Things That I Hate

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - School Dances

Submitted: February 08, 2013

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Submitted: February 08, 2013



School Dances

Okay, I don't really hate them. I like those two days of the school-year wear I can wear a dress without people saying "LAUREN! YOU WEAR DRESSES?" Oh yeah, my friends over stress things, so caps was neccisary... So what I hate about them would be:

  • Before the event drama.

Okay, so..... Not much to explain on this one, but I must do so anyway. Let me set the scene for you:

I was walking into class, along with the rest of the kids. I sit down. I can feel the tension in the air. I look at my not-so-friendly friend, Devin, and see his face, well not red, but if it could it would be. In other words, he was pissed.

"Briyanna, what happened?" I asked my friend who sits in front of me.

"Devin just found out Jackson asked Jenna to the dance." Damn it. Jenna is too nice to say no! "Devin was going to ask her." Shit! This is so horrible

"There's gonna be a fight after school." Jarred, the guy in class who thinks he's all that, but lets admit, if you wear khaki uniform, shorts no less, in winter... People will think you're a boyscout. Oh wait, he is one.

Jenna of course felt bad, but that was the reason she said yes in the first place. She is just too nice and always feels bad. Well, you can guess where that went.

  • Picking out the dress

I get it, it's not Prom, I shouldn't be stressing over this. But I mean, Daniel might go! I can't not look overly beautiful! Anyway, dances are practices for Prom night, am I not right?

Then Rose, my besty, says "I thought that was what homecoming was for."

Then I say "I MAY NOT LIVE FOR THAT!" Oh, sorry, I didn't say it, I yelled it.

  • After the event drama

Man, the Halloween dance was siiiiccckkk. I mean I danced, all night night, till it hurt (song moment) singing the best song ever, best song ever-er-er-er... GIVE ME YOUR HAND. Sorry, I have no friends, well I do, but they dont accept my loud personality... So, it was awesome. The only problem was, a girl cried. Actually, no one talked, so I guess there was no post apocolyptic drama......

  • Chaperonesss

My dad was chaporone at the last dance.... Then my crush at the time wanted to hug him. I felt so embarrassed... But also proud because Patrick thought my dad was cool. But still, I hate them anyway

  • Not being asked

I mean, I don't expect to be asked... No one likes me ya know? But it's like deep deep deeeeeep down I expect someone to ask, but it never happens. I just hate feeling crushed. No not crushed on, but crushed. Got that? Good

  • Getting told not to ask someone

Dude, I would have a date to the dance by now if my friends were more outgoing. I mean, I tell my best friend I'm going to ask Nathan out and she's like:

"He's a jerk, you shouldn't ask him."

Wait wait wait, hold up a minute. You're the one who is crushing on the captain of the football team. Hell, you've never even talked to him! I have, and you haven't. This just goes to show that I think a little more.

So, that was my rant for now. come back often if you like. On second thought, come back often even if you don't like. I'm sure when I get the hang of comedy, I'll get you to laugh...

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