Things That I Hate

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Story Sharers

Submitted: February 12, 2013

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Submitted: February 12, 2013



Story Sharers

No, not Booksians or any other authors, for that matter. I don't hate the people personally anyway, just how they think. Now this is a touchy topic, and if you think you might rage, skip it, I don't have time for this.

I personally believe people who like to 'share their story' are pathetic. Straight up. No ifs or buts about it. I didn't say no wells though.

So, here's the dilemma. I don't think I used that word right... Anywhoooo, so I don't mind autobiagraphies, sure, tell me about yourself. But don't tell me I'M A VICTIM OF RAPE, PLEASE READ MY STORY OF WHAT HAPPENED. Well, actually, tell me. If I go to your page and I see "I'm not doing this to be rich or famous, I just want my story heard."

Stop right there. Noticed how I underlined 'my'? Well, here's the thing. And hey, promoting is trying to get famous eh? Hell, that's why a majority of usjoined this site. Reality check for you? Hmm?? Okay, I get it, something bad happened in your life, I do feel pity, don't get me wrong. It's just, are you dead? No. So don't give us a sob story. One, if you keep telling someone, you'll never forget. You might never forget in the first place, but I mean, you should still try not to bring it up. Well, there is a loop-hole.

If you're telling about someone else's life, or, something that happened to them that caused them to die, I won't have a problem. It's just people say "I want my story heard" well, allot of dead peoples stories aren't heard. Be fucking greatful you're still alive and leave it alone. Fucking talking about it won't help. Shit, I had a murderous intent before, not gonna write a whole fuckin' novel about how I was 'crazy' but now I feel normal. Joking, I still am crazy, and joking, never devised a plan to kill someone. Gosh, take a look at my novel  So Long, it's about a friend who commited suicide. But it talks about the good, the bad, AND the ugly. Oh and hear this, I made it fiction, by adding fake details. Not because I'm making it up, no, because I don't want his whole story heard. I mean it talks about all the pretty things, and all the shitty things, and all the little things that fall between.

Fuck, I can rant on this forever... And proof of that is I'm swearing. If I swear, I'm dead serious. If someone comes and asks me to read a story about them and bad things, I'll simply say- gtfo of my life (not really, just ignore ya)

WAIT THERE'S MORE! Another exception is, if it's about how society is treating them. For instance, Rowenya. She has a story that effects probably a little more than 50% of us, and she's speaking up. Not just saying, here, read my story, it might make you cry. One, she isn't asking for sympathy. She's saying that she doesn't give a fuck, and that if you have a problem, shut the hell up and go tell someone who gives a shit.

Gosh, I hope you guys have thought about things on a different level now.

And another thing before I end this, does it ever occur to you that someone is making something up just for attention? I mean this is the internet. You can be whoever you want, it's just most of us decide to be stupid!

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