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Chapter 6 (v.1)

Submitted: May 04, 2013

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Submitted: May 04, 2013





"Where's Jeon?" Namara tossed some heba into a bowl and started mixing it. I sat across from her at the table, reading a letter from the Kasuk mansion. I looked up and pondered for a moment.

"I don't know" I said and got up. "I'll go find him"

"No need" She said, picked up the bowl and still mixing. "He usually disappears, when you're not here I mean"

"Oh" I slowly sank back into my seat.

"So what's going on? With all this training and such?" She asked.

I thought about the night before.

Should I tell her?

No, she might not let Jeon go. I've seen how much they've bonded throughout the year. She was almost like a mother for him, even though they were only a few years apart. She might not let him go, and I doubt I'd have any say.

"I'm just preparing him. The war may come here, it's strait across the sish lands from Serin's hold and there are only a few soldiers here."

"True, but is he ready? Can he fight?" Namara gave me a worried look.

"Yes, he was a soldier before and he was a great fighter" I said. Oops, I almost revealed it.

Luckily she just nodded but she was still worried. She finished stirring and poured the mix into a bottle.

"Tomorrow I'll be taking him out for endurance training across the sish lands" I said.

"Another intense training?" She said.

I nodded. "It'll take about a week or so."

It was obvious she was reluctant to let him, but she just covered the bottle and put it in the cupboard.

What I hadn't figured out was where I would be staying while Jeon went to free the girl from Serin's hold. Maybe I'd go with him for a while then stay at the Kasuk's second army encampment, way out in the sish lands. I couldn't go with him, he'd have to do it on his own. I'm sure I'd find somewhere.

I went back to reading the note.

'To Ora-Meta Chiora,

We have more information on the female held in Serin's hold. Daui Serin wants her to be his wife. She may have more information that we'd thought. We've made contact with her and told her to get as much information on the war as she can from Serin. But that's not all, she is Derit Lya's daughter, Emer. He wants her back more that anything, and says if your jail-breaker doesn't get his daughter back he'll kill him. I'm sure he's bluffing but you'll never know.

A lot of pressure on your jail-breaker. I hope he's good. He's leaving tomorrow right? When he gets back, have him write.

~Hari Gewed, First Army Commander'

It was short and informal. She and I were long friends.

Derit Lya's daughter. Derit was the Second Army Commander. This had become more important than I'd thought. I'd have to tell Jeon when he returns.

I decided to go look for Jeon and got up, stuffing the letter into my cloak pocket. Saying a quick goodbye to Namara I left and went over to my Ekiris, Gres. I jumped up on his back and leaned over to untie his reins from the post. Once free, he immediately started off. I decided to let him lead, since he knew the town better than I did.

He lead to the centre market and looped around the fountain several times. I pulled the reins and turned him down the stretch that lead to the bars. He raced off and stopped once the market turned to houses. He kept walking a little, turning in tight circles.

"What's wrong with you? You gonna let me off?" I pulled the reins tight and he got up on his back legs. I grasped on the reins as I slid back off the saddle. I was leaning off his rump and he went back down hard, flinging me off the side.

"Great" I growled and shook the sand out of my hair. I dusted myself off when I got up. There were two houses with a small alley between them and I walked through.

The alley opened up wider and there were thin wooden bars sticking horizontally out from the outer wall of the house. I looked up and stared strait at Jeon. He was hanging upside-down, his head just above mine.

"Hey Chiora" He smiled.

"Never thought you'd actually be training willingly"

"What gave you that idea?"

"The sense of loathing that comes off you in waves whenever I tell you to go train"

"Nah, that's only studying"

"Cause you already know everything?" I teased.

"Well, yeah!" He said. He was hanging by his one tail.

"Doesn't that hurt?" I asked.

"Only a little" he swung upwards and grabbed onto the bar. He switched out his tail and hung back down by his legs.

"It fascinates me how you never get dizzy from that"

"Give me an hour" he joked and jumped down. He bowled me over and we landed in a heap.

"Get off! You're heavy!" I pushed him off.

He stayed sitting on the ground as I got up again. I once again shook sand from my hair.

"Anyway, I got a letter and the female you're breaking out is Commander Derit's daughter" I said.

"What?" His surprise was genuine. "The old man has a daughter?"

"Yes and she's being forced to marry Serin" I said.

"That's just wrong" he got up.

"Let's head back, it's getting late" I said.

He nodded and dusted off his shirt. I lead back over to Gres, laying down on the ground and half asleep. I tapped his forehead and he looked up drowsily.

"He's getting old" Jeon commented.

"He's getting lazy" I said and pulled Gres onto his feet by his reins.

I jumped on his back and Jeon sat behind me.

"Home Gres" I said and let the large grey Ekiris lead back towards Namara's.


Next chapter Jeon goes on the epic journey you've waited 2 chapters for X3

Foreshadowing next chapter! (Not that you'll see anything about it until way later). If something seems totally unrelated to the topic of the story, that's the foreshadowing!

Please comment for any questions. If I made a mistake about the training or some deja vu dialogue, don't blame me, I have like 5 stories going. (Pessima, Waivins, Death Letters, Afterlife Pendant...nope, just 4)

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