Greek Charming: Chapter 1

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Rebecca McHenry learn she has powers because she's Artemis's, the goddess of hunting/moon, granddaughter. She's stirring emotions of many kinds; friendship, self-worth, trust, and love.All because of Zachery Goodie, the only other student who doesn't live in the dorms. But his her whole life a joke.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Greek Charming: Chapter 1

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Submitted: April 22, 2012



Chapter 1

I’m at a new school. Again. The third one in two years. But this one is different. They’re just like me. Now, when I mean there just like me, I mean they are literally just like me. I don’t have to hide my powers in this school.

Now, when I say powers I’m not joking. I’m related to Artemis. She’s my grandmother. Now I have never met her because she’s, well, busy, but she really is my grandmother. Now, I have continued to live in the regular mortal, we all do, but it’s been hard. See, most people are really far away from the god or goddess in their family. Like tens of generations away. I however am her granddaughter so I’m only two generations away. That means, I’m well, really powerful. And I learned about this a lot later than most.

Most people know from as soon as they can walk because their parents are powerful part gods too. But me, I get it from my mom’s side and she isn’t around anymore. See, my dad didn’t believe her when she told him. She got really mad because she moved away from Greece, the place where most part gods live, because she loved him and yet he doesn’t even believe her. Now, she was going to take me with her but my dad threatened to take full custody of me is she did.

Now my mom’s never done anything wrong exactly, but she has some spots on her record that say otherwise. When she was a kid trying to get her powers under control (I mean, hello, she’s Artemis’s daughter! Of course it’s going be hard to control them!) she made some mistakes that well made her look really bad. So, she was never going to win full custody without bringing out the whole, I’m-part-god-what-was-I-suppose-to-do thing out. So, she went away.

My dad told me she left for no good reason and that she wasn’t a good person. He tried to make her sound horribly every time I asked but now, I know the truth and, well, to be honest, I really hate him for not telling me the truth.

It was during my freshman year of high school when things were really bad. My powers popped up all the time, spontaneous fires and people “accidentally” tripping all the time. It wasn’t until I got a very strange e-mail that anything happened.



Subject: Grandmothers

Dear Rebecca,

Oh darling you don’t know how much I miss. I wish there was more I could do but your father simply did not believe, even with the proof. It broke my heart to leave but the gods and their rules. There are many things that I need to tell you honey and I wish I could in person. If you believe me we can be together again.

The Greek gods you learned about in school, you favorite part of English year, well they are real. They are no longer worshiped anymore but yet since they’re immortal they still exist. Here in Greece is the safest place for you and me. Your grandmother, my mom, is Artemis, the goddess of the hunt and the moon. This would explain many things you wonder about. Like why the impossible things happen whenever you think them, perhaps a good example is yesterday when that cheerleader, Terry, “tripped”. It would also explain why you’re so good at hockey.

I know that doesn’t make since because she goddess of the hunt but it takes a lot of endurance for that hunt that she partakes in. Most of her children and ancestors are good at sports. Some are good at archery and hunting but that is not the main thing we excel in. I am particularly good at football and soccer. You excel at hockey and skating I do believe you like those best too.

I know this is hard to digest but please keep in mind that your father doesn’t believe me so he may or may not be a good person to confide in.

Forever trying my best,


That e-mail was what changed my life. I took her advice and didn’t talk to dad about it and tried to see the proof myself. The only thing I wanted was to send an e-mail back. But the e-mail was blocked so I couldn’t.

After I got kicked out of Littleton high after the first semester I didn’t want anything more to e-mail my mom. Of course I had good grades it was just the un-explainable fire and “accidently” pushing a cheer leader into a wall so hard she got a bruise down her entire back that got me expelled. But after that I got another e-mail so I was happy.



Subject: Your wish

Dear Rebecca,

I see your doing your best to heed what I said. I am very proud of you for that. I know you want to e-mail me back and I’m working my very best to get you that. I cannot reveal my e-mail to you or there will be no need to have it. The gods are very temperamental about their rules as I said before.

I want to get to know you and I want you to know me. So, since you can’t e-mail back yet I will fill you in on what’s happening in Greece with me. I live in the midst of Greece nothing special, but kavovikn, or normal, people are blocked out. Most here call them normalis the Latin word instead of kavovikin the Greek word. I suppose it has a better ring to it though I prefer to use the Greek word when writing since it is formally correct. To them it is a small island in the midst of a lake. To us we know better. We do take a “boat” to get to the mainland though. It isn’t technically a boat but the gods make it look like one since kavovikin believe there is a lake there (also the gods doing). I hope to be able to show you this soon.

Hugs and Kisses,


That’s a lot of information to sink in, even though its only one paragraph. I was sort of glad I had time to think about it before responding. Anyway, after managing to get kicked out of three schools in two years mom thought it was best for me to go there. Dad didn’t agree but I told him he had no choice if he wanted me to ever forgive him for not telling the truth. That got him so shut up. So, here I am standing in front of my mom’s house ready to begin a new school tomorrow and a new life with my mom in a few seconds.

Chapter 2

So, my mom is married to this really nice guy who has a daughter, Veronica. Every calls her V, which to me is a horrible nick-name. I have a really nice view in my room and I’m glad to not have to board like most students. Damon, mom’s husband, told me the only two people who don’t live in the dorms are Zach Goodie and my new half-sister Veronica.

“Okay,” I say trying not to sound too bored with the stuff he’s saying.

“Well, you can walk with V to school. Right, V?”

“Sure,” she may be able to bring fake tears (something I learned last night) but she is not good at covering up sarcasm in her voice.

“If you just point me in the direction I will be fine.” I say trying to fill the awkward silence.

“Okay,” Damon says and walks outside. I grab my almost empty back pack and follow. He point to a big, old building to the right and a path that leads to it. “That house,” he says gesturing to a small house on the way, “is the Goodie’s”

Not thinking about what that mean I say thanks and take off at full run toward the school. I’m two steps away from the house’s door when a tall, broad shoulder, gorgeous boy runs out the door. Unfortunately for me he isn’t going very fast and I’m going have to pass him. This wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t mesmerized by the sight of him. I’m about two steps away from crashing into him when he picks up speed giving me enough space to remember I need to pass him. I slow a little to give myself enough space to speed up and pass him. I run faster and blow past him, leaving him in my dust. I can almost hear his jaw hit the ground in shock. Before I know it I’m at the school and I slow down. I decrease my speed and start a cool down considering I ran around two miles to get here. I have hardly started when the guy joins me in my pacing circle.

“You didn’t slow down at a decreasing speed.” I say

His face slides into a cocky grin as he says, “I, well, I wanted to give you some advice and I wasn’t sure if you were going to do a cool down at first.”

“What advice would that be?” I snap.

“That unless you want to be a sweaty mess before school, you shouldn’t run that fast here.”

“Well, as you can see I’m not a sweaty mess and it isn’t that fast.”

“Your right, but I didn’t know you were a runner or if you were just running to school.”

“Okay, well thanks I guess.” I say as I turn and head into the school.

Chapter 3

I made it through the first half of the day while managing to survive the four morning classes and make a new friend, Cammie. Cammie Trovotis let me sit with her through lunch she also magically zaps my schedule to fit her own (the ones after lunch of course). She introduced me to Blake Latoyis. He’s a more next door neighbor type rather than edgy like Cammie. A few other kids sit at the table but don’t seem to really sit there for Cammie and Blake’s company so I don’t introduce myself to them.

Cammie sighs and looks across the lunch room trying to show me how social groups work in this school.

“Their based on who your god is, mostly.” She point to a table of normal looking kids and says, “Those are the Apollo’s domain. Stuck up and very bad rhymers.”

“Isn’t Apollo the god of poetry?”

“Yes, but that doesn’t mean he’s good at making poetry up of the top of his head.”


“That,” she points a finger in the direction of some edgy kids with fierce looking gray and blue eyes and says, “is the Zeus and Hera era. A lame joke I know but it stuck on everyone here.” Veronica, I’m sorry, V is over there and I remember saying her god was a girl. Hera I’m guessing now.

“Looks like Zach’s back with Macey.” Blake says pointing at a spot across the room. I turn my head and push back to see. Sure enough there is a guy with his face stuck to some girl with black hair. I lean back where its normal sitting.

“There PDA is quite charming isn’t it.” Cammie says though it’s awfully sad and quite this time.

“I’m sorry but it just came out,” Blake says.

“No it’s cool. She should know and you shouldn’t have to not say his name or anything. That would be mean” I look back and see his hand smoothing over her butt I’m about turn around and say something when he gives it a good squeeze. Now, I think I’m going barf. For that and because he’s the guy from this morning. The one who was giving me “advice”. Wait, what did Damon say, Goodie’s house. Zach Goodie the only other person who doesn’t live in the dorms. Gag me.

Chapter 4

After not uttering another word the rest of lunch I walk with Cammie to the next class. I’m not about to ask about Zach she obviously doesn’t like him for some reason instead I just ask about Macey.

“What god or goddess is Macey related to?” All right, all right I said her name in a disgusted tone, but who wouldn’t.

“Aphrodite,” she says either ignoring my emphasis on Macey’s name or loving that I did it. I couldn’t tell. “The Jocks of this school are the Ares group. In the Ares group will have people from the god himself, Artemis, and, for the first few weeks of school before Macey and Zach break up, Aphrodite.”

“So, when they break up, it leaves only Ares and Artemis?”

“Well, theoretically, yes.”

“Why theoretically?”

“Because there is only one Artemis student.”

“He or she doesn’t count?”

She sat at our table.”

“Is she like related to me then?”

“Um, if your related to yourself then yes.”

“Wait, I’m the only Artemis?”

“Yes, and you sat with us.”

“So now can I never sit there?”

“Not without much mockery.” Wow. I mean W-O-W.

I somehow got through the day and headed outside to find where track tryouts were meeting. Now, I more of a hockey kind of girl; street, field, or ice. But right now, none of those are in season. Field hockey is in the spring, Ice in the winter, and street is just for fun. So, I do track to keep up with running.

Were gathered outside in sun, while the coach babbles about the different parts of track; long distance, sprinting, and so on. I prefer sprinting. It’s good for field hockey because you don’t always run in that sport. It’s more stop and go, so sprinting is good for that. However, most people tell me I’m a really good long distance runner. Which I am, even better than sprinting but sprinting is better for my sport. So, I sprint, end of story.

“Long distance to the soccer field,” The coach says, “Sprinting to the bleachers.” I take my time getting up since Zach and Macey are a few feet behind me making out. I see Macey walk in front of me and start to climb the bleachers. Great, well I guess I’ll just do long distance. Of course Zach has to be a long distance runner. I follow him to the field. Not stalker-y just casually so it looks like I’m just going to the field. Zach turns around abruptly and says something. I have no idea what he said so I ignore it and start to walk around him.

He screams again however this time I’m listening. “What are you doing here normalis?”

Now it wasn’t the first time someone called me that today so I figured out that normalis isn’t so bad its kavovikn you need to worry about. It’s only polite to call someone that in writing. Normalis is a nice, polite, and correct way to say it. So, I don’t get mad at him for calling that, just for the question he asked.

“Same thing as you,” putting extra disgust on the word so much that his face turns red. I don’t stop to watch my handiwork, but I totally should have. I turn and keep walking; kicking into a jog I head to where Coach Jerry is talking to the long distance runners. We do a basic warm up and then head to the starting line to race.

Coach Jerry blows a whistle and we’re off. I know better than to speed the beginning unlike a few people. They’ll be dead by the end. I keep a good pace concentrating on breathing slowly in mark with my steps.

“You shouldn’t even try. Only Ares kid will make this and there are more than enough of us trying out.” I ignore him and keep running. “Silent treatment, how cute, but seriously you never going to keep up normalis.”

“I’m keeping up with you,” putting disgust on the word again. I was fairly sure his ears were about to blow steam when all of a sudden he points at my feet and I go tumbling onto the ground. The kids turn a corner and disappear. Ugh. I try to get up my thigh is burning. I look and see I have a burn all the way across my thigh from the fall. Great. Also, my shoes are a mess. The soles are falling off and the whole shoe is steaming on one.

I walk back to the starting line and put my steaming shoes on the grass next to me as I sit. Eventually Coach Jerry runs around the corner and comes rushing to me.

He looks back and forth between me and my shoes. Zach comes around the corner minutes before everyone. I’m glaring at him as he gets a drink. Coach Jerry looks between me and him a few times.

“Did someone zap your shoes?” Coach Jerry asks.

“Why would you think that?” I say as Zach congratulates a few people coming over the finish line.

“GOODIE!” He shouts but it sounds like a loud grumble. Zach’s ears turn bright red as he stares at Coach Jerry.

“He didn’t do anything,” I somehow grumbled that out. “It’s fine, really. I’m apparently can’t make the team anyway since I’m not related to Ares.” Coach storms away but Zach was almost here already from when he was called.

“You’re gonna pay for doing that to my thigh.”

He looks at me innocently and says, “I didn’t do anything to your thigh.”

“Whatever you did to my shoes made me fall, so technically you did. Now, fix my shoes!”

He snaps his fingers and my shoes float into his hand. He studies them for a moment than they glow and are back to normal. He hands them to me and I try to get up. It kills but I stand learning more on my left leg. He walks away obviously please I didn’t rat on him.

Chapter 5

I made the team kind of. I have to win third or above the net two races since I didn’t finish the course the first time. Zach was the most shocked when they called my name. He doesn’t know about the having to win but it’s just as good. Macey is behind him as he walks up to me.

“How did you get on the team normalis?” He says.

I lean forward and to the right so I can see Macey and say, “He can’t fight his own fight without you, how un-sweet.” Then I lean back to my right spot and see anger rising to his ears and I say, “How did you.”

“Because I was first and I’m part of the Ares group.”

“Yeah” He growls.

I lean in close to his ear getting on my tippy-toes and whisper, “Do you know who my mom is?”


“Well, she’s the daughter of Artemis.” I say so quite it couldn’t have gotten any more if I wanted to. I turn and walk away, winking in Macey’s direction.

When I get home I check my e-mail even though I’m not allowed to email home I check anyway. I set up my account earlier so anyone can find out what it is. Surprisingly I have three e-mails.



Subject: Track


Come by my office after school for your new training schedule. I’ll see you at track tomorrow. And don’t worry about the meets!

-Coach Jerry

I send him one back saying I’ll be there as soon as I can and that I’m ready to work.



Subject: Heart Break


You’ve made a bad choice in who you like but I’ll help. Don’t worry.


My Reply:



Subject Heart Break


Who is it you’re talking about? I don’t understand

-Confused Rebecca

The last one I’m not going to open.



Subject: No Subject

I’m not going to open it.



Alright I’m opening it!



Subject: No Subject

Making the Team was easy.

Even without running

I know you conditions for staying on.


Ugh. Delete!

New message!



Subject: No Subject

You can’t delete me in real life.


UGH! I’m going to bed. Wait.



Subject: I know a way

“Oh Coach Lenny, Zach zapped my shoes. It was wrong to cover for him but I just didn’t want him to be mad at me and do it again.”



No new messages.



Subject: A way for me to forget

Help me train one day.




Subject: Let’s make a deal

I want you off this Island. You want off this island. Dad and your mom think you should stay another year. Do this and you won’t be forced to stay.

Break up Zach and Macey.

I want him for myself and things are getting serious with them and I don’t think their splitting up on their own. Plus, Macey’s my friend so, steal him, break him, and I’ll pick up the pieces.




Subject: Done

What did you get in lit last year?



Subject: I’ll tutor



Chapter 6

I’m dreading the next day so I take off early not wanting to see Zach. After I run to school and do my cool down I head into Coach Jerry’s office. Somehow I’m not surprised to see him here a half hour early. What I am surprised to see is Zach sitting in the chair too. I’m so shocked it takes me a minute to get my bearings and turn away. Zach, however, is already leaving so I turn around and look like I’m about to walk in. Zach brushes past me as I slip into the office.

“Mind if we do it early?” I say plopping onto a seat.

“No.” A one word response, great he’s mad.

After dealing with my schedule I still have twenty minutes to spare. I walk out into the courtyard and walk around to sit on the bench. As I turn the corner I stand completely still. Zach is lying on the bench. Sprawled on top of him is Macey. Their faces are stuck together and her eyes are closed, his however are wide open searching around the courtyard. He’s about one second away from looking where I’m standing when I back around the corner.

I faintly hear Zach say, “Look Macey, I really don’t do this anymore.”

“Getting too old to have fun?” She teases.

“Look I want to go shower before school we can do this another time.”

“Sure.” She sounds sad. I walk over and sit on another bench where they can’t see me. I’m hidden in shadows when Macey turns a corner and says, “I’m going back to my room before school.” She flips her hair and bats her eyelashes.

Zach walks slowly toward me. He’s walking backwards. Scanning the door to make sure she doesn’t come back. If he takes two more steps and sits down I’ll be in trouble. He turns on his heel ninety degrees –still not facing me– and sits down.

“Do you spy on everyone?” His question shocks me. I mean I was fairly sure he was going to say something but that I didn’t expect.

“I didn’t know you were there. I just left early and didn’t want to wait in school in this nice day.” I try to sound like I’m talking in a bubble. Like the words are just floating out of me.

“You can ask me.”

“Ask you what?”

“Why my eyes were open.”

“I don’t want to know.”

“Yes you do.”

“I don’t care why they were open either.”


“I don’t.”

“Okay. . . Is Sunday good for you?”




“Okay” We sat in silence until the first group of people walked into the courtyard. I got up and left. The end of the day couldn’t come fast enough before I knew it I was going to sleep.

Saturday went by in a blur. I did my training for the day and lots of homework and fairly soon that day would be over too. I just quickly check my e-mails before bed. There was two.



Subject: Hot Date


It has to do with your DATE tomorrow. I’ll be over at ten to prepare.




Subject: Training



Be ready for pain.


Chapter 7

I’m not 100% proud of what comes next. I’m sitting in my room in sweats and a tee-shirt when Cammie walks in.

“You are not wearing that.” She pushes through my drawers and pulls a pair of tiny, pink shorts. “These are perfect.” She tosses them at me and sifts through shirts. “Here,” she hands me a white, razor back camisole and a pink bra.

I got to the bathroom and pull on the shorts. I slip of the tee-shirt and slip the bra on, taking off me flattening one. Lastly I slip the camisole and tee-shirt back on.

“You’re not supposed to wear the tee-shirt too.”

“I’ll take it off on my way there.”

“You better.”

“I was about to slip through the field entrance when I remember the shirt I slip it off and put on a zip-up sweat-shirt. I walk to the middle of the field after ditching me bag on the bleachers. I start stretching. Zach joins me a few minutes later coming from the other entrance. He’s wearing the usually sweat-shirt and running shorts.

“Are you ready to feel pain?” he ask slipping of his sweatshirt.

“I can take anything you give, Goodie.” I can tell I knocked him off his game with the last name thing. Oh, well, he’ll survive. I’m supposed to be playing helpless but I can’t do it when he gave me that sneaky grin again. I sigh and turn away from him and walk to the bleachers where my bag is. I slip off my sweat-shirt and jog back to where he is standing. He wasn’t looking at me because he was playing with his watch.

He looks up when I come to a stop. He looks me down and up stopping at my interesting top choice and staring. I’m fairly sure he drool a little leaving a puddle where his jaw was hitting the ground.

“Are you ready?” I ask after like 5 minutes of him staring.

“Hmph” He says. And I thought I couldn’t speak when I met him. Something jarred him to reality and he looked up and said, “Yes”

“Let’s go then.”

“Right” We walked up to the woods path and he said, “Ready . . . set. . .” I ran out, not waiting for the go. “You cheated.” He said when he caught up.

“Just evening the score.” I can tell he didn’t like me mentioning the shoes. I, however, loved it.

“Yeah, well” He started but didn’t get to finish because next thing I know I’m falling face first again.

“Umph,” I mutter as he jogs back to me.

“Are you all right?” He says and I can tell he’s worried I’m gonna play him for this.

“I’m fine my thigh just started burning again.”


“Yeah, from when you zapped my shoes.” I turn my body toward my thigh so I don’t have to move my thigh and pull back the shorts. Sure enough the red line from my first fall is there but now there’s a new one above it.

“It’s weird that the top part is the one bleeding. The bottom one looks worse.”

“Well, the bottom one was from when I fell when you. . . but the top one is from now.”

“I did that?” he said pointing at my thigh.


“Oh” we stayed silent for a little while before he said, “Can you walk?”

“Um. . .” I tried to get to my feet and fell forward.

“Here,” he gave me his arm and I started to limp forward. “Hold on,” He bent down and picked me up cradling me in his arms.

“You don’t have –”

“Yes, I do!”

“Sorry” I say a lot quitter. He walked in silence until we were half way across the field.

“It comes from Ares.”

“What –”

Having to help people in need. When Ares is on your mother side you get this trait that forces you to help people in need. I can’t control it.”

“Isn’t Ares the god of war?”

“The god of war is the god of both sides, even the losing side.”

“Oh” He set me down on the bleachers next to my bag.

“Does it hurt.”


He sits down in front of me. “I’m walking you home.” He turns around. I must have a weird look on my face because he adds, “Just to make sure it’s okay.”

I slip my sweatshirt back on and drink some water.

I point to the water fountain, “Go.”

“What is my company not good enough,” he snaps. I wait a while before answering. He’s not looking at me anymore. He’s focused on something in the field.

“I just thought you might be thirsty.” I say quietly. We sat in silence for a while. Finally he got up and ran to the fountain looking back a hundred times. He took a short sip looked back and then took another. Running back here he didn’t look away from me once though I do have to say, he wasn’t always looking at my eyes or face. When he got back he helped me off the bleachers and put his arm around me. I hobbled up the path slowly.

When we got to the back door he didn’t let go I started to reach for the handle but it wasn’t in reach.

“Thanks,” I manage. He doesn’t respond. He’s looking off in the distance, slowly moving his head closer and closer to mine.

“Welcome,” He’s voice was quite against my skin. He’s still learning closer and closer but I can’t move. Closer and closer, his eyes look like there a thunderstorm, flashing lightning blue with electricity almost. The only thing I can think is Macey. Macey. Macey. Macey. No matter how much I think it he’s still moving closer.

And closer.

And closer

“A-hem!” A voice says. Zach jerks his arm and steps away. I stumble forward and somehow manage to balance myself but when I look back he’s gone.

Chapter 8

It’s Wednesday, the two days before the meet. I’m so happy for practice today; I don’t think I’ve ever been madder. Zach hasn’t talked to me or looked at me since Sunday. I’m not sure I blame him but still, rude! I don’t get this. In what world do boys one, be a jerk two, be all nice three, try to kiss you four, ignore you? I’m not the only one who thinks that’s weird, right? I mean I know he has a girlfriend but there in some fight. Not one of the Aphrodite’s mixed with the Ares all week. I mean I know they’re still together but they’re not talking! For three days now! That can’t be good, can it?

“Today we will be training in pre-assigned pairs.” Coach Jerry says. He starts reading off names. “Zach Goodie with Zoe Merci, and lastly Rebecca McHenry and Macey Morgan”

Not talking me and Macey make it half a set in when the bar glows. All of a sudden the bar is on the floor.

“REBECCA!” Macey shouts. “If you need help, ask for it. And if I can tell you need help, let me give it. You could have seriously hurt yourself!” I’m stunned I have no idea what to do. Everyone is looking at me except for Zach who’s staring at Macey.

“MCHENRY!” shouts Coach Jerry, “You need to accept help from your teammates if you need it. In my office now.” I’m still shocked I don’t know what to do. “NOW!” He shouts again when I don’t move.

“She didn’t need help. Macey made the bar fall.” I’m fairly sure I was the most shocked to hear Zach speak.

“All right, then. Back to work.” He’s almost through his office door when he says, “And Goodie switch with Morgan.”

Macey is glaring at me when she walks over to her new partner at the bench press. I’m frozen in place staring at Zach who is staring at the floor. Eventually I walk over and start working. Zach spots me but neither of us utters another word the rest of practice.

We don’t have school Friday but yet here I am, pulling myself out of bed at 5:45. Just enough time to get ready and slip out the door. We’re meeting at the track today to do a short run, only one mile and lots of extra stretching. After we finish and hour of stretching I run the mile. Piece of cake. Then we do a half of hour of cool down. I’m ready to go home and shower.

Before I leave coach Jerry says, “I got your times. You cleaned off two minutes last practice.” And then he walks out the door.

“YES!” I scream thinking nobodies there. I mean it was 7:45 on a Thursday, when we don’t have school.

“Did I miss something?” Zach walks in, cryptic as ever standing in the shadows. I see a figure move to lean against a wall and I run to it.

Wrapping my arms around him I say, “I took TWO minutes off my time!”

He slips his arms around my waist and says, “Congrats,” in my ear. Suddenly I realize something. I’m hugging the guy who was one a jerk to me, two a somewhat-less jerk-y person, three almost-kiss-me-on-back-porch person, four run-away-after-not-kissing-me person, and five avoid-me-after-not-kissing-me person. I jerk back like I got a shock and step out of the shadows.

‘Can I walk you home?” He asks, like it’s no big deal.

“Um . . . sure.” I can’t help but sound skeptical. We walk in silence for the first part.

Eventually he says, “Good job, on the new time.”

“Thanks.” I say.

“It’s a great day, today.”


“Are you nervous?”

“No.” We walk in more silent but something seems to hang in the air. I’m dying to know why he’s here but I’m sticking out the small talk with word answers.

After a while he says, “I just came from Macey’s dorm.”

“Okay.” I answer sticking to my word responses.

“She’s not in a good mood.”

“She never is when it comes to me.” So I answer with more than word but I want to hear what he has to say about that.

“I’m sorry for how she treats you.”

“You don’t have to apologize.”

“Okay.” More silence. “I . . . broke… um . . .” I’ve never heard him not know what to say before.

“I broke up with her.” He finally blurts and I realize something, he knew what he wanted to say he just couldn’t say it.

After a long time I say, “Okay.” Wow that was the worst answer I could have given. Now, were walking in even more uncomfortable silence. We finally reach the door. I reach out to turn the handle when he touches the back of my arm I freeze. He half pivots me and half pivots himself so we’re face to face. His blue eyes are racing almost as much as my heart.

He starts to speak but is cut off by a voice saying, “I guess I win.” I turn to see Macey and Veronica behind the glass door. How they opened the wooden one without me hearing I have no idea.

“I guess you do,” says Macey.

“Win what?” I say sincerely confused.

“Macey –” Zach starts but Veronica cuts him off.

“We play this game to all the new comers in your grade.” She says. “If he,” she gestures to Zach, “wins the affection of a new girl I win, if he doesn’t she wins.” She gestures toward Macey. “If the new comer is a guy than Macey and Zach switch, If she,” she gestures toward Macey, “wins the affection of the guy I win if she doesn’t he wins.” She finishes by pointing to Zach.

“It –it –It was a game?” so quite it makes me sound heartbroken. “I was only a game?” Zach glares at Macey and Veronica before turning to me.

“I –”

“I don’t want to hear it.” As say as I’m pushing through Veronica and Macey. I run straight to my room and slam the door. Down the hall I hear laughter and Veronica saying goodbye to Macey for the day.

I try to focus on homework, the ceiling, anything but the computer and the urge to run. It’s hard. My eyes are blurry and haven’t been clear since this morning before I left. I paced my room for four hours straight earlier. Mom knocked once but I just burst into tears. Unfortunately I have to go practice the meet is tomorrow and I have no emergency to skip it. Fortunately since both burns on my thighs were cause because of someone zapping something, Damon could reverse them.

I show up just in time for Coach to start talking. He saying something perfectly nice about 2 mile run for long distance or something when I notice Macey and her group are as far away from the Ares kids as possible. I glance over at Zach where he is sitting near the back of his group. He looks up and turns his eyes on me like he knows I was looking. I turn back toward coach and blink my eyes a lot.

The long distance runs are supposed to walk to the tunnel. I get up and see Zach scramble to get up and push through the crowd. I however keep walking.

“Wait!” he shouts from his spot behind. But, I don’t wait. I kick into a run, blinking as fast as humanly possible. “Wait!” he calls again. Still ignoring him I step into the tunnel. Coach Jerry is reading off names and I take a spot near the front to listen. We are allowed to do any of the two mile courses before doing a long list of stretches and various activities on printed out sheets. He passes some to a few certain people, including me, he however doesn’t include Zach.

No, there are plenty of other people who could be your partner. Suddenly the only people left are him and me. No, so not fair!

“Rebecca,” when he says, I stop walking. I feel like I’ve been electrocuted. My body shakes and jerks. Ever place he’s ever been associated with sparks. My arm from when he touched me, my top from when he stared (well multiple times!), my legs from when he carried me, my waist from where he hugged me, and so on. They all tingled. I hate how he has so much power over me, even though I know it was a lie.

I try to say no but the words don’t come out. I’m completely frozen. I can’t move at all, not even to blink away the tears forming in my eyes.

“I didn’t want you to get hurt.” He says comfortably not coming closer. I can’t respond. I know I should and I need to but I can’t. Like I said before, I’m frozen. I should say some says come-back or something, but I can’t. I can’t do anything. It’s like he has a freezing touch. But his hand is warm. The warmth is spreading through me. I can’t let myself thaw. MOVE! I scream to myself. Move. Move. Mo–

“Tusk, knock it off. This is important.” He says. I suddenly un-freeze. All I can think is Tusk, where have I heard that? TUSK the kid from the Ares table. Magic. His arm is still on me. I rip away. I head to the normal course and get ready. Most went off in other directions because we can do any of them. In fact, there’s not one team doing this course. Zach is not my team. He is a team-mate though.

I take off as soon as Zach reaches me. I can hear him stumble to follow me. Eventually I feel him ease into step beside me.

“Please Rebecca,” he says, his voice full of sorrow. I want to stop and freeze and tingle at my name, but I manage to stay running. “Please talk to me.”

“Look I’m not, not talking to you. I just have nothing to say because I know you’re only going lie.” I say truly meaning it. Before Zach can say anything the coach calls out.

“Get going Morgan!” shouts Coach Jerry. Zach turns around when he says Morgan and stares at Macey. Nice I think, and this is why I’m not talking to you. I push harder while’s distracted and pull a few passes in front of him.

“Look, will you please listen to me, before I accidentally zap you and you get hurt again.” He says, catching back up. I still don’t answer, but I most look confused because he adds, “Even after all my training of my powers, they still can get overrun by emotions. To everyone here, it can happen. We can’t always control them when were torn with are emotions. And if you wondering why my torn emotions caused me to zap your shoes it was because I hated that you were getting under my skin, usually I can forget everything that someone tells me before a race or game, even the time this girl broke up with me right before my tournament I could forget. With you however I couldn’t. I was also thinking that I should be a jerk to you because everyone was calling you a kavovikin or normalis. And Macey hated you for some reason. And . . . I . . . was really . . . um, attracted . . . to, um . . . you.” The last word came out like a whisper, but I didn’t stop running. I can’t let myself thaw. He’s just lying again. Making excuses for the un-excusable stuff he did. No. Don’t let yourself fall, again.

“The game it was the first time we ever played it. Macey came up with it, Veronica she just said she had something on you that she could you to . . . influence you.” He said. “ I did it, well, I told myself I did it because it would be funny and a really good prank, I mean Ares is known for pranking. But it was an excuse just like you think all the stuff I’m saying is. It was an excuse so I wouldn’t have to tell Macey how I felt about you but I could still spend time with you.” Bologna. “Fine if your serious about this whole not talking to me thing, then I have a question. Why is my game so much worse than your deal with V?”

Did he really just say that? I can’t believe he said that. Yeah and he wants me to believe him. That’s NEVER going to happen now.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t want to say that.”

“Well you did.” I’m not sure why he was so shocked I said something. I mean a minute ago he thought I was going to talk, so why is it so shocking now?

“It just came out; please I really didn’t want to say that.” But I was already done talking about it. He said it and nothing was going to change that.

Chapter 9

We did the rest of the running in silence. When it was time to start the worksheet is the next time he spoke.

“Come with me.” He said. I had been going to the field but he started walking towards the woods so I followed. He led me through part of the woods until no one could see us before slipping onto a path. The path led to a tiny field surrounded by woods. It would have been nice if I wasn’t so mad at him.

“What can I do, so you don’t think I’m lying?” He asks, but I’m not answering. I’m not talking. I’m staying full on my promise. I’m not going to let him have the courtesy to say I lied too.

“Look, I understand you’re mad, but can’t you at least talk to me out here? No one can hear you and you can deny it to people because they don’t know we’re here.” Still I give him no answer. I can’t let myself thaw.

We do the first exercise in silence before he says, “I’ll take this.” I this means silence, then he’s going to have to take it because it’s all I’m giving. “You may not see it as anything, but I won’t to be will you so badly I don’t care if you’re mad and not talking to me. I just want to be with you.” The last to words had different emphasis then the rest but I couldn’t tell if he meant them differently or not. “When I say with, I’m mean I want to be dating you. And when I said you, I just wanted to make sure you knew it meant only you.”

I stop what I’m doing and start shaking my head back and forth while pacing the five feet on all sides of me. I can’t break down. We’re almost done! I almost made it. No, YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE IT. He’s not going to win. You can–

“What’s wrong?” He asks. Don’t answer. Don’t answer. Don’t –

“Did you mean that?” I ask.

“Of course, now what’s wrong? Did you pull something?”

“No,” I say really, really quite. My mind was flying thinking of all the possibilities. He could really like me. He could be trying to get me to forgive him. He could be making excuses for playing the game.

He looks really confused. He could still be playing the game. A huge smile slides across his face. He steps closer closing the space between us in two steps. He’s doing that whole long legs thing that helps him run. But I’m not thinking about that. I can’t think about that. His hand is playing with the ends of my hair and its send shocks down my spine. I want to turn away do anything but what I’m doing, which by the way was a whole lot of nothing.

His head is inching closer and closer. The room between us is almost non-existent. His eyes are so blue and electric it’s hard not to feel the electricity. You would think he was the descendant of Zeus with all the electricity sparking between us. I wonder if this is how Macey feel when she kisses him. Mace kissing Zach, gag me.

That somehow jars me back to reality and I step away. Zach smile fades and his eyes almost turn black. I’m about to say something when I’m falling. I struggle in the air but eventually I get smashed into wet soppy ground at the bottom. It didn’t hurt but now I’m covered in mud.

“I’m so sorry.” Zach calls from above me. Before I know what’s happening I shoot up flying out of the hole. I’m like a force of nature I’m so mad. Zach is slowly retreating which is the safe thing to do put not very smart its just getting me more mad. He stops inching away. When he stops, my anger floods away all I want to do now, is cry. I plop onto the ground not even pausing to stop walking. He scared face dissolves, leaving a confused look when I pull my knees to my chest, wrap my arms around my legs, lower my head in my lap, and cry.

I can’t stop crying. The tears are just streaming out. I have no idea what Zach’s doing because I’m not longer paying attention. He probably left thinking I’m insane. Oh well. I don’t care. Finally my arms start cramping from holding my legs so long. I stop crying and uncurl my legs stretching them out. When I lift up my head I’m shocked. Next to me is a box of tissues. Sprawled out with him back to me is Zach. He’s lying on a blanket that looks extremely soft. I look up higher and stars are in the sky. I wonder what time it is.

I’m still in the clearing from before and I know I’ve been here for hours. To my left is another blanket like the one Zach’s lying on. I stand up, need to stretch my legs. Zach doesn’t stir. I walk over in front of him and see his chest rising and falling. He’s adorable when he sleeps. He is so still, all that moves is his chest when he breaths. He sleeps with a beautiful smile on. I stretch my hand out and place it on his shoulder. He doesn’t move. I sigh and am about to walk away when his eyes flutter open.

Gosh he wakes up beautifully too. He’s eyes flutter a few times and lock on me. The look is so intense I want him to go back to sleeping. The smile has already left his face. I’m kneeling on his blanket. There’s plenty of room for me to lie down put I don’t dare. I stand up brushing at my knees. He scrambles to follow me up.

“Look, I’m–,” he starts but I cut him off.

“What time is it?” I ask.

“After midnight, when it was getting dark and you were still crying I called Cammie. I asked her to watch you but not to stop you. I thought you needed to let this out. I went and got the tissues and blankets from my house. I ask Cammie to go talk to Damon because I didn’t want to leave you for too long.”

“Cammie wouldn’t have broken her promise not to walk me, no matter what the two of you went through.”

He cringed a little when I said the last part but he said, “That’s not why I didn’t want to leave you.”

“Then why?”

“Because what I said earlier was true. I don’t care if you’re mad and not talking to me, I just want to be with you.”

“You weren’t lying?”

“No.” He smiled and played with my hair again. I sighed and closed my eyes. He’s lips touched mine. He pulled away not pausing at all. My eye’s stayed closed for once my mind wasn’t spinning with thoughts. I look up and he’s still inches away from me, the glow of the moon pouring over his eyes. He has a huge smile like I’ve never seen across his face. I step away, pulling on a smile I’m sure looks lame. He’s smile fades.

I drop my eyes to the ground and say, “I’m sorry for not talking to you.”

“It’s okay, I get that you are mad.”



“I’m not mad anymore; it should be in past tense.”

He smile comes back, “Does that mean I’m forgiven?”

“Maybe,” I say. His smile is even bigger now. I blush feeling my checks turn red. He slips his arms around my waist.


“And always.” I say breaking into a laugh.


“It’s just that forever and always is a song and it fits perfectly here.” He smiles even bigger as I slip my hands around his neck and place my head on his chest. We stand there for a long time. My head goes up and down with his chest as with his breath. Can this get any more perfect?

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