In This Heartless World

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What happens when nearly 170 years after the end of the devastating World War 2 another war was afoot? What if somehow only a few young adults could do anything to save the world from re-entering into a time of war that could potentially end the world? And what if they had no clue of the previous actions of their countries to know of the horrors to come? These young adults from all around the world must somehow find each other while handling the tortures of their own terrible pasts and stop the wars from destroying the world, once and for all. (Further info inside, sketchy name I know if you have any better ideas I'm all ears! Constructive criticisms completely welcome!)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - World War 3(Grr...)

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AN: Umm... so I have the history of most of the years before this planned out but I don't know if I should tell you now or... just let you figure it out as the story goes... maybe after this first kind of starting chapter anyone willing to review can tell me if they would like to know more or not... SO YEAH! Just let me know if its too confusing on its own maybe I'll put in a prolouge... maybe. All you got to know right now is that this is pretty far into the future and I've decided that the technology is not much different, having been stiffled by the many wars and such... trust me you'll get it eventually! Just read and enjoy!


November 13, 2112: Svobodny, Russia

"And that class is the start of the Soviet Empire."

The ringing of a bell ends her sentence.

"Okay students remember tomorrow bring any research you have on the topic that you have chosen for your end of the year report," the teacher called as all the students rushed for the door to get out of the crushing classroom atmosphere. History always being the last period for them, they were bored and excited at the same time, if that was at all possible.

A small blonde boy, definitely the runt of the class, even most of the girls were taller than him, waited quietly at his desk for the mob of students to escape the room before calmly walking towards the door.

"Wait please Artur I would like a word with you about your final report," the studious child paused in his exit and re-approached his teacher. A kind old lady with dark, dark black hair, striped with silvering strands throughout and lively hazel eyes, she was very definition of strict but fair.

Having vowed to never let a student do anything but their very best and to keep them out of trouble, she was slowly growing concerned with the direction of the solemn boy in front of her.

"Artur, you never told me what your paper was about so I could approve it," The teacher said carefully watching the boy for any reaction, but received nothing but the usual stony expression and shuddered green eyes kept from projecting thoughts and emotions.

"Yes ma'am because I wished for you to be surprised about what I have found to do," the little blonde said slowly, careful of his words as to not give away anything, "I myself hand become very interested in the subject."

This caused the old woman to smile, a student actually interested in something to do with history! It was a miracle!

She hesitated a moment longer though despite the cheery thoughts in her head there were quite a few warning bells as well, "Fine but it better be school appropriate and relevant to history, young man or I will dock points."

Artur slowly nodded his head and continued on his way out the door after the teacher had dismissed him. He began his walk towards the orphanage he called home, ever since Artur was five he had lived there, he didn't remember much else. But Nanna had told him before that before he came here he was a war orphan, they had found him during one of the more vicious battles against the Chinese. So Artur had figured that he used to live somewhere closer to the border and that his parents had been killed during the fights. He lived in a little town called Svobodny now, in a little two story house, standing in front of the said house, the blonde boy sighed before walking up the cobbled drive and entering.

"Nanna, I am home!" He called to his guardian, hearing a stampede of small feet coming down the stairs, instead of the usually quiet slow steps, Artur let a small smile grace his lips.

"Big brother! Big brother!" Several small children called, racing to the bigger boy and tackling him to the ground with hugs.

"Big brother, look what I made today in class!" Said a little brunette girl, holding up a cute little clay sunflower she must have made during art class.

A boy identical to the little girl snorted, "Yeah, but mine's better! Your's is too girly!" He held up his own clay statue that looked like some kind of fish, probably a shark, if he had to guess.

"Now, now, that's not a very nice thing to say to your sister is it, Pavel?" A soft voice said from the stairs, familiar quiet shuffling footsteps could be heard coming down.

Pavel pouted and crossed his arms, "No Nanna," he said grumpily.

"Then what do you say to her?" The quiet voice asked again.

"I am sorry Polina, your sunflower is really very pretty," the small six year old said to his sweet twin, looking a little ashamed by his actions.

The brunette shook her head, pigtails flying, face a lit with a brilliant smile, "Do not worry brother, I think your shark is really cool too!"

A redhead girl, about a one year older than the twins, stepped in front of Artur, holding a sheet of paper, "Br?lis! I got a one-hundred on my spelling test," she said proudly, a distinct Latvian accent distinguishing her from the other kids.

Poor little Vija had just moved from Latvia with her father, after her mother had passed from an incurable illness. The war had been going on for a year when the girl's father was killed by the bombing, Nanna had found her days later, scared, starving and dehydrated.

Artur smiled at the sweetheart, "That is very good, keep working hard and your grades will stay up like that," he snapped his fingers to punctuate the sentence.

The little Latvian giggled and nodded, Artur ran a hand over her short hair and walked over to the only other occupant of the small house. A boy three years younger than the eldest, Artur, with a permanent scowl on his face. Little Victor had lived in Belogorsk, he had been raised on the streets by his older brother, he was five years old in the third year of the war when his brother didn't come back for him. The younger blonde survived almost another six months on his own before Nanna found him and by then the boy already wore a constant scowl.

The older blonde grinned at the younger and ruffled Victor's hair as well only to get scowled at.

Artur frowned, "Vic why are you always so grouchy?" He asked giving the younger boy a look.

The younger growled and stormed up to his room, the slam echoing through the creaking house.

Artur looked at Nanna, "He sure is in a mood today," he stated simply.

Nanna nodded, "It is the anniversary," she said just as plainly.


The older boy looked down when he felt a tugging on his pants leg, Vija looked up at him with her wide blue eyes and asked, "Anniversary of what?"

The older boy sighed, "The day when Victor's brother didn't come back."

That made the little redhead pout, "Aww... we should do something to cheer him up!!" She came back positively.

Artur shook his head, "No there are some things people just have to work out themselves..."

Nanna nodded, a few greying wisps of hair from her neat bun falling in front of her eyes, "Yes let's leave your brother alone for a little while, who wants to go on a walk?" The cheerful elderly woman asked, smile lines crinkling when she saw the little ones jumping up and down and shouting out agreements.

The greying haired woman looked at the stairs for a second, hesitating, "I don't want to leave him alone though..." She whispered just loud enough for Artur to hear.

"I'll stay behind," he responded to her unasked question, "I have to do some more research for my school paper anyway."

Nanna hesitated, again, before resigning, "Okay but we will be gone no longer than an hour, maybe two if I feel like talking to someone, feel free to use the computer in the office, it's slow but it'll work," the adopted mother said quickly gathering thick jackets and such for the kids, seeing as it was winter and a blizzard was forecast to come through in the next few days.

"Yeah, yeah just go," Artur said waving off the worry wort.

Nanna glared at the young boy, then smiled and pinched his cheeks, "Oh you are so adorable."

Artur groaned as his cheeks were assaulted and abused, when Nanna released him, he blushed and coughed into his hand.

"Oh~ So cute~" Nanna waved at the blushing boy as her and the other kids left.

After the group had disappeared from the walk Artur sighed and went to the office, or what they called the office, it was really more of a room too small to be a bedroom. He sat down at the small table that the computer sat on and booted it up.

Like Nanna had said, the computer was slow and took awhile to get running but when it did the young blonde opened a search engine and began his quest for more information.

The subject he was researching?

'What happened to the United States of America?'

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