The Day Our Dream Came True

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Lily is a girl with many talents, she can especially sing. She always wanted to be famous. One day she decided to sign up for a school talent show with her 3 friend Toria, Bree and Alison. From there they became famous. All because of Justin Drew Bieber. Lilly may have gotten her dream but did she also find her dream guy?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Day Our Dream Came True

Submitted: December 28, 2010

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Submitted: December 28, 2010



Chapter 1

I'm used to getting up at five in the morning to shower, change, and get ready for school. My makeup is usually just a simple eyeliner, mascara, and cover up. By six i get my breakfast.

"Morning mom," I said and gave her a hug She's the third grade Math teacher at Northview elementary. She has long brown hair blue eyes, and she wears glasses.

"Morning, don't forget guitar and dance tonight," she reminded me like always.

""Yeah mom I know," it's about six thirty and my identical twin brother is coming down. His name is Logan.

"Morning sis," he said and grabbed his breakfast. We don't fight like most siblings do. He is in his private school uniform, we both go to the same school.

"Morning," I put my bowl in the dishwasher \\

"I like what you did with your hair today."

"Oh, thanks," Ihave my chest length brown hair curled and my side bangs in a bump. Ihave hazel eyes. Istand at five food three. At school I'm popular. but I'm not a preppy snot. "Come on logan, bus is down the street," we arar only fifteen so we can't drive yet. I grabbed my guitar case, dance bag, and my bac pack and walked out the door

As soon as I got off the bus Bree waved my over. Bree's about five foot four, skinny, brown hair with blonde highlights, and blue eyes.

"Hey lily," Alison siad when I put my stuff down. It's really sunny here in Atlanta today. Alison is skinny, has dark brown hair, and brown eyes.

"Hi." I put my guitarcase down on the table.

"Guitar then dance tonight?" Alison asked.


"Can I still sleepover tonight?" Bree asked

"Yeah, I get done at seven with dance."


"I can't wait, ONly three more weeks, then we hit hollywood!" I am so excited, We are going to the Hollywood festival, where Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and Selena Gomez are going to perform. We have backstage passes so we are going to get to meet them all. It's gonna be AMAZING!

"I know!" They both squealed. Northview doesn't have any famous celebrities, but we have a lot of talented people here. Our talent show is next Friday. Alison, Bree, Toria(on of our friends) and i are doing "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus. Bree is playing the guitar, Alison the Piano, Toria the drums, and I'm singing. Alison and Bree sing back up. Toria sings too but not for this song. Iwas thinking about what we should wear when the bell rang. I grabbed my stuff and headed to my locker. They are like mini closets. Our school is huge. My l ocker is always clean. History is my first class of the day. We are talking about the Cold War. Talk about boring!

After my dance class I headed home to shower. I walked home because the studio is only a block away fr4om my house. Once I finished getting sressed, I got out my phone and called Bree. She was over within twenty minutes. She just walked in like she slways does.

"Oh my gosh! Check your twitter!" She waws flipping out.

"Why?" I was really confused.

"Just do it!"

"Okay, calm down." I was already on facebook, so i just typed in twitter. I noticed that I have one thousand and on followers. That means Ihave one new follower since thursday, "So, I have a new follower, your point?"

"Look who it is!? I clicked on my followers.

"Oh, that's cool." Justin Bieber is following me.

"Uh, Yeah! I'm so jelous!"

Bree and i have twenty six youtube videos of us singing, five of thous songas are, "Never Let You Go" "baby" "one time" "you smile" and "that should be me"all by Justin.

"Do you think he has seen out youtube channel?" Bree wondered.
"Doubt it." I direct messaged him our link, so she didn't ahve to tell me to. I singed off twitter and check our youtube channel we have over three million channels views and one million six hundred fifty thousand and nine sub scribers. We have no new messgaes but a lot of new comments. I turned off my computer, "So what d o you want to do?" I asked.

"Let's just watch TV."

"Ok." we watched tv until two in the morning. We went to bed. i'm stll thinkin about what to wear for the talent show.

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