Venus - Part 1

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Cyric is starting year 10 , and he has been moved near a girl called Venus in one of his classed , Venus is a really mysterious girl. ever since Cyric meet her in literacy , Something weird happened to him.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Venus - Part 1

Submitted: May 14, 2013

Reads: 87

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Submitted: May 14, 2013




Cyric, My name is Cyric I want to tell you my story, It started in year 10 1996, And trust me it sucked being back at school, although one good thing come out of it I get to see my girlfriend, faith and all my friends not going to lie, I was pretty popular at school I’ve never been bullied or Made fun out of, Let’s just say everyone likes me, although first lesson was literacy Great… First lesson back and I probably have to write a load of crap down. But first was form time, probably the most unuselful fifteen minutes of my life, anyway as I finally sat down quickly scribbling down my homework for second period My form teacher stood up and said ‘Welcome back , hope you had a great summer  holiday good to be back?’ the hole form sighed, and Mr. harlock began to chuckle ‘ a new student will be moving into are form this afternoon I hope you are warm and welcome to her’ ahhh… great I thought, another idiot coming into my form there’s already 13 others in here I don’t need another In here on my shoulder all the time . Anyway the school bell went and everyone rushed to class waiting to see who their new teachers were for this year If finally got to class, and we had Mr.Gilthoniel He was a pretty funny teacher well I liked him anyway unfortunately due the new school rules sir had to make a seating plan boy, girl, boy girl, urgh this is going to take a while, Sir called my name and yelled ‘Cyric you can sit at the far back corner over there’ ‘Wait what? I get to sit on my own this year? RESULT’ I shouted everyone started giggling at me, next it got even better my best friend Kyle got to sit in front of me! , Not only did we get an awesome teacher but I got people I like sitting near me! All of a sudden a loud knock at the class room door Mr.Gilthoniel Shouted ‘COME IN’ and Mrs Steel, the school therapist walked through the door with a girl, I couldn’t see her face she was looking down at the floor and her Jet black hair that almost looked purple covering her eyes, Mrs steel introduced her to the class ‘everyone this is Venus’ It took time to take in the weird name and everyone laughed at her Then all of a sudden BAMN! Sir said that she had to sit next to me It was the only spare seat In class, I sighed and moved my legs off the chair, and Edged myself off my seat as if she was overweight, She was completely the opposite of that she was really slim But still I don’t want to go near any girl who isn’t my girlfriend Right? Any way she quietly sat down removing her rucksack from her back which seemed to be covered on flowers she pulled out her set of pencils, Rubber, ruler and calculator, My friend Kyle yelled out ‘WHAT DO YOU THINK THIS IS MATH CLASS’ the whole class laughed as she was still looking down at the floor in shame, Sir Shouted ‘Right that’s enough!!!’ Venus grabbed her calculator and put it back inside her bag I started to chuckle at her just to join in with everyone else , It was fifteen minutes into  the lesson and I still hadn’t seen her face And then the panic started I must have left my pen in form, I was chucking everything out my bag trying to find something to write with First I asked Kyle He didn’t have one obviously I doubt he had one for himself ‘ Then Venus looked up and said I have a pen you could borrow?’ Then my face just dropped my mouth wide open. Her eyes? They were Purple… They were purple!?  They were that sweet soft purple and her face not one spot or pimple to be seen The only thing that stood out was her cheek bones her skin was really fair, her lips was pink and her eyebrows were perfectly shaped She look Like somebody out of a fairy tale I grabbed the pencil and Said ‘Your face?’ she looked at me and started laughing and tuned back around to continue with her work. ‘Kyle noticed I had borrowed a pen from her and asked Venus for one to But in an intimidating voice ‘ Can I have a pen’ Venus passed over a pen , Knowing that Kyle always wants to be the class clown he grabbed the pen and threw it at Alice and obviously she screamed ‘ WHO THREW THAT PEN’ and Kyle pointed at Venus , Alice threw it back hitting her head everyone giggled and Sir asked what happened  Alice being the bitch she was explained how Venus threw a pen at her head and sir asked Venus to take a step outside, Kyle nudged me and told me ‘ ey , trip her up it’s gonna be way funny’ So because I was trying to be funny I did Venus fell face first one the floor , Screams of laughter fell upon the class, Venus grabbed her bag and ran outside far away from the class, probably running to Mrs steel , All of a sudden my stomach cramped I felt sick And I went from being freezing hot to boiling cold. The bell finally went and I saw faith waiting outside my class probably waiting to see me, I didn’t want to run away from her… so I walked outside casually and said ‘hi’ She clang on so me and gave me hug which made me feel even worse she leant in to try and kiss me but I pushed her away and ran off to the toilets, Kyle shouted at me ‘where are you going?’ But I just ran even quicker I ran into the student office and threw up over the toilet , Then I heard this strange noise I couldn’t hear anything But the awful Siren noise that was on going I fell to the floor hit my head and fell unconscious, And that was the last thing I saw , I woke up In a different place A field full of feathers the sky was blue  and the grass was fresh All of a sudden I started hallucinating seeing wings And a strange women With wings coming out the side of her head I started running away and fell down a black hole ‘ What is this?’ I said to myself All I kept seeing Venus crying tears rolling down her face She started to scream and Then… I woke up and screamed her name… ‘VENUS!’ the teacher held me down and Told me to take it easy the nurse is Just going to test you in a mnute‘ I DON’T NEED A NURSE I’M FINE , I HAVE MY NEXT LESSON TO GO TO!!!’ ‘Next lesson?’ she sounded really confused ‘it’s been 6 hours?’

‘Wait what?’

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