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Chapter 12 (v.1)

Submitted: May 04, 2013

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Submitted: May 04, 2013




We walked into the house, ringing the water out of our cloths. Namara carried a small pouch of the strange plants from the bottom of the river.

"I've never seen anything like it" She said as she put the pouch down on the counter.

"Maybe it's a new type of plant that just started growing" Emer suggested.

"True" Namara said, pulling one out. Inspecting it for a moment, she turned to the cabinet and pulled out a stalk of heba. She started compare them.

"Their a different shade of turquoise" I noticed.

"They could be useful as herbs. We'll just have to find out what they do" Namara said.

"Jeon? Want to experiment?" Chiora asked, looking over at me.

I held back a laugh. "What if it's poisonous?"

"We'll just have to find out" Namara held it out to me.

"I'm not sure I'm getting the joke here" Emer said, tilting her head.

"It's a long story" I said and took the stalk of the strange plant. I picked off the bud on one of the ends and ate it. It tasted salty, but mostly just like any other plant. When I swallowed Namara looked at me expectantly.

"Well?" She asked.

"Nothing, guess we'll have to wait" I shrugged.

"I can't believe you did that" Emer gaped.

I just chuckled and Chiora, her and I moved over to the living room.

Namara came in with us after a few minutes and sat on the opposite couch. She still had the strange plant in her hands and she continued to inspect it. As Chiora and Emer talked she often glanced up at me.

"Feel anything?" She asked after a while.

"No. Guess it's not poison" I said.

"That's good." She said and looked over at the window. "It's late, I'll be off to bed"

Emer looked up as Namara stood. "I'll go to be to" she said after a yawn. The two white females went down the hall to the bedrooms, leaving Chiora and I in the main room.

Thoughts were nagging Chiora again, it was obvious.

"Still want to tell her?" I asked.

She bit her bottom lip. "Yes. I think she deserves to know"

"Bit what if she tells?" I said.

"She won't. She's held my secrets before" She looked down at her hands on her lap.

"Still, the more people who know the more dangerous it is."

"It's only one more person"

"What if she insists I go back?"

"She doesn't have the power to do that" she said.

"She'll have some influence, not just being my guardian for a over a year but having the secret to tell" I said. "I can't risk it. I've worked to hard to try and hide this"

She hesitated. She knew what I meant, she'd seen my old life and what I had to go through before deciding to start a new life. But being an Ora-meta, with the same servants as the ones who tend to the leader of the Kasuk Clan, and a cozy office to look forward to, she'd have a hard time understanding.

"It wasn't your fault...that you...had to do it" she said. "Get a new life"

"No. It was Corosse's fault!" I slammed my hand down on the side of the couch as I stood up.

She stood up also, suddenly infuriated.

"Leave him out of this!! I was the saiir unnamed-creature's fault!!" She cursed. "It took my brother!!"

"Your brother was a traitor!" I shouted.

She stopped and looked at me with wide eyes. "That's not true"

"Yes it is. He worked for the Serins" I stepped towards her.

"What proof do you have?!" She tried to make herself look taller, and in her eyes again. Still, she didn't even get any higher than my chin.

"He kept trying to kill General Hari Gewed back when she was his apprentice"

"That proves nothing" she said.

"He was trying to kill her so that when he finally left to join Serin's army there would be no next general for the first army" I said.

"It still doesn't say he was going to join the Serins"

"Remember the night when a few patrols of Serins managed to get across the sish lands and capture one of our towns? At the start of the war?" I said after a moment's hesitation.

"It was an outlying town, that doesn't refer to my brother"

"Wrong, it was Keritro." Keritro wasn't too far from the Capital, well into Kasuk lands. "He was the only general there when they attacked. And he didn't do anything until General Derit's army showed up"

She just looked me strait in the face for a minute. When she finally opened her mouth to say something there was a small voice from across the room. We both turned to where Emer peeked out from the hallway.

"Sorry, just getting some water" she said and quickly zipped towards the kitchen.

Chiora's shoulders sunk, showing defeat. She passed me and went down the hall to her bedroom.

I watched Emer as she pulled the kalyr lid off a jug of water and start to pour it into a cup.

How much had she heard? I though.

She put the jug back and picked up the cup.

"'Night" she nodded to me and started back to her room.


Author's Note:

'Saiir' is the only swear word they have. If you noticed that day Chiora had been using it a couple times cause she's mad about something. It's used as a verb, noun, and an adjective. Just a general swear word that doesn't really have an English equivalent, it's a really bad word. Chiora also hates her Ekiris.

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