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Chapter 13 (v.1)

Submitted: May 04, 2013

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Submitted: May 04, 2013




We were on our way to the market the next morning, all walking. I pulled Reisu along by the reins. He had bags of fresh herbs on his back to sell. Emer took the lead, strolling along happily. Watching her, I just barely noticed Chiora talking to Namara.

"When we get there, I want to talk to you" she said. It was apparent she was still angry about the night before. She glanced back at me.

I moved forward, and before Namara could reply I pulled Chiora back by the arm. I turned her to face me and waved for Emer and Namara to continue.

"You were going to tell her" I said.

"So what?"

"So what?! You're going to just out and reveal the biggest secret in my life, and possibly your's!?"

"Your life is of no concern to mine" she said and whipped around, continuing on.

"That wasn't what you said when you first brought me here after saving it" I muttered and pulled Reisu along again.

If Chiora was gonna tell my secret, I at least wanted to be there.

They walked on ahead and I didn't care that I was lagging behind a little. Chiora walked beside Emer while Namara stopped and looked back at me. She waited for me to catch up.

"What was that about?" She asked.

"Chiora and I got in a but of an argument last night" I said.

"About your past?" She asked.

Oh saiir, did she already know?! I held back my panic.

"Y-Yeah" I stuttered.

She just nodded and walked beside me silently until we reached the market.

Many waivins were at the market, and the sound of voices and music filled the place. It was at the center of town, surrounding a new fountain that was just a well when I first came to Rivena.

Namara took Reisu and brought him over to the herb selling stall. Chiora followed her and I paused to watch them for a while, seeing if she was going to tell. They'd started unpacking the bags of plants when Emer cane over to me.

"Let's get something to eat!" She said and pulled me towards a food stall. After a moment to forget my anger towards Chiora, I followed her, smiling. We went over to one stand where and older male was cooking Agi meat covered in bread. I watched as Emer and the male got into a deep conversation as she purchased four of the bread wrapped meats. I stuck my hands in the pockets of my shirt, remembering it was the same shirt I'd worn when I went to break her out of Serin's prison. It was dark blue with white striped around the collar, cuffs and bottom. There were a few coins in the pocket still.

I glanced around at the other stalks as I swirled the coins around in my pocket. I noticed a glass art stall and wondered if I should buy something for Chiora to say sorry, even though I doubt she'd accept it.

"Here" Emer passed me one of the bread covered meats.

"Thanks" I said and took a bite. She slipped the other two in a bag and took a bite of the other.

"I'm gonna go back to the herb stall and help out" she said and started back across the row.

When she disappeared I went over to the glass stall. A male around my age was pouring sand into a large bowl with a grate at the bottom. He pick the bowl up and shook it over a large bin. The sand poured into the bin while pieces of gres stayed in the bowl. He glanced up me as I looked at the pieces of glass hanging from the top of the stall.

There was glass from window panes to small figures. There was one of an Ekiris standing on it's back legs while a Dari jumped up in front of it.

"Need any help choosing?" The male asked me when he was done putting the gres in another bin to melt.

"No thanks" I said.

"Buying one for a female?" He asked.

"Not exactly" I inspected one of an Agi for a moment or to. "I'll come back later probably"

With a wave to him I went back towards the herb stall. When I got there Emer was having trouble with a customer. She looked relieved when she saw me.

"Jeon? A little help?" She asked.

"Sure" I jumped over the counter and turned to the customer. "What do you need?" I asked.

"Heba tea" The female replied. She was holding a young waivin in one arm and a bottle of Imaim tea in the other.

"That's not Heba tea" I told her and pulled out another bottle for her. I passed it to her and she read the label.

"Thanks" she took the bottle and left the Imaim tea on the counter with the coins. She waved and left.

"Thanks" Emer said.

"No problem. These are the Imaim, these are the Heba..." I started, pointing to each of the bags with the different herbs. "I'll just get Namara" I said and went towards the back of the stall.

Going over to a small table and a few chairs in the back I saw Chiora 

and Namara talking. Biting back the fury, I went over.

"Emer needs your help out there Namara" I said.

"Alright" She nodded and went to stand up when Chiora reached over the table ad grabbed her arm.

"Wait" she said.

"What?" Namara said.

"Sit down" Chiora said. "You too" she looked at me.

I sat down beside Chiora hesitantly. There was silence for a moment, then Chiora gave me a look.

"There's something we need to tell you" Chiora said.

There and then I wanted to disappear. She was seriously going to force me to tell?

"What is it?" Namara asked, looking at both of us in confusion.

"That over..." Chiora started but I interrupted her.

"That over a year ago, the isihan Jesan Kasuk didn't die..." I said.

"I know" Namara said to my surprise. I must've been staring at her wide eyed, because she held back a giggle and continued. "I know you're Jesan"

After a moment of shock, I turned to Chiora, about to confront her on telling Namara. But I stopped when her look was just as confused and as shocked as mine.

"H-How'd you know?" I looked back at Namara.

"I kind of pieced it together" She said. "The isihan died, and then a week later you came, looking just like him"

"You saw Jesan before...I mean me...before" I said.

She nodded. "I used to be a healer in the capital"

"Why didn't you say you knew sooner?" Chiora asked, returning gradually to her calm and collected self.

"Because I'd look like a fool if I was wrong." She said.

"But I'm not Jesan anymore. Jesan is dead, and I'm not going back"



The next customer came and went, with only a little difficulty this time.

What was taking Jeon and Namara so long? I thought.

I bent down to pick up the spilled bag of trun bark when I heard voiced from the back.

Namara, Jeon and Chiora were talking about something important. I picked up on their emotions. Jeon was nervous, while Namara and Chiora were anxious.

Listening in on their conversation, I got most of the phrases is there. When Chiora and Jeon's emotions turned to shock, I peeked through the curtain that separated the front and the back area.

He's Isihan Jesan?! I thought when I heard. I quickly backed away from the curtain, worried they'd pick up on my shock and notice me.


Author's Note:

Big secret revealed!! Woot!

The Isihan (Prince) who died in Chiora's dream in Chapter 6, is Jeon.

But you probably saw that coming from my amazing (horrible) foreshadowing.

And we are only like a third into the storyline. There are going to be at least 30 chapters, so sit tight! Chapter 14 is where the real action starts (with more completely predictable stuff) and it's mostly action from there on to the rest of the book.

I hope these past 12 somewhat boring chapters helped you to really get to know the characters, because that'll make the action parts seem so much better! I really do try to get you to know the characters, and so far I think I've kept along their personalities well without going off track like I usually do.

I'll shut up now.


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