Chapter 10:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Recap: MY wish was that he would kill me, but i knew we wouldn't he loved me and he would do anything to make me love him. Anything besides letting me go.


I wake up still on Jakes floor alone, where was he? I sighed and sat up my leg felt much better, so I decided it was healed, how long was I out for? Anyways, i looked around the door was open, should I try to run out and get away? I shrugged it off i knew he would catch me and make my life even worse so I decided to play nice for a while and actually listen to him. I got up and went down stairs to find him sitting at the table. "Good morning princess." he said with a smile.

"Hi Jake" I said as i sat down. He was drinking coffee and staring at me.

"How is your arm feeling?"

"It's ok i guess, just a little sore."

"That’s good" He said as he took another sip of coffee it was very awkward this morning after last night’s screaming match. He got up from his chair "I'll be right back don't go anywhere"

"As if I had the choice." I Mumbled

"Watch it Hailey." He warned

Jake went upstairs and was back in record time. He sat a small box in front of me then returned to his seat.

"This is for you hope you like it."

 I just stared at it for a few moments then I remember that I was going to listen and be goo d for a while. I reached and undid the purple bow then opened the box. Inside was my grandmother’s necklace that I had worn every day before Jake had taken me. It was a silver heart and ver special to me. 

"where did you find this?" I asked

"It was on your dresser along with this." He pulled something out and set it on the table. It was a picture of me and all my friends: Paige, Kaitlyn, Crysania, and Aundria after a party. All the memories flooded back but the tears didn't come.

"Thank you Jake this means a lot." He got up and walk towards me "Anything for you princess." He said as he kissed my forehead, his lips made me want to cringe and be sick but i just sat there and let him do what he wanted. He reached down and grabbed my hand and pulled me up.

"Come with me." Was all he said.

"Where are we going?"

"Don't worry Hailey." We walked up stairs and stopped outside my room. He kissed me then left to his room. I opened the door and went in. It looked the same all pink and only me.

I took a long shower mostly just to thinking about this new life of mine. Is this all there is to my life? I always believed that everything happened for a reason, what’s the point of this? After my shower I just crawled in bed. Sleep came shortly after then soon dreams. In my dream I was back home my mom and dad were sitting in the living room. I yelled their names but they didn't hear. They started to talk "What should we do this summer now that Hailey isn't here we are free to do whatever we want." my mom said.

"How about we take that trip to Paris we always talked about?" My dad asked. I couldn't believe what i was hearing did they not miss me? Did they even care that i could be in serious danger? I missed them but did they honestly miss me or was this what they always wanted... me gone?

The next few days were laid back. I only saw Jake while we ate He always made sure I did. Hardly ever did we even talk. He spent most of his time in his room and I did the same mostly staring at the wall and thinking. I was getting cabin fever and was getting egger to see the sun light again. I was also getting lonely  I didn't honestly like it when we talked it always put me on edge but, it was better than not talking at all. I felt unwanted like I felt in my dream my parents didn't want me and neither did the guy that claimed to love me. I started to think about school and how I hated it and thought the only good point was going to see my friends and nick and try to hide my crush from him but, now I miss it and wished I was there. I looked around my room but there was nothing in the desk drawers any more not even a pencil he took everything. What am i supposed to do now?  Was this his way of punishing me making me bored to death well it was working?  I finally gave up and went to his room and knocked on the door.

"Jake are you in there can we talk?" I yelled

"Come in!" he yelled back. I opened the door and walked in "Out here" he yelled i walked around the bed and saw that he was out on a balcony that i hadn't noticed before.

"Hey girlie." he said as I walked out.

"Hey." I said as I took a seat at the small table next to him.

"What’s wrong someone finally get bored?" He said in a childish way that made me realize what he wanted, me to give up and talk to him.

"Yea kind of." I breathed out and just looked at Jake "Can i ask you something?"

"You just did but go ahead." 

"How did you find this place i mean did you buy it just for yourself?"

"Well I built it for my family and I."

"You have a family?" I asked surprised and confused because i am 100% that we are the only two here.

"I had a family" Jake said.


Hey y'all sorry for the long wait please don't hate me? But good news I am on summer break so you can be expecting more updates and sometimes faster. please don't forget to comment I don't bite I promise :) and fan I love hearing from you and you get updates every time I write a new chapter :) thanks for all your support almost at 1,000 reads ahhhhh soo happy lol!!!! Love y'all you are the reason I write :D






Submitted: June 11, 2012

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lamount barlow

A cliff hanger!!!!!!!!! Well kmu love it....

Mon, June 11th, 2012 5:45pm


Lol no problem :)

Mon, June 11th, 2012 11:31am


woah, aha he should get her a puppy!!!! she could use it against him in the end lol oh the irony, anyways this i ss great so KMU

Mon, June 11th, 2012 6:33pm


Thanks lol a puppy maybe soo it could bite him? Poor jake lol

Mon, June 11th, 2012 11:34am


Oooooohhh that's mean missy :p KMU! X

Mon, June 11th, 2012 9:35pm


Lol sure :)

Mon, June 11th, 2012 4:01pm


I'm glad you're on break! Looking forward to more updates!!

Tue, June 12th, 2012 1:17am


Lol thanks writing ch11 should b up in the next few days :)

Mon, June 11th, 2012 6:22pm

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