Chapter 2:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

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November 7, 2112: New York, USA

Feet running across the tough, but crumbling, concrete, followed by screams echoing off of run-down buildings, was what the streets of this forgotten country were used to. These footsteps though, were not the usual fearful running-for-my-life ones that the old alleyways usually witnessed, well they were running for their lives but they were in no way afraid.

Giggling echoed off those same run down buildings that the screams of anger were bouncing off. Three kids came sprinting through the alley all cracking up with laughter at the adult's futile attempts to catch them, his angry yells? Only made it five times funnier.

"GET BACK HERE YOU HORRIBLE BRATS!" The elderly man shouted, his voice cracking from age and an accent that brought out the broken English most of the people in this desolate country were known for now.

The tallest, and most likely oldest of the three snickered, "Just try to catch us old man!" She shouted back only working to make the man angrier.

A bullet suddenly whisked past one of the other boy's ears, making him jump away and stumble.

The last of the three pulled the other along, keeping him from slowing down like he might have, "Come on Noah, we've been shot at before don't act like its your first time!" The bigger brunette snapped at Noah as he dragged the other boy along.

The girl running ahead of them rolled her eyes at the two, she had never seen a pair of boys as close as them. Well in these times you hardly ever saw someone as close as the boys anymore, come to think of it, especially considering... she shuddered just thinking about it.

Another bullet flew by, this time just missing the girl's nose when she turned her head. Which caused her to glare at the man chasing them, who just continued to scream curses and nasty words.

"Dudes move your butts! If you get shot I am not caring either of you! Especially you Carter!" The other brunette shouted as they rounded a corner effectively losing the old man.

When the angry shouting and random blasts from the gun faded behind them, they collapsed in one of the old warehouses.

All were panting for breath as they laid on the destroyed cement floor, the only girl in the group sat up and opened the worn down cotton sachel that she had practically been protecting with her life.

When she saw all the items mostly intact, she nearly cheered with happiness, grinning she turned to the two still panting boys, "Guys! We have food again!!"

Both looked as happy as she was, "Yes! Finally, those crackers we have stashed are getting a bit stale..." Noah said sheepishly, not meeting the glare his adopted sister gave him.

The brunette boy on his left scoffed at his brother's modesty, "Oh come on! We all know that those crackers were stale way before we got them!" This statement got him whapped upside the head.

"Don't get smart with me Carter! Or else you are going to be eating those 'stale crackers' for the next week while me and Noah get to eat real food!" The eldest scolded the younger, making Carter pout, but keep his remaining comments to himself.

Noah patted the other's hair, "It's okay Carter, I would've shared with you," this made Carter's frown flip into a grin almost immediantely.

The younger brunette smiled sweetly up at the older, his usual evil grin gone for the moment, "So whatcha get us Quinn? Whatcha get us?!" Carter was nearly bouncing in place with excitement, Quinn gave the black haired boy beside him a look, Noah just shrugged and shook his head like he had no clue.

The hazel eyed girl pulled out a few things from the bag, green and icy blue eyes widened at the sight. In front of them now sat two small loaves of bread, a few slightly battered apples, a couple bags of chips, opened and becoming stale, as well as the one thing both boys were staring at intently with happy eyes.

"Is that...?"


"Oh, but it is..."

And it was.

A candy bar.

The usually shy black haired boy and the normally obnoxious brunette started fighting each other on who would get the candy bar, when both reached for it Quinn yanked it back and jumped away.

They looked at her, one with green puppy dog eyes and the other blushing, ashamed at his immature actions.

"How did you even get that?" Carter asked, barely able to get the words out through his watering mouth.

The short statured girl shrugged, "Managed to swipe it from that guy when I grabbed the rest fo the stuff," Noah still had a funny look on his face, Quinn sighed, "I was at a gas station."

Carter's mouth made an 'O' while Noah just nodded his, final, understanding.

"So who gets it?" They asked at the same time, flinching only a little bit when Quinn responded with a glare.

"Would you guys just shu-" A loud explosion sounded, followed soon by a violent tremor, all of the kids hit the deck and curled into each other, afraid of the explosion that one explosion that would hit the warehouse they lived. The trio had been lucky so far, but there would be that one day, just one day when the bombs reached their safe house and the mushroom clouds they saw across the crumbling skyscapers would be much closer to home.

Quinn could almost hear the screams of her fellow Americans, some calling for loved ones, wanting to be with the ones they knew in their final seconds before the toxic gas reached them. Others dying without being given the chance to say their last words, forever mute to speak of their dreams or to warn anyone of the future that may lie ahead. The worst though, the absolute worst, were the dying screams of the future generations, the children that would never get a chance to try and save the world they lived in.

The young girl, who should never have had to ever experience the death that surrounded her, at only the ripe age of fifteen, rose slowly back to her feet, shoving the forgotten candy bar in her pocket and motioned for her two adopted brothers to stay down. When they had nodded their agreement and curled closer together, Quinn slowly crept up a rickedy old maintenance ladder and opened a small hatch leading to the roof. Pulling herself up cautiously, looking up into the dark, grey-blue sky, even though it was midday it looked like evening, the amount of smoke polluting the air unmanagable, the hazel eyed teen watched the clouds for any bomber planes.

Seeing nothing she continued the rest of the way up and stood on the unreliable rooftop, weary that any step could cause the old foundation to crumble, she searched for the newest cloud that would show the lastest spot of the bombing. Wincing when she spotted it.

A large mushroom cloud still hung above a city known around the world, "Times Square..." Quinn whispered quietly, tears almost rising from her eyes as she witnessed the final destruction of hope for her country.

For the last couple of years Times Square had been home to the President, she had managed to escape the first bombing on the White House, moving here in order to try and re-organize the fallen country. Only a few people knew she had been there, Quinn and her boys had been three of them because they had helped her around the town from time to time, they had some hope left, even after everything, there was a tiny spark in their hearts that things could get better.

But now, now it was all gone, all the other citizens of the states had lost their hope long ago, sure that the President had been killed in the first raids, but-but Quinn had known different. Despite the warnings in her head she had let herself hope again, let the boys have hope as well. Now it was gone and there was nothing left to save them.

The normally soft hazel eyes turned hard as she stared at the dissipating smoke, one thing finally clicking in her mind.

There was no one left to save them.

Guess they'd just have to save themselves.

Submitted: February 02, 2013

© Copyright 2022 KatieMak. All rights reserved.


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The idea is overused, but I like the way you executed it. Just want to mention--you switched tenses a few times, and you have to stick with one tense. You can't be present then past. Also, I noticed you used a couple of words wrong. Try not to use words if you don't know what they mean. Good job though.

Sat, February 2nd, 2013 3:35am


Well thanks! I don't really know what is over used about the idea though because I can tell you that I have never read such a story but maybe it is and if you could give examples of words that were used wrong I could change them...?

Fri, February 1st, 2013 8:08pm

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