Things That I Hate

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Quotey Girls

Submitted: February 10, 2013

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Submitted: February 10, 2013



Quotey Girls

I know, I bet most of you are quotey people. I'm sorry. I don't like you. Oh look, I just lost a fan. Too bad. I never liked you anyway. Oh! Wait! Damn, there goes another one. Let me explain myself before you-- STOP UNFANNING ME AND LET ME FINISH!

Okay, I don't like quotey girls because they remind me of what an awful life I have. I'm just kidding. I live in Germany for God Sakes. I can go to Paris. Every girls dream. Well not every. I didn't like it. I'd much rather go to Greece. Anyway. They give these lovey dovey quotes. They write romance novels. They are all full of love. I'm sad to admit, Prince Charming is a hoax. I mean, it's out of pure jealousy really. You probably have awesome friends, well, I have awesome friends. You probably have someone who actually knows who you are. I'm just a fake. Ranting my problems to people online. I love you guys though! Mwah mwah, I really do. I just don't like going to your pages and being reminded that I have nothing...

Oh you fanned me again. Thank you for hearing me out. I'm sorry but I won't read your work. What do you mean 'why'? If I go to your page i have to look at those quotes. Oh. Thanks for taking them down. I love you even more now. Let's get married. Just kidding. I'm too young..

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