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Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: May 04, 2013

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Submitted: May 04, 2013




"Aw Jeon what did you do?!" I hear Chiora asking just as I returned to consciousness.

A moan was my only reply. My chest hurt and I could barely see. She leaned down next to me, mixing a bowl of juiced heba buds. She put some on my antennae and I immediately started to feel better. I pushed myself up and blinked a few times.

"What were you trying to do with expired herbs?" She asked. "What did you use?" She looked at the bowl on the counter. She put a cautious hand in the searched through it. She picked up the Imaim leaves bottle.

"This is poisonous when it's expired! You of all people should know that!" she said.

"Chiora?" I asked.

"What?" She looked over at me, throwing the herbs in the garbage.

"How do you know so much about herbs?" I asked.

"Namara and I have been friends for years, she's taught me everything she knows" she replied.

"Even about drugs?" I asked.

"Is that what you were trying to do?" She asked.

"Well, yes and no" I shrugged.

"Why?" She didn't seem as angry as I'd expected her to be.

"Cause I think she may be selling drugs" I confessed.

"What made you think that?" She said it as if the idea was ludicrous.

"There were some males that accused her of it"

"Don't believe what they say, she's not a drug seller. Now go rest while the heba gets the poison out" she helped me up and lead me back to my room. I laid back on the bed and I listened to Chiora walking back to the kitchen to greet Namara returning home.

How long was I out for? I thought, seeing moonlight starting to shine through the window.


When I woke up the next morning, Namara was waiting outside the room. She must've heard me shifting and knocked.

"Jeon? You awake?" She asked.

"Yeah" I replied drowsily.

"Training starts today. You sure you don't need more rest?" She asked.

"I'm fine" I replied. I paused and noticed that the blurriness was gone. I stood up and opened the door.

"That's good. And just to assure you I'm not a drug seller" she said, her expression proving it truth.

"She told you?"

She nodded and retreated back to the kitchen. I went to change shirts again, today a darker red one, and went out to the main area. Chiora was stacking the textbooks on the table and she looked up at me.

"Good morning"

"Mornin'." I replied "Are you sure I don't have to stay back and study?"

"No, training's more important than books. Despite yesterday's events, you seem educated enough" she joked and moved on to the kitchen. I followed and took a Trun fruit from the bowl on the counter.

I'd never heard Chiora say anything is more important than studies.

Something must be wrong.

"So where are we going for training? The bars?" I asked.

"Today, yes. Tomorrow I'll be bringing you to the edge of the sish lands for battle practice."

I thought for a minute. Something definitely wrong here. I got up and went over to her so Namara might not hear.

"What's this about? You've never trained me outside the town before" I said.

"Yes, but this is greatly important" she whispered back.

"How important?" I asked.

"Too important for Namara to know"

"Yeah I guessed that"

"Then let's talk outside" she grabbed my wrist and pushed me towards the door.

"We'll be going for training early, we'll be back later Namara" she said as she followed me out the door.

Namara waved, seeming oblivious.

Outside I sat on the step and she stood on the porch.

"I saw your paw prints all over my book" she said. "I would've guessed you'd already have known" her arms were crossed.

"About what?" I asked. Busted.

"The real reason I'm here, is that the Kasuk leader asked me to find a jailbreaker"

"A jailbreaker?"

"There is a female Kasuk member in Serin's prison. She is much favoured by their leader and we believe she could know about his strategies and plans. If you break her free and bring her here we could have a great advantage in the war" she explained.

"So this is what the advanced training is for. I'm this jailbreaker you need? I thought you wanted me to go back"I said.

"Well I would like you to one day. But don't you want to serve your Clan? There's no risk of getting caught and revealed." She said.

I thought it over for a long time. Going to the Serin's mansion ad breaking out a possible strategist?

The thought of the journey made me remember my past. The battles, adventures, the feeling of freedom and fighting for my Clan. All the old feelings were rushing back.

"I'll do it!" I said it without a second moment's hesitation.

"Good. Training will be harder. You must regain all your old battle moves and strength. It'll be hard, considering your missing tails"

"I'll do my best"

"That's the Jeon I used to know" she smiled and walked off the porch. I followed her.


"You're training an awful lot" Namara turned to me as she prepared Imaim tea. "And eating a lot to"

I'd eaten two Agies worth of meat and still didn't feel full.

"Just working on getting stronger" I shrugged.

"That's good, so long as you don't eat me out of home" she said and passed me the finished Imaim tea.

"Can you take that out to the Fadse's before you start today?" She asked.

"Sure" I got up and took the tea.

Chiora was waiting for me outside. She said this week was the last part of my training, but one of the most important.

I waved on my way out the door and raced down the street towards the Fadse's house. I jumped onto the roof of a lower building and started along the rooftops. I jumped down once I reached their roof and went over to the door. Mrs.Fadse was waiting.

"Good morning" I said.

"Well good morning, you seem to come earlier each day, the sun's barely up" she said.

"Training. I'll be leaving soon"

"For the battlefield?" She asked

"Something like that"

"Well be careful" she took the tea.

"I will. How's your son?" I inquired.

"He's up and walking now, thank you"

"That's good. No tea tomorrow?" I asked.

"No thanks." She said.

"Well I have to go, see you!" I said and started off again.

"Goodbye!" She called after.

I was halfway back to the house on the rooftops when something pulled me down into an alley mid-jump.

With almost a full month's worth of training I was able to land gracefully on both feet, despite someone holding my leg. I shook them off and the male leader stared back at me.

"Still part of the drug business I see" he grinned.

"No" I replied.

"Naive boy." He said and pulled my arm, flinging me towards two males out to pin me. I quickly jumped up and back-flipped over their heads. 

They awed a little and I grinned, landing behind them. The turned quickly to strike but I jumped back out of range.

The leader charged at me, and I waited for him to get close enough. I kicked him in the stomach, pushing him back. He stayed down for a while, winded. I dodged a few strikes from the others. One came up behind me and pinned me. Quick thinking, I broke his grip and turned, landing a strong punch on his face. He fell back, obviously unconscious.

The others didn't attack anymore and the leader struggled to his feet. I gave a satisfied grin and jumped up to the roof again.

"I hope you'll leave a helpless Healer alone and forget these rumours" I said, about to leave when I turned back and asked. "Which of you stole the herbs?"

"Like we'd steal herbs" the leader crossed his arms. "Or tell you if we did"

"Thanks for the confirmation" I said and started back to the house.


Chiora waited outside the wooden one floor house. She stood there on the porch, feeding two Ekirises who were tied to the railing. One was her light dusty grey one named Gres and the other was a pale ginger one with three parallel darker stripes down it's back. The large creatures were strong with long thin legs built for high speeds and great endurance. On their heads were large horns that pointed forward. The pale ginger one wasn't eating much, refusing.

"Ugh. Jeon can you help me with this one? He won't eat!" She heard my above on the roof. I leaned over the edge and looked down at her.

"Reisu!" I'd named him after the Ekiris in the book. He responded to his name and made a low guttural sound. He lifted his head towards me and I reached down to rub his muzzle.

"I haven't seen you in forever"

"He definitely misses you" she said. I jumped down beside Reisu and helped Chiora feed him. He ate gratefully and nuzzled my face.

"This week you're going to re-learn to fight while riding him" she said.

"Then let's get going!" I said. I climbed onto Reisu's back and grabbed the reins.

"Eager are we?" She said and untied the rope.

Immediately Reisu went to run down the street but I pulled the reins to make him stop. I waited for her to get on her's.

She sped on ahead of us.

"Ya Reisu!" I said and he raced after her.

We caught up within seconds and pulled ahead in another two. She gave me a semi-awed look as we passed. In only a minute we came to the just opening marketplace, careful not to hit anyone as Reisu U-turned around the centre fountain. Chiora was a few paces behind. In several minutes we were out to the edge of the sish lands. As soon as we came to the river, Reisu started to wade in.

"What is he doing?!" Chiora called.

"Reisu stop!" I shouted but he ignored.

He moved to the middle of the river. Even on the large beast's back I was underwater, while his head was still high and dry. He continued on and I had to stand up on his back to get air, holding tight to his reins. He started wading up to the other side. It attempted to sit down again and fell strait into the now shallow water.

Chiora's laugh echoed from the other side of the river.

"Yeah, well how're you gonna get across now?!" I retorted. It was true her Ekiris was not tall enough to wade.

"I'll meet you at the bridge a ways down" she said and started off down the sish to a bridge in the distance.

Getting up and shook the water out and climbed back onto Reisu's back.


Author Note:


I'll put in an old picture of a Waivin character that comes along later in the series. [Yush this is a series] They don't have noses or ears, and their antannae which most will and have mistaken for demon horns provide smell and hearing. What look like ears are just tufts of fur that hurt like hell if you pull on one. They only have a few organs, their lungs and stomachs are one organ that turns air and food immediately into energy [so no pooping or breathing out is needed X3] and they have two parts of their brains, one part connected to the heart in the chest for blood and the other in the head. Yeah, I thought this through too much.

BTW Agies are birds.

Only males have three tails, females only have two really fluffy ones.

BTW Ekirises are basically giant horse-elk things.

Ugh my chapters are so short it hurts. I might merge some together later on. I don't like how that last scene turned out very much.

Ask questions in comments and I'll reply ASAP. 


© Copyright 2017 Katherine Ann Barton. All rights reserved.


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