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Chapter 14 (v.1)

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Submitted: May 05, 2013





Someone from outside screamed, making me stand up. Chiora and Namara got up also, looking at each other in confusion. Chiora zipped past me and looked outside the curtain.

"Emer?" I asked, walking around Chiora, ducking between the curtains. Emer looked back at me from were she sat behind the counter, hiding.

"What's going on?" Chiora asked.

"Get down!" She whispered, worried.

I ducked behind the counter with her and Chiora ducked back behind the curtain.

"What's happening out there" I whispered.

Emer turned around and looked through a large hole in the wood of the counter.

"The Serins are out there" she said.

"What?!" I pushed her aside and looked through the hole.

The market was in chaos. Waivins were running away from their stalls and down the streets. An Ekiris stood on the side of the fountain in the centre of the market. I couldn't see the rider until it stepped down and started to come closer. A dusty brown male in the Serin uniform rode the Ekiris. His look was serious as he glanced around.

He lifted a hand and waved to someone I couldn't see. Three males came over in the similar uniforms.

"Get the others to look around the town. You three look in the stalls" The one riding the Ekiris said and the three soldiers split off.

I turned back from the hole.

"I knew it was to easy" I said.

"They're after us" Emer said.

"How'd they find us?" I peeked out the hole again.

"They may have followed our tracks, or found our campfire"

"No there's no way, that was three days ago, the track would've been long gone by now" I said.

Then I thought back to when I was found by that patrol on my way to Serin's Hold. I told them that I came from Rivena.

Stupid!! I mentally yelled at myself.

"What're we gonna do?" Emer asked. "If we escape they'll see us, if we stay they'll find us"

"Then we have to fight them" I said.

"Are you mad!?" Emer looked at me wide-eyed.

"There's a group of Serins, on our land. If they got past the Kasuk army, they didn't get by unnoticed. Kasuk soldiers are probably right behind them. All we need to do is stall for time" I said, peeking out the hole again.

"No way, I'm not going out there." She said.

"Suit yourself" I turned and got up. I quickly went over to Reisu and found the sheath tied to his saddle. I pulled a long sword out of the sheath, a silver blade with a smaller point by the handle.

"Jeon please don't" Emer said.

I didn't respond and jumped over the stall counter.

The dusty brown male riding the Ekiris was just ahead of me by the fountain. I pulled the hood of my shirt up over my head, the hood ending just above my eyes.

"Hey saiir! Scum like you don't belong on Kasuk land!!" I shouted.

He turned to face me.

"Quite a bold one we have here" he grinned.

Two soldiers stepped in from the sides to intervene but with a flick of his hand, they stopped in their tracks.

"You better get outta here before either General Hari or Derit get here" I said.

He just laughed. "Those fools are too preoccupied to care about a little town like this. Technically it's not even on Kasuk land"

"It is as long as there are the Clan citizens here" I said.

He was about to say something when there was a shout from behind me in the stall.

"Jeon what in Nukk's name are you doing!?" Chiora yelled.

I didn't look back at her, keeping my focus on the Serin soldier.

"You know the Ora-meta?" He asked.

"What's it to you?" I retorted.

"Not much" he waved his hand and the two soldiers on either side of me moved towards Chiora.

Turning, I swung my sword at the closest one, slicing him in the back. When he stumbled forward I struck again, running him through. I turned away when he fell on the ground dead.

The dusty brown male's eyes widened slightly and the other soldier stopped.

"You can kill" He said.

"What you thought I was a wimp?" I glared back at him. "I'm a retired soldier"

"Soldier I believe, but retired?" He pulled out his own sword, similar to mine except the handle had the Serin colours on it. Green and grey. His Ekiris slowly trotted towards me.

"What? Not male enough to have a fair fight?"

"Killing my soldier like that was a pretty cowardly move though, so I guess this would make things even" He grinned at me and the Ekiris sprung off into a trot. In a few steps it would be upon me. I fell into ready stance and raised my sword.

In the few seconds I had my mind was racing. When he came, I'd duck under his sword and aim to cut off his arm. If not, I could get a good strike at the Ekiris's leg. That would make things fair. He raised his blade high and I crouched to duck under.

In a flash of violet and white there was something between me and the soldier's blade.

She was breathing heavily, staring up at the soldier in front of her. She was nose to nose with the Ekiris and the soldier's blade inches from her forehead.

"Namara" I said, astonished.

She didn't look back at me. I lowered my sword and stepped up beside her, putting a hand on her shoulder.

The soldier was equally shocked. He pulled his sword away and the Ekiris backed a few steps.

"Leave!" Namara shouted.

"No can do. Orders from Serin himself" he said, looking past us. I followed his gaze to where Emer was standing beside Chiora not far away.

"Jeon." Namara said.

"Yeah?" I looked at her.

"Why are these soldiers here?" She asked. "What's going on?"

I hesitated. And in that moment of thought the other soldier grabbed Namara and pushed her towards the ground. I pulled my sword up, more than willing to kill the Serin when someone grabbed my wrist.

The newly arrived soldier pulled me back by my wrist, making me stagger. Thinking quickly I turned and sliced him across the chest. He fell back into the sand, still alive but unconscious.

Now two soldiers were pulling Namara away. In the corner of my vision Chiora stepped forward to intervene, pulling out her dagger.


She looked up at me.

"Take Reisu and go find General Derit!!" I called to her.

She paused then raced towards the Ekiris tied to the herb stall. She untied him in a flash and jumped onto the saddle.

"After her!" The dusty male shouted to the other Serin riding an Ekiris. The Serin chased after her.

Reisu started out at almost full speed, weaving between the remaining fleeing waivins. She looked back at me before they left view.

More Serin soldiers were coming, and through the chaos my gaze met Emer's. Three soldiers pinned her from behind and I lost sight for the moment.

Soldiers grabbed me from either side and forced me to the ground. As I fell on my knees one pulled my sword out of my grip and I heard it's impact on the sand.


The mission was too easy you say? Should've been expecting this Jeon. If Chiora had've stayed she would've gone on a rampage scolding Jeon afterwards. You won't see Chiora for at least another good 5 chapters (estimating).

According to the description of this book, I'm technically done. I should seriously change it, cause there is still a whole lot more story to go!

Please comment and vote! Any questions? I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


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