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Chapter 10 (v.1)

Submitted: May 04, 2013

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Submitted: May 04, 2013




I used a stick and some gres grains to make a fire once again. Emer leaned forward and kept digging out a small pit for the fire. She pulled the sand out and pushed it up into a small pile beside Reisu, who was laying with his head down.

The fire grew slowly and I put it into the pit. Checking my hand, I saw there were a few flames on the fur as before.

"That's cool" Emer said, grabbing my wrist to inspect the flames.

"I don't know what it is. It doesn't hurt" I said.

"I know" she got up and waved her hand over the fire. In seconds her fur caught fire, engulfing her hand in flames. "I don't even feel it"

Reisu looked up, pricking his ears and watching the fire.

"I don't even feel it" She said.

"How?" I asked

"The doctors at Serin's Hold did tests on me." She said. "They say I'm the most evolved one they've seen yet. You've heard that we're evolving right?" With a flick of her wrist she shook the flames out and I did the same.

"Yeah" I said.

She sat back down in the sand again and stared into the flames.

"You said my father's name back there. Are you one of his men?" She asked.

"No, I was hired by the Ora-meta to come get you."

"So where are we going? We passed his camp already" She said.

"To Rivena"

"Where's that?" She poked the stick in the fire.

"A small town just a days trip south from here" I replied.

She nodded. "It must be nice"


"No, to feel the fire's heat. I've never been able to" she said and prodded the fire with the stick again.

"So this whole evolving thing?"

"The lab at Serin's hold reopened a few months ago to capture any advanced waivins and test on them. Not any of their own members though, mostly Kasuk war prisoners." She said. "If the prisoner could be a useful source of information they'll use the tests as torture."

"Are the Serin's cruel?" I asked.

"The guards are, but most of the females that worked there were friendly, including their Ora-meta" She said and leaned against Reisu's flank, who was asleep now.

When I didn't say anything for a while, thinking about what she'd said, she asked.

"Is the Kasuk Clan any different?"

"When were you captured?"

"Almost two years ago, a while after this war started. My father sent so many soldiers to get me out but they were all killed by Serin's men" She said.

"No, not much"

"I heard the Isihan died, is that true?"

I nodded. "The Ora-meta still talks about it"

"Are you close with her?" She asked.

"She saved my life more than once, it's more about me owing her" He said.

Everything was silent for a while. The fire crackled on and for a few minutes I thought she'd fallen asleep.

"You must be a sote" She opened her eyes again.

"A sote?"

"Well yeah, a regular warrior wouldn't usually have his own Ekiris, especially one this well trained, and be able to get through Serin's capital unnoticed." She said.

I feared my pause was too long. "I'm retired"

"Liar, you're too young" she grinned.

I flicked my one tail into view. Her expression changed quickly.

"Oh" was all she said and shifted onto her back. More silence passed and this time she'd fallen asleep.


"Who's this?" Namara pointed at her.

"Emer Lya" She held out a hand.

Namara shook it cautiously.

"Jeon brought her from Derit's camp" Chiora stood beside us.

We stood just outside of Namara's house, next to her herb crops.

"You're Derit's daughter" It was more of a statement than a question.

Emer nodded and gave her a friendly smile.

"Oh. Well come on inside and I can make you something to eat" Namara lead Emer inside the house.

"Unbelievable" I said, sitting on the fence.

"What is?" Chiora looked back at me.

"That Namara would believe your story. She now knows the training thing was a lie so now she probably thinks this is a lie also." I said.

"It doesn't matter, she doesn't mind"

"And what's more she'll probably notice it took way longer than a simple trip to the army camp"

"I'll add to the story, and get her to go along" She said and went inside the house also.

I waited a minute before following inside.

Chiora said that we'd be training Emer. Namara would teach her about herbs and healing, Chiora would help improve her studies (since she proved well educated) and I'd would train her to fight. Oddly enough for a commander's daughter, she knew only basics on fighting.

She would live here with us until her father came to get her.


Going to be editing the next few days or so. There won't be a new chapter for a while.

If you were to divide this book into six sections based on the plot events, this would only be the end of section one.

The next three chapters or so are going to be more boring training, with a few minor secrets revealed.

And yes, there's gonna be a Jeon X Emer thing near the end *flails* so unoriginal.


© Copyright 2017 Katherine Ann Barton. All rights reserved.


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