The Rock *My Tales from Alcatraz*

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My Stories from Alcatraz.
This is the story of me. How I ended up in Alcatraz. The love, the death, the pain I suffered. Do you even know how hard it is to be the only female in a federal prison? Bet you don't. You'll find out sooner or later, but now, I'll tell you about how I landed in this place.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Intro/Chapter One

Submitted: March 21, 2013

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Submitted: March 21, 2013



The Rock- Chapter One

I walked out of my house and looked around. They found me, and now they're here to take me away. The first girl and the youngest person to ever go to that hell hole.

"Please leave the porch ma'am." The officer said. I took a step, but didn't leave the stairs. "All the way, ma'am." He said again.

I smirked. "Do you really expect me to do what you tell me to do? I'm a fifteen year old 'scared' girl. You should be surprised I haven't fainted yet." I tried. I seem to always do this when I get caught. I try to act as if I'm not scared, but in my heart, I'm terrified.

A gust of wind blew my red dyed hair in my face. I looked to my left and saw the sun setting; a reminder to people to get to the safety of their house, or any indoor place for that matter. After the sun is down, everyone should be in their house; otherwise they'll face the Cleaners. The Cleaners are ruthless killers that show no mercy for others. They kill anyone out on the streets, sad thing is, I'm one of them.


I was drafted last year, while out clubbing with my friends. I didn't notice them, but my friends did. They ran off silently, leaving me hanging. I turned around to check on them after I noticed they were quiet. I easily could identify the three crew members. The first, and tallest, one had on a black biker style jacket and long black jeans. Everything about him was black, except a necklace that was a simple silver chain with a golden Celtic knot pendant that had a black pearl like center. They guy on the right of him wore just a simple black T-shirt and slacks. The last guy on the left of the leader had a long black overcoat on, and I'm pretty sure he held the weapons.

"Well, look at what we've found here." The leader started. "A cute little girl out past her curfew, huh?" He laughed.

I just simply rolled my eyes. "Look Mr. Cleaner, I do not have time for this, so either you kill me now, or I'll be on my way." I said, looking him in his sharp, black looking eyes.

"Feisty one, aren't you?" He scoffed. "Well, maybe this one's worth keeping!" He said as he flung his arms out and turned towards his minions.

"But she's a fucking girl!" The one in the T-shirt exclaimed.

The boss elbowed him in the ribs, then said: "She's still a fighter, and that's what we need, a fighter." He stepped towards me and was now under the streetlight. What I was now seeing was a handsome boy, stuck in this horrible street life. His ice blue eyes accompanying his auburn hair which stops about half an inch above his shoulders; a bang that sweeps across his face and partially covering his left eye.

"What would happen if I were to get caught?" I asked, hoping my nervousness didn't beam through my voice.

"You'd either go to the local prison, or even worse, The Rock." The guy with the overcoat on said.

"The Rock?" I exclaimed, getting scared out of my mind. "That can't happen, I'm way too young."

"Don't you remember? The law has no exceptions nowadays; I mean why do you think they opened Alca-trash back up?" The leader explained to me.

"Hah, that makes sense. I thought they just got tired of the murderers rooming with the thieves." I said, then thought about my real occurring predicament. "Fine, I'll join you." Well, consider yourself a Cleaner now, I thought to myself. "So, who are you guys anyway?" I asked, looking around, making sure there weren't any witnesses.

"I'm Kenny." The short one said agitatedly. He obviously didn't like me, but I didn't care.

The guy wearing the over coat then spoke. "I'm Skar, spelled with a 'k'." His voice sounded like he smoked a pack of cigarettes a day, and I wasn't doubting that. Anyone who thought of themselves as a Hard-core individual would smoke because they thought it was "cool" these days.

The leader then spoke with a softness that I haven't heard at all tonight. "My name is Kellin." He took my hand and gripped it at he led me down the street. "There's no way I'm letting you go." He whispered into my ear. I knew, from then on, my life would be way more exciting.

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