Secret Love Affair

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A love story about star-crossed lovers.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Secret Love Affair

Submitted: August 11, 2014

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Submitted: August 11, 2014



~Chapter 1
I was already a little tipsy. It was a bad habit of mine. Whenever I was upset or angry I would get a little buzz and the upset or angry feeling would fade away. It wasn’t the best idea, but I didn’t get the chance to do it too often. I wasn’t really a party animal that is until recently.
“Katie, take another shot with me,” Cassadee begged.
“Okay, one more,” I said pouring the vodka in our red solo cups up passed the shot line.
“Love you babe,” she said as we cheered and tossed them back. The vodka burned as it rushed down my throat.
She turned and kissed her boy toy Logan, who was our DD for the night.
“Damn you guys can really toss em back,” Logan’s friend, Drake said.
Drake was supposed to be my date for tonight, but he and I both knew he wasn’t my type. He was quiet and a little too sweet. He seemed like the guy who would take care of a girl. Don’t get me wrong, that can be nice to an extent, but I liked to consider myself independent. I can take care of myself. Cassadee was just trying to get Chad off my mind.
“They’re alcoholics,” Logan said laughing at us.
“Damn, who the hell is that?” Hayley said pointing to the guy walking in.
“Ew, don’t even think about it,” I said.
Of course, she thought Jaden was hot. Everyone did. He had baby blue eyes and brown hair with natural blond highlights. He always seemed to have a little scuffle on his face. He was perfect. He was a total dick.
“Why not?” she said sounding upset.
“That’s Katie’s brother’s frenemy. Quentin was dating this girl, and Jaden hooked up with her like right after they broke up,” Cassadee explained.
“They were broken up though right,” Hayley said.
“Quentin told him that he still loved her then Jaden fucked him over,” I said.
“What an ass,” Hayley said.
“Yeah, then Jaden told the girl he didn’t like her like that. He told her that Quentin said she was good in bed and that’s all he wanted,” Cassadee finished.
“Whoa!” Hayley said shocked.
“Yeah, he’s a total tool,” I warned.
“Cass, you want to dance?” Logan asked.
“Of course,” Cassadee said smiling. They sauntered out to the dance floor.
“Would you like to dance?” Drake asked.
“Maybe later, you can go ahead though,” I said noticing his eyes drifting to a red head on the dance floor.
“You sure you’re good?” he asked already walking off.
“Yeah, go for it.”
He walked away.
“This party is kind of lame,” Haley said.
“I’m having fun. The booze is great,” I laughed.
“Oh shit, look who just walked in,” Haley looking over at the door.
It was Chad. I had dumped him three weeks ago after he got mad at me for not cancelling the plans I had with Cassadee. He called me a bitch and slapped me, and I told him we were done. I didn’t put up with violence.
“Jesus, why does he have to be so stalkerish,” I said.
It was true. He had written me on Facebook twice weekly and texted me daily. Josh, the guy throwing the party, assured me he wouldn’t be here.
“I’m going to find Josh,” I said walking into the backyard.
Josh was a player. I knew how to get what I wanted from him. You had to flirt. But all that aside, Josh and I had history. He would pretty much do anything for me. I walked over to the beer pong table, where he was standing and watching a game.
“Hey babe,” I said hugging him.
“Hey, how’s the beautiful Miss Kate enjoying my party?” he asked kissing my cheek.
“I’m alright. I need a favor though.”
“Anything for you baby girl.”
“Well, two really horrible people that totally hate me are here, and I at least need one of them kicked out,” I said with a pouty face.
“No, sad face beautiful, which one you want out?”
I decided to play. “Jaden,” I said smiling.
“Baby, you know I can’t kick him out. I know you two hate each other, but Jaden’s like a brother to me.”
“I was just kidding, sweetie. I just need you to kick Chad out.”
“That little shit came?” he said.
“Yeah, someone must have invited him,” I said.
“I got you baby girl. All I need in return is a kiss on the cheek.”
“You’re a sweet heart, thanks Josh,” I said kissing his cheek.
“No problem, oh and I expect a dance later,” he said.
I smiled and nodded as we both walked inside. He headed into the living room to look for Chad.
“Damn, you got him on lock,” Hayley said laughing.
“Josh is sweet. I don’t care what anyone says. If I’m uncomfortable, he’ll fix it.”
“You and him should just get a room already,” Haley joked.
“Very funny, Josh and I are best friends,” I said.
“Just friends,” she said winking. Haley was the kind of person you could only take in waves. She can get pretty annoying. She was an attention seeker and loved drama.
“I’m going to get a beer,” I said laughing it off.
“Okay, we’ll talk later,” Hayley said as I walked away.
I walked into the kitchen. Jaden was leaning against the counter right in front of the fridge. He was talking to a few people. He of course had to be the center of attention and also had to block the beer.
“Excuse me,” I said faking a smile and motioning towards the fridge.
“No excuse me,” he smiled moving his long musclular legs so I could fully open the fridge.
I reached in and grabbed a Corona. God, where did Josh hide the lime?
Jaden peered over my shoulder. “Second drawer in the zippy bag, it’s already cut,” he said. I opened the drawer and there in a zippy bag there were slices of a lime. Why did he know me so well? I hated that.
“Thanks,” I said before closing the fridge and walking away.
As I was heading towards the kitchen door someone grabbed my wrist rather tightly pulling me back. When I turned around and saw Chad I wished I could run.
“Hey, Katie,” he said. I could already smell the whiskey on his breath.
Apparently, Josh hadn’t found Chad yet.
“What are you doing here?” I asked.
“Hayley’s status said you guys were going to Josh’s party. I just wanted to talk to you for a minute.” Bitch, I told her not to post anything about Josh’s.
“Fine, but then you have to leave.”
“Can we go out front? I want to be alone.”
I didn’t understand him. We were in the middle of a party. We weren’t going to be alone, but I followed him out to the front yard.
“Baby, I just want you back,” he said grabbing on to my hands.
I pulled my hands away.
“I don’t want you back.”
“Please baby, just give me one more chance,” he stumbled closer to me.
He was so drunk. He was drunk the night we broke up, when he hit me. I remained calm.
“Chad, sweetie, you’ll find someone else,” I said.
“Not anyone as good as you,” he said grabbing my hand again.
I fought the urge to say Duh!
“She’ll be better than me.”
“No! No one is better than you!” he said. I was nervous. He was getting heated.
“Calm down baby, why don’t I find you a ride home, and we can talk about this another time?”
“I’m not fucking leaving! Why are you always such a bitch?”
I was frustrated. I turned to walk away, but he grabbed me tightly by the arm and pulled me back twisting my ankle in the process. He pulled me into a hug. He was squeezing me tight.
“Come home with me?” he whispered in my ear. “We can cuddle and have the best make up sex ever. You know I’m your best.”
He was delusional. I pushed him off of me with all I had in me.
“Quit it bitch,” he said slapping me.
He grabbed me by the arm again and started pulling me towards his car. I pulled my arm away and fell against the tree behind me. I hit my head and was suddenly dizzy. As he reached down to snatch me up again, I closed my eyes.
“If you fucking touch her, I’ll kill you,” a familiar voice said.

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