Siviros Academy

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Juniors, Seniors, and... Shadow people!? WTH?! You think your first day of school is bad? You have no idea what those words mean! Tristan Kalebs is eighteen years old as short as a seventh grader and filled with an attitude to rival a bridezilla, with the fashion sense of an exploded rainbow. He has been dodging trouble for most of his life because of this and has finally been forced to come to Siviros, a place where you either learn the rules the easy way or... you don't want to know. Maximillian Sanchez twenty-two years old prone to extreme outburst of anger and randomly punching walls, he came to Siviros for unknown reasons even to the head of the school. Both are roomed together, both are going through some major issues. The first day has begun, what will happen at the end of the day?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Welcome to Siviros! The First(and last?) Day!

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Submitted: October 08, 2012



Siviros Academy
Introduction to the school!
Welcome! To Siviros Academy your new home for the next… seven years? Depending on if you can survive long enough to make it through all seven years most end up quitting before then. Those who make it to Senior level get special privileges, including their pick of the Juniors… Just kidding! Kind of… You’re different. Let's leave that at that, shall we? Anyway, your here for whatever reason I don't know, though I do know this; The teachers and older students here can be....A little too much for a new student.... At any rate you thought your normal detentions were bad? Here you should avoid getting a detention at all, especially if you don't want to be stuck in a locked room with a teacher who'll most likely- Well, just avoid detentions if you can. Also it is compulsory to join a sport group, they are ruled by older students, they are also something to be carefully avoided if you can...
When you get to your room you will find a letter and it will give you all the information you need, I say with great authority, being a last year Senior of Siviros that these rules are to, ALWAYS, be followed. This is the note you discovered on the first day of your new boarding school upon entering your room:
You'll be staying in a room with a student of a higher grade who isn't new to the school, the idea is to have a guide and a protector though it depends on the student your paired-I mean dormed with. Oh and one more thing, this is an ALL BOYS ACADEMY.
Please respect your Seniors, even when they try to grope you, they mean no harm, sort of, half the time they just aren't themselves(yeah very cryptic right?)… The rules of the school and schedule are listed below:
Academy Rules:
~ Juniors are age 18-21, Senior 22-24 (in case your one of the slacker kids, who haven’t read the handbook, which I fear is most of you…)
~ Respect your Seniors and you teachers, they will ensure your stay is comfortable (depending on your definition of comfortable *grumble*)
~ All students must be in their dorms by 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. sharp, being caught outside during these times will result in punishment
~ All students must join an extra curricular activity, such as art, music, sports, computer/library it’s up to you… mostly… (my gosh I hated how ominous these sounded when I was a student)
~ A Senior will be posted on the announcement board as leader of a group of Juniors, their word, under mine of course, is law, they have a right to punish anyone in their group that out steps their bound
~ Any fights will be dealt with as I see fit (Yay! Go me!)
~ Our rule is law, break it and be punished as we see fit (Muahahahaha!!)
~ Seniors are allowed one normally prohibited item, which they may carry around wherever they go, though it may only be a SMALL item, no swords and such… Though knives are small… (*Evil Smile*)
~ Following that Seniors are allowed on special Broke-Rule, a Broke-Rule is something they normally wouldn’t be able to do, but are, like consumption of alcohol, getting out of class early, etc. (Being a Senior is the best part of this school, my Broke-Rule is awesome!)
Just one more thing to go through and then you’re on your way! So here’s your schedule do not be late to any of these because your teachers will punish you and then they will tell your Senior who, in turn, will also punish you… Please heed this warning. Seriously, not even joking on this one.
Academy Schedule:
Classes between 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
~ P.E. (mixed grades)
~ “Special” classes for Juniors (How to control their special talents)
~ Math (mixed grades)
First break 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
Classes from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
~ “Special” classes for Seniors (as above)
~ English (mixed grades)
~ Science (mixed grades)
~ English (mixed grades)
~ Art (mixed grades)
Second break 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Classes from 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
~ Metalworking (Senior)
~ Woodworking (Juniors)
Last break 3:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Night classes from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
~ Night sports (for those who can see well in the dark)
~ Study of human society (mixed grades)
~ Music
Night break before curfew 9:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Okay there we go! Now you’re good! Please enjoy your stay here! I wish you good luck…
By the way, I’m Austin Mayers, Aussy to my close friends, I’m head of the Senior class if you need any help please feel free to come see me. I promise I’ll stay on subject… for the most part…
Tristan Kalebs
I sat in a car with a stuffy driver and bland grey interior; I sighed and pushed my neon orange fedora lower on my brow. This was one of the cars that the, crappy, school I was being sent to used to pick up all of the new students; I sulked low in the seat because they wouldn’t let me drive myself. I had this awesome car I could have brought with me but had to leave behind. Why did my parents want me to come to this insane school, an all boys school at that? I wondered as the driver passed the enormous, intricate but gaudy, gates of the school and I cringed if this is what the outside of the school looked like I couldn’t imagine what the inside looked like. Who designed this place it’s a fashion disaster, I almost cried at that thought, I was going to be living here for the next nine years and this is what it looks like, I could almost feel tears welling up in my eyes at the horrifying thought, I hadn‘t been here more than two minutes and I already wanted to leave, must be a record. When the driver finally stopped along the side of the cobble stone walkway leading the rest of the way up to the academy, I stepped out of the car, my obnoxiously bright yellow jeans were made blinding in the sun’s happy rays. Standing there looking around I gaped at the number of students here, new and returning, guys of all shapes and sizes, some even with tails! talked and chatted and, for all new students, stood awkwardly between the groups of returning students. Making my way through the crushing crowd of people, I looked over my room number again before tapping the shoulder of what looked to be a returning student. The guy, who was twice my size probably, looked over at me seemingly annoyed by my appearance.
He looked down at me, making me feel even shorter, “Hey little man looking to have some fun?” the guy asked leaning towards me. Which in response to his sudden nearness I leaned as far as I could away from him.
My eyes wide, I shook my head frantically almost knocking my fedora off my head, “No! No, sorry I don’t swing that way,” my voice was shaky and somewhat scared.
The guy just smirked and laughed the others surrounding him knocking his shoulder and making fun of him, “If you don’t swing that way know kid, trust me you will before you graduate, so what do you want really?” he asked me.
I gaped at the way he predicted that I would end up gay before I left this school, I mean I had heard the rumors about this academy but was it really that bad? “Oh, umm… yeah, I was going to ask if you knew where …” I looked down at the paper, “Mayer hall is at?” I looked up at him hopefully.
The guys laughed again and I had a terrible feeling that a huge joke was being played on me, “Little man you got the boss’s hall, I seriously wish you luck.”
“The boss’s hall?” I asked getting chills up and down my arms now; I wish he would just tell me where my dorm was.
The guy nodded seriously now, “Yep the boss’s hall, you know the Senior in charge of pretty much everything having to do with new Juniors?”
I winced inwardly but smiled on the outside, “Wow… Sounds like fun! Could you please tell me where my dorm is now?” I felt like I was sounding less and less enthusiastic as I talked to this guy.
He sighed and frowned, “Damn guys…” he said looking at his friends, “This Juniors no fun at all.” He sounded like a whiny kid and I wished someone would come save me from these guys.
An arm suddenly slid around my shoulders and a smooth deep voice spoke, “Is there a reason you nitwits are messing with my Junior?” The man said calmly and slowly as if addressing a misbehaved child.
The guy gulped and backed away “We weren’t doing anything we just were helping the kid find his dorm,” the idiot rambled before scurrying off to another part of the school.
The arm dropped from around my shoulder and I sighed in relief as the other guys left. “Thanks a lot I guess I chose a bad person to ask where I was supposed to be…” I chuckled, still freaking the hell out of me what that guy had said about batting for the other team before my time was up here.
A man stepped in front of me with a smile, he held out his hand, “I’m Austin by the way, I’m the one in charge of your dorm!” This guy sounded way too happy-go-lucky and it was freaking me out a little, if that was possible, what was with all the guys at this school?
I smiled though and shook his hand, “My names Tristan, nice to meet you, anyway you could show me where I’m staying now?” I asked rubbing the back of my neck, laughing awkwardly.
Austin got an evil smile on his face and nodded, “Yes I could, I mean you have to meet the Senior your pair… roomed with because they will help you out with everything else,” He smiled and grabbed my arm starting to drag me away. “Your bags are already in your room so no need to worry about that!” Okay I was really starting panic now…
Maximillian Sanchez
Walking through Mayer hall I almost could have punched something and almost did, only a few times though. This was the first year I would be assigned to a new Junior and I was seriously dreading it, the thoughts running through my head were enough to give me nightmares… I mean what if I got some kind of spoiled, whiny, brat of a kid? It got me annoyed just thinking about a high pitched voice continually going on and on and on… But then again I could end up with some hot guy sleeping in the same room as me, that’s the only upside to this whole thing. Entering my new room I saw my bags already beside one of the beds and flopped onto that bed, I saw that my new roommate hadn’t showed up yet but his bags were beside the bed parallel my own. I cringed when I heard Austin’s obnoxiously loud voice echoing through the halls and coming to stop right in front of my door, I closed my eyes pretending to be asleep. The door slammed into the wall with how hard Austin opened it, he walked over and shook my shoulders violently and I snapped my eyes open, glaring at him.
“What do you what Austin?” I growled sitting up and rubbing my, probably, bruised shoulder.
He gave me a bright, scary, smile and yanked a guy forward from behind him, “I found your Junior!” he said happily as if this deserved a reward.
I shrugged, “Yeah and? I’m pretty sure that he would have gotten here just fine on his own,” Austin gave me his angry look and I back away looking down.
“Because he almost got kidnapped by the incubi,” I looked up at him my eyebrows raised in shock.
“Wow really? And they’ve been so good at not seducing any of the new Juniors, why him?” I asked.
Austin pointed to the guy standing beside him and I finally noticed him, “Ask yourself that! I’ve barely been able to not bring him to my own room and never let him out!” Austin’s head hung and he covered his face, “I’m a disgrace to Lead Seniors everywhere! I’m not allowed to fool around with the Juniors like everyone else!” He cried but I wasn’t paying enough attention to him to even attempt to comfort him.
My focus was on the guy in front of me, he was probably a head shorter than me and Austin, as well as probably everyone else at this school. He had straight dark red hair that fell into his amber eyes which, at this instance, were looked at the floor, his freckled cheeks flushed red, the most noticeable thing about him had to be the single streak of white in his red hair and unlike the rest of his hair the streak curled into an almost perfect ringlet. That and his very bright, very mismatched clothes.
“What’s your name, Junior?” I asked strangely fascinated by this man.
He looked up at me surprised before answering in a quiet voice, “My names Tristan Kalebs nice to meet you…?” he paused and I realized I hadn’t told him my own name.
I smiled, “Sorry about that I’m Max Sanchez nice to meet you as well.” Austin sniggered behind his hand, seeming to be back to his usual, bothering, self.
“Oooh… Somebody’s got a crush on the new kid,” he said in a singsong voice making my cheeks burn and Tristan’s eyes widen looking at me as if I was going to rape him or something. Austin laughed louder through his laugh he managed to make the situation worse, “Don’t jump his bones till he’s asleep, he’ll be more out of it and willing!” Austin burst out laughing before proceeding to exit the room leaving me gaping and Tristan looking like a scared rabbit, twitchy nose and all.
After Austin’s exit it felt like a dark shadow had covered the room, or maybe it was just me… it was like something was suddenly trying to drag me to the back of my mind.
He blinked at me and back away to his side of the room, I was having fun now that I had enough power to take over the body, so I just threw everything to the wind it‘s not like I would be the one in trouble anyway. Smiling wickedly I got up, closed and locked the bedrooms door, the little fox’s eyes widened even more with the click of the lock. I approached him slowly but surely and he moved away from me until his back hit the wall, placing my hands on each side of his head I leaned close enough to him to feel Tristan’s quicking breathe of my cheek, “I don’t think I will be paying any mind to our friend Austin’s advice…” I whispered my lips nearly touching his ear.
“M… Max please I… really don’t swing that way,” I grinned at his stuttering hesitation, he may be saying one thing but his body wasn‘t completely agreeing if the shiver I could feel running through him said anything. It was to funny he hadn’t even realized it yet, he hadn’t realized that Max wasn’t in charge for the moment. I could feel the other person pounding on the thin barrier I had put up to take control. Seems like he isn’t to fond of what’s going on right now.
I laughed at his struggles, feeling him trying to escape again, I placed a hand on either side of his head and leaned against him to pin him to the wall. No way for him to escape now, I felt another stab of pain run through my head, seems like little ole Max was stronger than I thought, it was sad to say but I would probably only get a little more time to play. I ran my hands down his sides till they reached neon covered hip, feeling him jump in reaction, I smirked. Leaning close enough to him to feel his breath across my cheek, I brought one hand up and gripped his chin with it, pulling his face towards me so that I was looking him in the eyes, our noses nearly touching.
“You know, little fox, you say you don’t swing that way but you don’t act like it,” I ran my free hand back up his side feeling him shiver again, “If I didn’t know any better I would say that you actually like what’s happening.”
My thumb drifted under the hem of his jeans and he tensed, renewing his struggles to get away, I sighed and pulled my hand back, which I figured was pretty generous considering the situation. The throbbing in my skull grew more intense as the seconds passed and I winced my grip loosening on Tristan, who took that as his chance to tuck tail and run. He slipped away from me and ran through the door to the bathroom, oh well, I thought to myself as I slipped back to the dark place I had come from, I’ll come back and play again soon…
Max will be to drained for awhile to do anything about this anyway.
Fallon Overgaard
I heard a commotion in the room next to mine and was going to go over and investigate but thought better of it when I heard a door slamming and the sound of heavy breathing. With the things you hear about around this academy who knows what was actually going on over there. I grabbed a change of clothes and a towel I wanted to get a shower in before I went out and started checking out the school I was stuck at four these next seven years. Being a new Junior here this year I was a bit afraid, especially considering I hadn’t even met the Senior that was assigned to me, the guy could be nice or mean or very obvious of his preference. I had nothing against gay guys but I wasn’t really into guys, yes I was slightly bi but leaned more toward girls, because if I liked a guy it was a really specific type that you don’t see much anymore. Sighing I opened the bathroom door and stepped through closing it and locking it behind me, not wanting to take the risk of getting groped in the shower by some guy I hadn’t even met yet. A small noise reached my ears causing me to spin around and spot a small curled up ball of brightly colored cheeriness, who happened to be staring at me with wide, fear filled amber eyes.
I rubbed the back of my neck and watched the little bugger closely, for all I knew he could really be a Senior trying to mess with my head, “Hey, umm… can I help you with something?”
The redhead started to laugh as if that was the funniest thing ever to be said on earth, “Ha! Yeah if you could help the memories of just being molested disappear, that’d be great!” He spoke as if joking but the way his eyes moved from one spot to the next told me that this wasn’t a joke at all.
“Did that really happen?” I asked shocked, yeah I had heard some scary things about this school but I just thought them all to be rumors.
The little guy nodded, “Are you a new Junior too?” He asked seemingly to change the subject.
It was my turn to nod, I sat down in front of the pipsqueak my showering plans forgotten, “Yeah, unlike you though I haven’t gotten the chance to meet my roommate, yet.” I smiled and stuck out my hand, “My names Fallon by the way, nice to meet you,” I glanced around the bathroom and sighed, “Even if it is under strange circumstances.”
“My names Tristan, and be glad for as long as you can that you haven’t met your Senior,” The little guy looked really scared by something, I would guess his Senior.
I rested my chin in the palms of my hands and smiled, "What are you going to do? Sleep in the bathtub?" I asked laughing, realizing my mistake when Tristan's eyes widened and he grinned, "No, no, no! I didn't mean that seriously!" I said quickly wanting to take back my words.
The little bugger pouted and looked at me with cute puppy dog eyes, "Aww... but it was such a good plan!" I continued to shake my head.
"No, I am not letting you sleep in the bathtub, I just won't." I said not giving a bit of wiggle room, I stood up and pulled him up as well, "Come on let's go check out the school," He raised an eyebrow at me. I raised an eyebrow back at him, "What you got something better to do?" I questioned looking pointedly at the door he had his back turned to.
Tristan looked at the door and visibly winced, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards the door to my room, "Yeah I think that's a great idea, let's check out our new school!" The ginger sound much more incredibly happy than he had five seconds ago so I let myself get dragged out of the bathroom and into the halls.
Garrison Harris
I glanced around the strange place I had ended up in somehow, where am I? I was so totally and completely lost it wasn’t even funny anymore, not that it was funny to begin with, and here I was claiming to be a mighty Andras! The masters of navigation and maps, it was no wonder that my parents sent me to this crazy freaking school, I wouldn’t want my friends to know I existed either if I was them. I turned the map in my hands over and over, was I reading this right? How do you read this map anyhow? One of the times when I turned it upside down I noticed there was something on the back, flipping it to the back side I saw another map, the one that was actually of the school, no wonder I was lost.
“Well at least now I can figure out where I’m supposed to be!” I said gleefully looking at the stupid map compared to where I was, “So I’m in a garden… That means I have to go, oh crap,” Looking on the horrible, vial, misleading, and completely useless map I almost cried. There were at least five gardens in which I could have ended up in and no way to tell exactly which one, “Why do maps always have to give me trouble, what have I ever done to make them mad?”
I decided, since getting out of here anytime soon was a very unrealistic possibility, that I would sit under this tree and ponder my reason for being born. Why was I allowed to be born if I was just going to be a failure at everything I’m supposed to be good at? I sighed and tapped my chin in thought, I wonder how long I would have to wait for someone to find me, I hope not to long. I could already feel my stomach growling at the lack of breakfast or lunch, but I wouldn’t risk wandering around anymore, if I did I would probably end up in a whole other city, with my amazing luck. Oh well at least it wasn’t a dark alley.

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