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Chapter 8 (v.1)

Submitted: May 04, 2013

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Submitted: May 04, 2013




Reisu trotted along slowly, making me shift back and forth on his back. I laid looking up at the sky, leaning my head up on the back of his neck. I'd snuck a book in my bag for the ride, the same one from before, called 'The Exploration'. I was almost done the majority of the journals the man had written, displaying his many adventures in finding the southern snow lands.

I now flipped the pages as we rode on. Ekirises had a high sense of direction, so I rarely had to steer. "North" was all he needed, and he'd go strait north.

'I fear it won't be long before my apprentice succeeds me. He said he wants to start another Clan. Furbus Serin won't be too happy. He says he'll name it after me, Kasuk. I'm honoured but I told him he doesn't have to. I'm afraid this may be my final account. The exploration has ended, and cities are growing. I've lost count of how old I've become, but I doubt I'll be around for much longer...'

It was his in fact his final account, but the last one was from his apprentice. I liked this story, since it was the beginning of the Kasuk Clan and the most important piece in out history. The rest is mostly wars with the Serin Clan.

Reisu made his usual grunt noise and shook his head, making me almost fall up. I sat up, still backwards on the saddle. I grabbed the reins over my chest and looked up.

In the distance four small figures were approaching fast. I turned to face forward and looked back over my shoulder. I pulled the reins and Reisu turned to the right a little and stopped.

Four soldiers on Ekirises. They became apparent as I came closer. I squinted and looked for the flags in the bright sun. They weren't white and orange as I'd expected. Green and dark grey.

"Go!" I turned Reisu back to face north. "Ya!"

He bolted and I ducked down, holding the reins tightly. I peeked back. Serin soldiers. I must have wandered too close to their camp and a patrol spotted me.

Reisu sped up to his full speed, and if I hadn't have had my head down I would've been blow clean off his back.

"Oi!!" One shouted. I looked back and saw one had almost caught up with me. Impossible! My eyes widened.

I watched him. In a few strides he was fully flanking me.

"What do you want?!" I asked.

"You're a Kasuk!" He said.

"You say that like you don't see many Kasuk living out in the desert!" I said. I tried to hide my fear as another came up the other side.

"Then why're you running?"

"Big scary patrol of Serin soldiers chasing me maybe?" I shrugged.

"You're not a soldier yourself?" He asked. The other two were close behind. I slowed down a little, Reisu was getting tired and we were surrounded.

"No, just going back to my house" I said.

"With a sword?" He pointed to the sword at my belt.

"I borrowed it from a friend in Rivena" I said. "It's good for hunting Agies"

Why did I say Rivena?! Why couldn't I have said Fews or Gyder?

Noe they surrounded us and we came to a full stop. Reisu looked at their Ekirises, sensing the danger we were in.

"Show us then" He said. "Kill that one" he pointed up at an Agi flying above us.

I pulled out the sword and held it up. I looked at the Agi, taking aim. Once it seemed to hover for a minute or two I threw the sword with a large swing. It spun up towards the Agi but missed and fell to the ground.

Again, why'd you do that! I mentally slapped myself. You lost your sword now!

"Can I go get that?" I asked.

The leader nodded and stepped back. I snapped the reins and Reisu started into a trot. We passed between the two soldiers and raced over to the sword in the sand. They followed slowly.

Reisu bent down so I could reach the sword without getting off. I slid it into the sheath at my belt again.

"North, full speed" I whispered to Reisu and ducked down.

For a moment he stood still. I felt his shift his weight onto his hind legs and we were off in a second. He kicked up so much sand as we went I couldn't see the soldiers behind us.

One broke through the shroud of pale green dust and sand but soon faded into it again.

"Good job boy! Faster!" I urged him on.

He was getting tired really fast and I pulled one of the water bottles out. Getting up a little I tied the reins around my waist and grabbed one of his horns. I leaned around the side of his head as he ran and tipped the bottle into his mouth. It spilled everywhere but his gratefulness was obvious. I looked back over my shoulder and saw the soldiers long gone.

I sat back down on the saddle as he slowed down and put the cap back on the bottle.

"If we've already passed the Serin camp it means we only have a day or two until left" I said mostly to myself. I untied the reins and pulled out the map.

Next was passing the Kasuk army camp and then Serin's capital city.

We stopped when it grew dark and Reisu was slowly drifting off to sleep. I was lighting a fire in a small pit, rubbing some gres grains on a stick. Sparks flew from between my fingers, and I feared it'd singe my fur but I had nothing else to use.

The fire lighted and I raised my hand. There were tiny flames on the fur but it barely hurt. What? I quickly shook the flames out and glanced at Reisu.

A chirp came from a few dozen feet away as an Agi landed. Forgetting the fire, I slowly stood up. It pecked around in the sand, oblivious to me, getting closer and closer. There was a low 'shing' noise as I pulled my sword from my sheath.

I stepped on it's long feathered tail once I was close. It twisted to get free and I held the point of the sword down above it's back. It squawked as I thrusted the sword down and killed it.

"Dinner's served Reisu!" I called and picked it up. He stared at the dead Agi in disgust, his ears folding back and I rolled my eyes.


Hey everyone! 

The graphic novel is out at www.yewneko-chan14.deviantart.com

The whole fire thing is because they're evolving as a species. In one of the other Waivins books I plan to write set a few thousand years in the future have these people called The Tribesmen who are immune to fire and some can control it.


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