Nature's Gift of Freedom

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Jace was the girl who wasnt. She was never one to be seen, yet she was there, alone. She never had friends. Only her brother, even he never noticed she was there. But, Jace has had enough. No more hiding. She will finally be free. Free from the grasp of society.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Nature's Gift of Freedom

Submitted: December 31, 2012

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Submitted: December 31, 2012



Nature's Gift of Freedom (Chapter 1)

My heart raced as I began to pack my things, midnight approaching. I looked out of my window, the moon shining bright onto the grass below. My hands worked quickly, excited to finally be free. The door downstairs slammed shut, letting me know my brother was home, no that he would notice me. I kept packing, then, once I was done, I slipped my duffle bag under my bed. The small, cold, attic that was my room, was silent in the night. Not a noise was heard. Only the sound of my racing heart pulsed in my ears.

"Jace! Get down here! Now!" I heard Nathan call, with a slurr. Nathan was my brother, though he felt more like a slave holder to me. And I was the slave.

"Coming!" I yelled down, rushing to get downstair. I knew Nathan did not like to wait. He was not a patient guy. I skipped at least three steps as I ran downstairs, almost frightened to the unsurity of what as coming.

"Jace. Get me my dinner. Im starving." He ordered, though I doubted he was starving. His gut looked as if he had a tire around himself. I nodded, doing as he said, and getting him his usual; Beer (Carona, cold), Sandwich (White bread, american cheese, and ham), + Lays Chips.

After serving him his "Dinner", I began to head toward my room, when he grabbed my wrist, "Jace.. You are the most unsocial 13 year old girl I have ever met. You need to get out some more. Your pretty, and you need a life." He let go of me, though I knew he was already drunk from just coming home from the bar down the street. My brother would never say that.

I went upstairs, pulling my shoulder length Curly blonde hair into a ponytail. I slipped out of the ususal sweat pants, pulling on my skinny jeans with holes in the thighs and knees. I also threw on my army green tanktop, and my brown combat boots. I picked up my duffle bag, lookat at my window. I jumped through my open window, landing softly on the ground, with only a mute thump.

Looking back up at my window, I smiled. I was finally going to be free from this daft life.

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