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Chapter 9 (v.1) - The Elder Wizard

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The group watched along with everyone else as the Elder raised his arms into the air, silencing everyone around him. Raniel clapped his hands excitedly as he continued to stare up at the Elder in awe, waiting for him to speak. The group didn’t understand why Eurie’s friend seemed so excited, but they weren’t Wizards, so perhaps that was why. They all stood there and waited, eager to hear what the old man was about to say, especially since Opus had left it up to this Elder to explain what was going on his place.

Everyone quickly fell silent, and the Elder didn’t procrastinate either. He lowered his arms and looked around at the crowd slowly. Then, he lifted his head, revealing his face; the group had been expecting him to look old and tired, but he looked to be in his early thirties, not a wrinkle or sign of age on his face at all. They all looked at each other in confusion, but quickly turned their attention back to the Elder.

‘’Greetings, all’’ he called humbly, his voice stern and deep, ‘’this is the first time I have shown myself so publicly in many years, but today, it was necessary’’ he announced.

The crowds started mumbling to each other, but quickly fell silent as the Elder raised his right hand.

He gained a stern, cautious look as he glared around at everyone, ‘’as some of you may know, Alvenguard is facing a dangerous threat, one we Wizards would usually intervene with – but this time, we will not’’

Once again, the crowds started mumbling to one another in shock and confusion, looking back to their Elder as he waited for them to silence again.

‘’The arrival of an ancient evil has disturbed the forces within the Underworld; the force known as Nirvana, or as some call them, Grim Reapers’’ he called sternly, ‘’they have ceased their duties to reap dead souls; they are refusing to continue with their duty to cleanse this world of undead entities, and that is because of the arrival of this evil – an evil known as the Daegelus’’

‘’He talking about scar-face?’’ Alpha asked, looking over at Opus who nodded.

The Elder held up his hand to silence the murmuring crowds, ‘’the Grim Reapers follow the Daegelus, Damien, but a new Daegelus has arrived, causing confusion within Nirvana. There is nothing we can do, we must simply wait like Nirvana is waiting for one Daegelus to kill the other and lead them. With the Grim Reapers not doing their job, Alvenguard will quickly plummet into darkness’’

‘’We heard it would be some kind of apocalypse!’’ someone from the crowd yelled.

Looking in their direction, the Elder nodded, ‘’indeed, it will. The un-reaped souls of the dead will quickly take over the living world; wraiths, Demons, Vampires, hellish monsters – the Underworld will creep its way into our own, and anything that betrays the rules of life and death will start to consume this world’’

The crowd broke into a loud outbreak of fear, worry and confusion –

‘’However!’’ the Elder yelled, silencing them all, ‘’we are safe here’’

‘’What about the rest of the world?!’’ someone called, ‘’we can’t just leave them to this approaching hell!’’

Shaking his head, the Elder lowered his hand, ‘’do not fear, fellow Wizards, I have a plan. But not one of you is permitted to leave the country until further notice, we will not get involved. This is down to this new Daegelus and Nirvana, not us – and we do not associate ourselves with any Daegelus, original or new, for we know what they are guilty of’’


The group frowned and looked at one another.

‘’What happened?’’ Tsunami asked, looking at Opus, ‘’this Wizard dude seems to have an issue with Daegelus’…’’

Opus nodded slowly as the crowd broke into another uproar, ‘’I do not know the entire story, yes, but I do know that when the Ethereals started to fight among one another, the Wizards sided with Ephriel who wanted to destroy Damien for keeping her from taking Letholdus’ place. Ephriel was not powerful enough alone to seal Damien in his prison in the Underworld… yes… so who do you think she came to for help?’’

They all frowned and slowly looked over at the Elder.

‘’Yes’’ Opus nodded, ‘’the Wizards assisted Ephriel to seal Damien away’’

‘’I thought these Wizards worshipped Letholdus, why do they care about Ephriel?’’ Nightly asked.

Raniel then looked back at them, ‘’Ephriel came to our ancestors after Letholdus’ disappearance and guided them’’

Sherlock scoffed, ‘’so, she started her little takeover with the Wizards, huh?’’

The old man nodded, ‘’she convinced the Wizards that Letholdus had sent her to take his place, and her Godly stature was more than enough to convince them. The only reason she has not returned to Alvenguard to attempt to take Letholdus’ place again is because she is too preoccupied with the war in the Overworld, yes’’

‘’How’d that even start?’’ Thea pouted.

‘’She is still fighting to gain control over all Angels, yes’’ he explained, ‘’most Angels rebelled when she imprisoned Damien as many Angels greatly respected him, for he shared their blood, yes’’

‘’So… these Wizards are technically our enemies?’’ Tsunami asked quietly, leaning over to Opus, ‘’they’re obviously not a fan of Daegelus’, and Elijah’s this new one the Elder guy is talking about… so… ‘’

Nodding, the old man looked around slowly, ‘’your assessment is correct, yes… we should be cautious and not mention Tulitque Helias’ being, yes’’ he warned quietly.

‘’What was that?’’ Raniel then asked curiously, looking back at them all.

‘’N-Nothing’’ Tsunami grinned nervously.


The Elder then held his arms out once again, ‘’we, however, mustn’t allow this new Daegelus to kill Damien and take his place!’’ he called sternly, ‘’Damien is trapped in the Underworld where he will forever remain. I have been contacted by the almighty Ephriel, and she has bestowed a great mission upon myself! I will be selecting the very best of you to join me on this mission, a mission that will ensure that Nirvana gets back to work, and will also make sure Damien remains imprisoned in the Underworld!’’

The crowd burst into hysterical applaud and excitement as the Elder nodded in appreciation.


Tsunami frowned as everyone looked over at the old man, ‘’wait… are you thinking what I’m thinking?’’

‘’It would appear that the Elder Wizard is intending to kill Tulitque Helias, yes’’ he confirmed quietly.

Sherlock frowned, ‘’but I thought he couldn’t die?’’

The old man nodded slowly as he looked around at the confused group, ‘’Wizards possess traces of Ethereal magic, so they will be able to do harm to Tulitque Helias, yes, but they will not be able to kill him. They will, however, be able to send him to the Underworld and weaken him so that Damien can end his life, yes’’

‘’We can’t let that happen!’’ Octavia insisted, ‘’we have to convince them that Elijah’s a good person!’’

Alpha scoffed and looked over at her, ‘’is he really though?’’ he asked, ‘’scar-face is the evilest guy I’ve ever met – he’d kill a dozen babies just to pass the time’’

Merek then frowned, ‘’if these guys worship Ephriel, that means they’re our enemies… right dude?’’ he asked, looking at Opus.

‘’Indeed’’ the old man nodded, ‘’I believe we should make a hasty exit from this Island, yes’’

‘’Not only must we work to defeat and send this Daegelus to the Underworld, we must also fight against his followers!’’ the Elder called as the crowd cheered, ‘’this Daegelus has gathered a large group of supporters – even Death himself supports this false deity! We will raise our army with our best and most powerful and send this abomination back to where it belongs! And once it is dead, it will be us who will be known for saving Alvenguard from eternal darkness!’’

As the crowd burst into another deafening applaud, the group all looked at the old nan and nodded in agreement. But as they stared backing away, making their way out of the crowd, Eurie didn’t follow. The young Wizard remained at his friend’s side, a conflicted look on his face.

The Elder then slowly turned his head and looked directly at Eurie as he spoke, ‘’if we allow this new Daegelus to continue to walk through Alvenguard, more innocent people will die! People who do not deserve death, people who will die in this Daegelus’ place because it cares for nothing and no one but itself!’’ he yelled.

Eurie frowned, staring ahead at the Elder as he spoke.

‘’We have all lost people – some of us here have lost friends, family… because of this creature. You, boy’’ he called, pointing at Eurie who gained an uncomfortable look as everyone turned to look at him, ‘’I sense pain… hatred… a desire for vengeance – for justice!’’ he called as the crowd roared in agreement, ‘’you have lost someone you love because of this monster, haven’t you?’’

Gulping, Eurie looked around for the group, but they were nowhere to be seen. He gulped again and looked ahead at the Elder, ‘’I-I… ‘’

‘’How many more people must be made to suffer?!’’ the Elder yelled, looking over at someone else, ‘’Alvenguard is falling into darkness, and even though we cannot do anything to assist the people, we can find the root cause and annihilate it!’’

‘’Kill the Daegelus!’’ someone yelled from the crowd.

The Elder held out his hands, calming the crowd, ‘’that is the plan, but to do that, we must first locate it, and then force it into the Underworld!’’


Staring at the Elder as he started to preach the same context, Eurie frowned in confliction. Everything the Elder was saying… he wanted to go up against Elijah, he wanted to fight him. Eurie knew too well that no one and nothing could go up against Elijah and win… but this was the Elder Wizard, and Eurie now knew that Wizard magic was harmful to Elijah’s type of deity…

He looked down at the ground, unsure of what to say or do. Part of him wanted to say yes and join this Elder’s movement – Elijah was the reason Luka was dead, he was the reason why everything bad that had happened… happened. Eurie knew it was selfish to blame it all on Elijah, but he couldn’t see it any other way. But then there was the part of him that didn’t want to join the Elder, the part of him that wanted to continue with his current path in assisting Elijah. That’s what Luka would have wanted; Elijah was Luka’s little brother, and there was no one that Luka cared for more than his little brother. If Luka were alive, he’d hate Eurie for even thinking of betraying Elijah.

But what was he supposed to do? Stand around whilst Elijah allowed more people to die? While Elijah did as he pleased, killed as he pleased and moved around like everything should be his way or no way? No. Eurie was tired of following someone as narcissistic and egotistical as Elijah. He didn’t know if anyone else had noticed, but in Eurie’s opinion, Elijah had gained a God complex, and Eurie knew too well what happened to someone who gained such a mindset. If he didn’t do something, Alvenguard would soon fall into darkness anyway, and it would be because of Elijah either way.

Hisashi then purred quietly, ‘’mroww… what will you do, Wizard boy?’’ he asked quietly.

‘’Why’d they leave?’’ Raniel asked, seeing that Eurie’s group had vanished.

Eurie frowned and looked down at the ground, ‘’I… I don’t know’’ he mumbled.

‘’Your people are the bitch emo’s enemies, mrow’’ Hisashi said, ‘’it appears that you have to decide where your loyalties lie, mrow’’

Isabella then prowled to the front of Raniel’s hat and started cleaning her paws, ‘’prow… don’t listen to this ssstupid alley cat’’ she said, ‘’if you want to go with your friends, prow… then go – you don’t have to stay with your people to remain a Wizard, prrrow’’

Eurie’s Katsie scowled at Raniel’s, ‘’mroww… you shouldn’t be encouraging him to abandon his destiny, prrow’’

‘’Destiny?’’ Eurie frowned, looking up at Hisashi.

The Katise nodded, ‘’the Wizards were always meant to help Letholdus and Ephriel, mrrrow… you are one of the strongest here, and you are destined to bring back Ephriel’s reign, mrow’’

‘’Why didn’t you tell me this before?!’’ Eurie growled, ‘’and… isn’t… isn’t Ephriel the bad guy?’’

Isabella scoffed, ‘’ppprow… ‘cause he’s a dumbass – and there are no good guys or bad guys, only the powerful and weak ones. Are you powerful, or weak, Eurie – prow?’’

Just then, Merek grabbed Eurie’s shoulder, ‘’yo kid, c’mon, we almost left you behind’’

Eurie looked back at Merek, a look of confliction still plastered to his face.

His Katsie stood up and leaned forward, looking down at him, ‘’mmmrow… if you leave now, you will be turning your back on your people, mrow – and your father, mrow… you will never know what happened to him’’

Merek frowned, ‘’what’s he saying?’’ he asked sceptically, the fact that the cat was talking obvious to him.

But Eurie didn’t tell him. The Wizard frowned and looked up at the Samurai, ‘’I… I’m… staying here’’ he said, the mention of his father instantly convincing him to stay.

‘’Wait, what?’’ Merek frowned, ‘’kid, stop messing around, we gotta get outta here’’ he said, starting to pull Eurie away, but the Wizard refused and pulled back, confusing Merek.

‘’I said: I’m staying!’’ Eurie repeated.

Hisashi nodded, ‘’here, you will not only accomplish your destiny, but you will find out what happened to your father, mrow’’

Merek gritted his teeth in anger as the crowd burst into another applaud, ‘’I dunno what the hell that cat’s telling you mate, but we gotta get the hell out of here before this stupid cult meeting is over!’’ he insisted, reaching to grab Eurie’s arm again.

‘’No!’’ he denied, backing off, standing beside Raniel, ‘’I belong here! These are my people!’’

‘’Your people are our enemies! They wanna serve Elijah up to Damien on a silver fucking platter!’’

‘’And why should I care?!’’ Eurie yelled as the crowd started to fall quiet, watching the commotion, ‘’what’s he ever done for me?! He’s the reason Luka’s dead, he’s the reason why we always get into trouble, and its his fault that those that we lost died! He doesn’t care about anyone but himself! Maybe Alvenguard would be a better place without him!’’

Completely shocked and confused by Eurie’s outburst, Merek frowned, ‘’what the hell, kid?’’ he asked, ‘’where’d all that come from?’’

Eurie scowled as tears started forming in his eyes, ‘’I’m tired of pretending I’m okay!’’ he cried, ‘’I have no one now – no one!’’

‘’Dude, you got me – ‘’

‘’I don’t need you!’’ he yelled, ‘’what I need is to be around my own people – my real friends!’’

Unsure of what to say as a look of hurt wiped across his face, Merek stepped back, ‘’you don’t mean that’’

‘’I sure as heck do!’’ the Wizard growled, ‘’I’m tired of sitting around watching people die because of Elijah! Its about time he learnt what it feels like to lose the people he cares about!’’

‘’He lost his damn brother!’’

‘’And do you see him trying to do anything to fix that?!’’ Eurie yelled, tears streaming down his face, ‘’he doesn’t care! I don’t understand why you of all people are still loyal to him! He killed Luka!’’

Merek shook his head, ‘’Detlaff killed Luka!’’

‘’Elijah could have saved him!’’

‘’Merek!’’ Sherlock yelled from within the crowd, ‘’hurry up!’’

Staring down at Eurie, Merek shook his head, ‘’what the hell’s gotten into you?’’

Scowling, Eurie wiped his tears away, ‘’I’m finally learning to speak up’’ he said, ‘’I’m done sitting in the shadows following a monster – I’m staying here’’

Merek reached out to grab him again, ‘’Eurie – ‘’

‘’Didn’t you hear him?’’ one of the spectators asked, stepping in front of Eurie, ‘’he’s chosen his path – get lost before there’s trouble’’

Everything had just escalated so quickly and Merek had no idea why. Had the Elder’s speech seriously convinced Eurie? Had Hisashi said something? Raniel? He didn’t know, but what he did know was that he couldn’t leave Eurie on the Island alone with these Wizards. It was clear now that the Wizards were enemies of Elijah, and any enemy of Elijah was an enemy of the group. There was no way Merek was going to let Eurie be corrupted by this nonsense.


But he was out of time –

‘’He’s aligned with the new Daegelus!’’ Raniel suddenly yelled, pointing at Merek, ‘’seize him!’’

‘’Get ‘im!’’

‘’All of ‘em!’’

As the crowd started to pour towards Merek like a tidal wave, the Samurai had no choice but to run, leaving the kid he saw as a little brother behind. He rushed to rejoin the others, the mob of angry Wizards gaining on them as they sprinted back towards the town.

‘’Yo’’ Alpha called as they ran, ‘’can’t we make some Wizard skewers?’’

Leading the way, the old man shook his head, ‘’the only one of us capable of facing a Wizard is myself, but I will not be able to both fight them off and protect you lot, yes – so the best option is to flee’’ he explained.

‘’Why does this feel a little familiar?!’’ Thea called, looking back at the mob.

‘’Yeah’’ Tsunami called, ‘’except it ain’t zombie bugs chasing us this time, it’s a mob of angry Wizards!’’

‘’Just shut up and run!’’ Nightly yelled.

Reaching the town, Merek looked back over his shoulder at the mob of Wizards; he watched as some of them reached into their robes and pulled their wands out, starting to fire at them. He quickly dodged to the left, a blast of blue light missing him by inches – ‘’we can’t leave the kid!’’ he called, skidding along the dusty ground as he followed the group towards the pier.

Sherlock looked back at him, ‘’mate, you heard what he said!’’ he called.

‘’I see the ship!’’ Thea called.

‘’Hurry up!’’ Tsunami yelled.

‘’This is that little brat’s fault anyway!’’ Alpha growled, ‘’we got a mob of angry Eurie’s on our asses because he chose to blab to his friend about scar-face!’’

‘’It ain’t his fault at all!’’ Merek defended, but guilt quickly consumed him. If Eurie hadn’t made a scene, they may have been able to slip away unnoticed… but Eurie hadn’t even tried to stop the chase. Merek frowned sadly, panting as he followed the group towards the ship.


From the distance, Eurie watched as the group hurried aboard Sherlock’s ship, the mob of Wizards still chasing them. Standing atop a roof, he wiped away his tears, heartbreak and anger building up within him. But he felt as though he had done the right thing. Hisashi sat atop his hat, also watching the commotion. Raniel was standing beside Eurie, Isabella sitting atop his hat; the pair watched as Sherlock’s ship abruptly rose up into the air, ascending high into the sky as it creaked and roared loudly, the engines spitting smoke and fire down onto the docks below.

The Wizards fired their magic at the ship, but it had no effect. The magic ricocheted off the ship’s hull and sides, smashing back down into the ground below. The docks were destroyed by the deflected magic along with many houses in the town, but no one was hurt. As Sherlock’s ship turned and disappeared into the clouds above, Eurie frowned sadly, looking down at his feet.

‘’What’s wrong?’’ Raniel asked, looking over at Eurie.

Hisashi then looked over at him, ‘’mrow… Eurie travelled with those people for quite some time… mrow… I believe he may be feeling regret – ‘’

‘’I don’t regret it’’ Eurie said sternly, ‘’I was blinded for too long, and after Luka died, I started seeing things for what they really are – Elijah’s the enemy’’ he stated.

‘’Prow… did he not save your life, prow?’’ Isabella asked, looking down at Eurie from atop Raniel’s hat.

Eurie gained a sour look as he glared down at the ground below, ‘’I don’t care about anything he’s done,  care about what he hasn’t done’’ he growled, ‘’he could have saved Luka, but he didn’t’’

‘’Why?’’ Raniel asked.

Slowly, Eurie stared out at the sea ahead, ‘’because… I think he didn’t save Luka… because Luka was one of the only people that would have been able to stop him’’

‘’Stop him?’’

‘’You heard what the Elder said’’ Eurie frowned, looking over at his friend, ‘’Elijah’s gonna cause this Realm to fall into darkness one way or another. He’s gained some kind of God complex, and the only person capable of talking someone like Elijah down from that was Luka – I think… I think Elijah plans to try and do what Damien tried to do before our ancestors imprisoned him’’

Raniel frowned, ‘’you think this Elijah person wants to take over Ephriel and Letholdus’ reign?’’

Eurie nodded, ‘’and… we have to stop him’’

‘’Right you are, young Wizard’’ the Elder suddenly said, appearing behind them both.

They flinched in shock and spun around, staring up at him as he stared down at them.

‘’We believe that this new Daegelus wishes to slay Damien, take his power and begin a rebellion against Ephriel and Letholdus. We cannot allow that to happen; Letholdus is our God, and Ephriel his equal. We must protect them at all costs, and we must not allow this new Daegelus to roam free. Not only that, but we must also repel the darkness – the Underworld is slowly seeping into this one, and with no Grim Reapers to stop it, we must eliminate the cause ourselves’’

Gulping, Raniel stared up at the Elder nervously, ‘’so… you’re gathering a team to help Damien kill this new Daegelus, right?’’ he asked.

‘’That is what I said, yes’’ he answered, looking down at the boys, ‘’we will weaken this new Daegelus, force him into the Underworld where Damien will kill him, and then we will make sure that Damien remains there forever. Unfortunately, I cannot do this alone’’

Eurie frowned, ‘’what do you mean?’’ he asked, ‘’you said you were gonna assemble a team’’

‘’I am… ‘’ he frowned, looking at Eurie, ‘’I need the strongest of the strongest; you, Eurie Selarom, are of one of our people’s most powerful bloodlines – your family were among those that helped me all those centuries ago to seal Damien, and now, you will follow in their footsteps – I need your help’’

Immediately overwhelmed, Eurie gulped and trembled, ‘’m-me?’’

The Elder nodded, ‘’with your help, I will be able to weaken the new Daegelus and force him into the Underworld’’

But Eurie frowned in confusion, ‘’I… why me though?’’ he asked, ‘’I’m not… well… I’m no where near as powerful as you are’’

Shaking his head, the Elder placed his hand on Eurie’s shoulder, ‘’you are stronger than you think, child. As I said, it was your family that helped me to seal Damien, and it will be you that helps me with this new task. The survival of Alvenguard depends on it – on you… will you help me?’’ he asked in what seemed like desperation.

Eurie felt conflicted. The Elder was asking him to assist in Elijah’s extermination… as much as Eurie hated Elijah, he felt as though his desire for revenge was a little selfish. Without Elijah, what would Kathrina do? She had just had Elijah’s son… what would anyone else do? They all relied on Elijah…

He scowled and shook his head – no. Elijah was a monster, everyone would be better off without him. The world was falling apart, it was plunging into darkness because of Elijah, and he didn’t seem to care about that. It seemed as though Elijah was alright with what was going on. He wasn’t out there trying to find a way to get to and kill Damien to stop the world from becoming another Underworld, he was just sitting at home with Kathrina.

Clenching his fists in anger, Eurie gritted his teeth. This was the right thing to do. Even if Elijah did eventually get up and kill Damien, there was no telling what he’d do with all that power. He’s bad enough as it is with half of Damien’s power… but if he were to get all of it… Eurie frowned and looked up at the Elder, ‘’and… if we let Damien kill Elijah, the world won’t fall into darkness?’’ he asked.

‘’Half?’’ Raniel frowned.

‘’Yes’’ the Elder nodded, ‘’Damien had to give up half of his own Daegelus power for this new Daegelus to be created. Both of them have half the full potential of a Daegelus, and to gain it all, one must kill the other. Anyway, if one Daegelus is killed, the Grim Reapers will follow the victor – they will resume their duties once Damien kills this… Elijah, is his name?’’

Eurie nodded and turned around, staring out at the sea, ‘’yeah… and I know where to find him’’

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