Chapter 1: The Mystery Box

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Once upon a story, there was a wealthy widower called Edna Bliming, her husband died five years ago in a terrible car accident on the 18th June 2006, she is still in grief now after five years. Here is her story of how she met Steven Hawking and a mystery person which you will find out later on.

 Now on the anniversary of my husband’s death, I was walking home and a thunderstorm was occurring. When I arrived home and had put the kettle on, I heard strange noises coming from the attic. As I climbed the crooked stairs that creaked every time I took a step, I felt a bit frightened because the noises started to speed up, when I reached the attic door and as I turned the door knob. When I took a step inside, I noticed a very large box in my way that had a hidden note on it, it read “Hello, my name is Steven Hawking, I am a scientist and I have put this chest in your house because I am going to collect it on the 19th June 2011”.

I was shocked that I hadn’t seen the chest or the note before and I also realized that the 19th June 2011 was tomorrow and that Steven Hawking was coming to my house to collect this chest that was making noises. It had a key pad so I tried to open it with any numbers I could think of at that time but it stayed shut. That night I slept like a log, I didn’t even have a dream, even though the noises were still there.

 The next day at 11am there was a soft knock on my old brown door. I was more than excited that a famous scientist was coming to my house to pick up this mysterious looking chest. When I opened the door, Mr. Hawking was sitting in his wheelchair looking at this run down house that looked like a ghost had lived here for the past 5 years. His computer wheelchair spoke in a mechanical tone:

 “Hello, I am Steven Hawking and I am a scientist, I believe that I left a chest here 17 years ago and I have come to take it away”

I replied even thought I was not sure of this person “Hello I am Edna Bliming and I have lived here for about 14 years but I have had no recollection of this chest being here, by the way it kept making noises last night but luckily I got to sleep”.

“Hello Edna, 14 years eh? Good age for this house, he said with a smirk. The chest can move on its own because it has a motor built in which lets it move anywhere, and I planned the noises to happen one day before I would collect it because then you or the person that lived here would notice the noises and read the letter, it’s very technical because it has something special in it” he replied.

“I won’t ask why you are doing this project then” I said in return for a weird look.

Then he told me to go and get the box because he couldn’t get up stairs. When I reached the box, I tried to lift it but it was very heavy so I got a trolley and slid the box onto it and took it down the stairs.

“Now can you open it, because I want to see what all the fuss is about” I said in a firm tone.

“Ok type in 4763 and it should open” he said

I typed the code in and it began to open, as soon the chest was fully open, a man appeared and looked at us. I recognised who he was but I couldn’t remember where I had seen him.

“Have you learnt your lesson?” Steven said

“Yes I have, thank you for making me notice that I wasn’t just a writer that I was a contortionist as Well”.

“Ah, I am sorry for not introducing you to each other. Edna this is Steven King, Steven this is Edna Bliming, and you have been living with her for 14 years!” he said to both of us.

“Hello Edna, I am Steven King” he said looking at me

“Yes I know who you are, you went missing 17 years ago and now I know where you went, up in my attic” I replied

“Now we have some experiments to do on Mr. King, have a nice day” he said to me.

So they went out of my house and I was stunned to find that Steven King had left a book for me inside the chest and there was a note on it.

“Thank you for looking after me all those years even though you didn’t know that I was even there, from Steven King” it said. I sat down on my old tattered sofa and began to read the book he gave to me it was called “The Chest”, I chuckled to myself.

That is the story of how I met Steven Hawking and Steven King, I hope you enjoyed it.

After she told us this story, her grief about her husband went and she is living her life to the max.


Submitted: November 28, 2011

© Copyright 2021 katym1998. All rights reserved.


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He he he he the second time i have read this now... so random XD he he eh he see you soon.

Fri, December 23rd, 2011 4:23pm


Thanks raz I luv u 2 xxxxxxxx

Mon, January 16th, 2012 11:17am


Kk luv u babe

Sat, January 14th, 2012 5:08am

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