Sink or Swim

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: January 10, 2008

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Submitted: January 10, 2008



She reached into her ugly faded blue locker, adorned with pictures of her Pinecrest friends, and Saints magnets. She pulled out her lunch bag, it was brown with her name on it, in her Dads crazy handwriting.She slammed her locker shut and walked to the lunchroom. Giggles and groups of friends were seen everywhere. She felt alone. She walked into the cafeteria. School Spirit banners and VOTE AINSLEY FOR YOUR PREZ posters were plastered to the walls. She didn’t take more than five steps when she heard.

“Alexis! Alexis?! Ah-lexis!” chanted Drew, signaling with his head that he wanted her to sit with him.

“Hey, whats up?” she greeted him.

“Come sit here.” He pointed to the seat next to him

“Kay,” She sat down, the cafeteria only had a few people in it so far. “Who else sits here?” she asked pulling out her Lays Chip bag.

“I don’t know. Usually people from the Lacrosse team or skaters sit in this section, the semi populars.”

“Oh, makes sense.” She giggled.

“What have you got in your lunch?” asked Drew

“Peanut Butter and Strawberry Jelly, lays chips, triple x vitamin water, grapes and 2 oreos.”

“I have Peanut butter and grape jelly, Utz chips, Fruit punch vitamin water and 2 chips ahoy.” Announced Drew. Alexis giggled.

“I trade you Utz for Lays!”

“Sweet!” he said grabbing her chips, “Lays is SOO much better!”

“Not when you eat it everday!” she said ripping open his bag.

“Are you a vitamin water addict too?” he randomly changed the subject.

“You know it!” she cheered.

“I’ll trade you!” he said, but it came out as a question

“Never, I LOVE triple X. I just made the switch last week.”

“Aww.” He turned his lips into the kind of pout that her little cousin made when he wasn’t allowed to havecookie.

“Fine fine. You can have ONE SIP!” she reasoned

“Sah-weet.” He grabbed her bottle and in one swift movement cracked it lid off and took a long swig.

“Ahhh. That was good.” He said giving her, her drink back.

“That was more than ONE SIP.” She pretended to be upset, “so now I get have a bite of your chips ahoy!”

“Sounds fair…” he answered suspicsiously. She grabbed his bag, and ate a cookie, in one bite.

“Okay, okay. Were even now.” She said, swallowing.

“Good, I wanted my cookies!”

“You still have one left, I wanted my Vitamin Water!”

“You still have half left.”

“So true.” She said drinking the other half in a sip.

“What are you doing after school today?” he asked

“Umm,” she cocked her head, “nothing…why?”

“Wanna hang out or something?”


“Awesome, we can go to abandoned woods, there is this gigantic lake that nobody has ever been in, none of my friends have ever had the courage to go with me, and I never had the courage to go in.”

“I’m in.” she banged her fist to the lunch table like she was a judge her her fist was a gable

“Dude, I was just kidding! I mean, its been abandoned fro years! Nobody has ever been in!”

“Oh come on! It’ll be like an adventure, like in the movies!”

“I don’t know…”

“Please?” she begged, and clasped her hands together.


“Yes!! Thanks!!”

“No problem, but if we don’t come back alive, I need to find someone to get my PS3.” Alexis started laughing. In a few seconds Drew was laughing too. They sat there laughing until a teacher made them stop.

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