun to the voice. There, beside me swam a mermaid. Her long brown hair dissapeared into the water, and her brown eyes searched me. With a friendly face, she grinned at me. Her top looked like blue seashells, while her tail was blue alike. She had blue, raindrop shaped earings,and a blue chain around her neck, with a dangling P. She grinned at me. "I'm Nakura (Na-keer-a) and you are?"

"I'm... uh... what?" I shook my head, trying not to faint, I felt so weak and dizzy. My vision started changing colors. My thoughts were mumble-jumbled over eachother.

"Uh oh!" Nakura gasped. I saw her rush to my side, before my vision blurred and everything went black.

I woke up lying on a bed of seaweed, a very soft, almost like a blanket kind of seaweed bed. Looking around, I saw a seaweed grass floor, which looked like carpet but was green. A dresser was to my right, along with a bookshelf, desk,and case full of diamonds all colours, and huge shells. To my left was a window, mirror, table and chairs,and a tresure-chest. Confused, I noticed I was underwater, with a tail! Trying to swim into a sitting position, my arms could barely support me. My head throbbed, and I felt awfully weak. Scared, I lied back down in bed.

"Hello? Anybody here?" I called out, staring at the door. It opened and a mermaid swam in.

"Sorry! I forgot the medicine wore off quickly on humers." She swam to my side, and sat down on a chair that appeared out of nowhere. Gasping I looked up at her. She had short black hair, and a kind, but wise face. Her top was black, and came down to what looked like a nurse outfit. The mermaid looked to be in her late twenties, in human years. She had a little black purse in her hand, and a thermomoter in the other. She stuck the thermomoter in my mouth and began rumaging through her bag. I looked out her white tail, how pretty.

"My name is Nurse Nookie. How are you feeling?" Nookie asked me, smiling kindly.

"My head throbbs, I feel weak. Where am I?" She searched her bad again, and pulled out a conch-shell. She placed it on my mouth.

"Breath." I breathed in, the conch smelt like cookies. Instantly, my head stopped throbbing and I felt somewhat better. "You are in Mercansyo. (mer-cans-yo) A small, friendly town. And yes, it is underwater, Emmy." Nookie turned, to look through her bag. I frowned, and turned to look at the place. Wow, I am actually in a mermaid world!

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