Things That I Hate

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Just things that I hate, and may help you when trying to hit up a conversation with me. I'm not going to edit it, because in all honesty, I like knowing my mistakes and not have Word auto-corect them. I actually learn that way.

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Submitted: February 08, 2013

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Submitted: February 08, 2013




These are the types of people I hate, things I hate... I'm a hater, but a lover. So, if any of this stuff offends you, please tell me. I like getting in debates. I will say straight up, I'll get into touchy topics. Most of it would be out of jealousy, but that's because of my adolescence.... I'll try to make it as funny as possible (as you see it's under humor) but it will be cruel and crude humor. Some of the stuff will probably make you say "why do you still do it?" Well, this is my challenge for you, say why I do it, not ask. Who knows, if I find you hate something along with me, I might actually read your stuff. But then I'll request you to read my novel Divinities. I'm really desperate for that novel....

So, my first topics will most likely touch middle school topics, as I am a middle schooler. Thank gosh I have two years until Highschool! I have two years to prepare myself for the worst years of my life...

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