The Four Steps to Freedom

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Part One- Spark

Submitted: November 18, 2012

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Submitted: November 18, 2012



Part One- Spark

Chapter 1- Ali

It was raining the night we ran away. I could hear the rain, us running, our panting; all ten times louder than usual. We wanted to stop, but we couldn’t. We needed to get away from the pandemonium; surely the officials would be hunting us down. Then a gun fired.


Ever since Eli and I met, nothing has ever been the same. Eli was a transfer student from England and all the girls loved him. Except for me. Eli, to me, was an overrated jock.

Eli is flat out handsome; wait no, he’s flat out sexy. His hair is a perfect blond with a couple of light brown highlights here and there. His eyes are a deep sapphire blue; it’s like looking into a deep clean lake. His teeth are like perfect pearls you would find in an expensive piece of jewelry. He is tall and muscular, but not overly muscular; just that perfect six pack any girl would fall head over heels for. Any girl but me.


We back tracked a little bit and came across a dead wild turkey.

“Well, I guess we have dinner.” We probably wouldn’t eat any of it tonight, but at least we could try to clean the meat and cook it so we’ll have some in the future.

“Right, we’re going to have to find some water source; there shouldn’t be one far from here.” Eli had to have known that water in more than plentiful.

After about a mile deeper we found a pond. We got lucky and there happened to be a cabin next to it. It seemed abandoned.

“I think it can conceal our presence, if any one comes this far.” Eli was taking the logic out of things. Our parents went missing, and a little while after that, so did we. All before major damage could be done.


What I mean by “damage” is that everyone is going crazy. People are stealing and killing far more than usual, and they are also trying to over throw the government. The day this started was the day my parents went missing. Someone went on a crazy killing spree and now thousands are dead. The day Eli’s parents went missing, people started protesting against the government. It seemed as if our parents were “linked” to attacks and riots.


“Why do you think they left?” I blurted out.


“Never mind, let’s just go see what the cabin has inside of it.” Eli got an alarmed look on his face. It looked as if he was looking at me, but no, he was looking past me. I turned around to see what he was looking at. This is what I see; two small circles of light coming towards us. Instinctively, we ran to one of the corners in the cabin and hid there.

“They better not look…” The door opened.

“Now it wouldn’t be safe to hide in the cabin, would it? I thought your parents, given their positions, would have taught you better.” The voice sounded familiar, but we couldn’t take any chances.

“Dad, you’re not gonna kill them, right?” That voice was easy to place. It was Grayson, my crush. In all honesty, he shouldn’t give a crap if I die, but he would if Eli was dead. They were best friends; practically brothers. They looked alike, thought alike, and acted alike. Except Eli seemed to hold some curiosity, while Grayson would just leave what it was as it was.

I felt cold fingers entwine with mine. I knew Eli was trying to hold back.

“It’s okay.” I whispered. He was shaking hard. I fumbled around with my free hand to search for a weapon. The cabin was dank and dark, only a stream of light coming from a crack in the roof. I found a gun, but I doubted it still worked after who knows how many years.

I think Eli found out in the dim light because he whispered, “It won’t work.” Just as the flashlights found us. He had barely mumbled it.

“What did you just say?” Grayson’s father said.

“I said, ‘It won’t work.’ We won’t make it out here alone. It’s either die now or die later.” Eli said. Then he whispered in my ear, “Wanna go ‘Romeo and Juliet’ on them?” I nodded.

“What are you whispering about?” The man asked.

“Sir, please just give me and my girlfriend a moment?” Eli asked Mr. Smith.

“Okay, hold him at gunpoint and he might back off, even if it isn’t loaded.” Eli whispered in my ear. “I love you.” He said out loud, going with the act.

“I love you too.” I replied. I tried to make it sound real, but I couldn’t. “Now,” I said, trying to keep my courage up. “What do you want?” I gripped the gun behind my back and brought it out to point it at Mr. Smith.

“Huh, you think you can handle a gun?” He jeered. I shot up at the roof unintentionally. Guess it was loaded after all? “Okay, okay, all I want to know is why you guys are out here and I need to know about your parents.” I knew it wasn’t true; his rusty brown eyes gave away the lie. He wanted us dead before we found out ourselves about are parents. They were most likely very important back in town.

“There’s more you wanna know huh?” Eli asked. “It doesn’t matter to me, but if Ali has a problem, she can and will use that gun.”

“Easy dude.” Grayson said. “But I can’t believe Ali chose you of all people to--”

“To what? Leave him here as an orphan? Let him be taken to an orphanage? No, I wasn’t going to let that happen. You have your parents, we don’t. Our parents are as good as dead. I couldn’t risk him being tortured, possibly murdered.” I had my fair share of words, but I was on a role. I really want to vex them as much as can so they’ll just leave. “I have no idea where my parents went. We don’t know where his went. Does it make sense, though, to leave someone who is in as much pain as I, in a place where Hell is at every turn?” I paused to take a breath. My voice was a little shaky and I hoped that it helped. Maybe some weakness is good in a sense; it may gain us some pity. “Is that fair?”

Apparently, that speech was pretty good. Everyone was seemed astonished. Including Eli, who usually has something to say, but his forehead was wrinkled in thought. If you were looking at him, you would think that he was a scientist who did an experiment and got the wrong results. He’s really thinking this over.

“Well, is it fair?” Eli said, finally breaking the awkward silence.

“No.” Grayson said. “I know this is a horrible time to ask, but when did you and Ali start, uh, going out?”

“God damn it, we aren’t really going out, it was just a trick,” I said. Eli mumbled something, but I decided to ignore it. “We lied to protect ourselves. Wouldn’t you do the same?”

“Maybe,” Mr. Smith said, finally speaking up. “But something in your eyes when you said you loved each other, made it seem like it was real.”

“Do people mistake you for Ares?” I blurted out. “Because, you are really asking to be punched right now.”

“Well first, there is nothing ‘godly’ about me. Second, I’m going to take that as a compliment.”

“It wasn’t supposed to be taken as a compliment.”


“Wow.” Eli said.

“‘Wow’ what?”

“Just wow,” Eli laughed. Then he whispered into my ear, “Run.”

“Wait what?” Those words were a waste of breath, because I was already sprinting out the door. We got to the lake and just simply sat down and laughed. We packed all our belongings and hid them in some cattails. Grayson and his dad were still in the cabin, probably confused about our escape.

“I think we have them whiplashed” Eli said.

“Whiplashed? Who uses that word these days?” I laughed.

“Um, apparently I do.”

“Oh, anyway, we need to hide until they leave.”

“Well they won’t bother looking in trees. Hmm, if only we could climb--”

“Oh my gosh! We can climb idiot!” Eli seemed hurt. I haven’t called him an idiot since we met. “Eli, I didn’t mean that, you that. It’s just been a stressful day, that’s all.” I was waiting for a response, but he just sat there, staring at the pond. I sighed and continued over to a tree, close to the cabin so I could see what was going on. I started climbing the tree and sat on a branch that was close to the ground, but strong enough to hold my weight. I motioned for Eli to come and climb as well, but he just stared at the pond.

I can’t blame him for being angry. First, allot of things happened to us that a normal fourteen year old wouldn’t be able to handle. Then, the seemingly only friend you had left just called you an idiot.

“Eli!” I yelled, putting myself in danger.

“Ali get down from there! They left.” He yelled right back. How would he know if they left? He was staring at the pond the whole time until I called him. Then I saw what he saw, an opened window.

I got down and ran over to Eli. “Eli, I’m really sorry about earlier, I didn’t mean it.” I wasn’t saying it for the sake of his feelings, more so for the sake of me not feeling guilty anymore. He responded to that in a way I wouldn’t expect him to respond. He kissed me, but only on the cheek.

“He was right, there was more.” Eli whispered, even though no one was around. I was reluctant to even think it, but maybe, just maybe, he was right.

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