Sink or Swim

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: January 24, 2008

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Submitted: January 24, 2008



Two more periods, thought Alexis as she absent mindedly doodled in her notebook. She couldn’t wait to go hang with Drew, she was so excited to see what the creek would be like. She loved nature, the four white walls of every classroom in here seemed to be moving in closer trapping her in. She couldn’t wait to be outside near the babbling brookes, or the sound of water dripping in a cave. She put down her pencil and stared out the window. She picked her pencil back up but dropped it. She turned to pick it up, when the most gorgeous deep brown eyes, stared back at her.

“Here you go…Alexis, rite?” he asked, but it sounded more like a statement than a question

“Umm, yeah. And you are…Skylar?” she tried to remember his name. He was amazingly cute!

“Yeah.” He said, ruffling his long dark hair.

“Thanks for getting my pencil.” She said, trying as hard as she could to sound confident, not nervous.

“Anytime, ” He replied coolly, “can I walk you to your locker after 7th period?” he asked, seeming slightly nervous.

“Sure!” she answered. She stole one last glance at him before she turned back to the blackboard. The brown stripes on his Hollister Redondo were the exact color of his eyes. And his blue cutoff destroy wash jeans, went along with his I just rolled of bed, intentionally messy hair. He was a dream.

As soon as Alexis walked into seventh period she regretted letting Skylar walk her to her locker. She didn’t even think about how Drew would feel. But they were just friends, rite? Suddenly Alexis had a sinking feeling in her stomach. She had seventh period with Drew! He would probably walk her to her locker. How would she get out of this mess. It could totally ruin her friendship with Drew, and if Skylar saw her talking to Drew on her way out of the classroom he would get mad. She sank deep into a seat in the back of the class. Drew came in and sat next to her. She took out a piece of lined paper and began forming a plan. By the time the last bell rang she was ready . She took her time getting out of the classroom, and Drew waited for her, just as she thought he would.

“Drew, I’ll meet you at your locker, kay?”

“Sure.” He replied, still waiting for her. She ran ahead of him by 10 paces and dropped her pencil.

“Oops! Skylar can you get that for me?” she said quickly.

“Sure.” He bent down to pick it up. While Skylar was getting her pencil she talked to Drew.

“See ya in a few.” When Drew was gone she felt two bricks slowly being lifted off her shoulders. She was glad that was over.

“Where’s your locker?” he asked.

“214, its two hallways to the left.”

“Really? Mine is 204, 10 away.”

“That rocks!” clapped Alexis.

“Can I carry your books?” he asked leaning in closer as the rounded out of the narrow hallway. Alexis suddenly realized that she was in huge pain, she was carrying her binder, and books and notebooks from basically all of her classes. She had to lug them all home in her backpack and cover them tonight. She snuck a peek at Skylar’s books. He had just as many as her. Skylar showed no pain at all. She didn’t want him to be in pain because of her though. She shrugged the notion off like a suggestion to go sledding in a bikini, and handed him her books: science(no GT courses in that yet), a science notebooks pimped out with raccoon stickers, her writing folder for English, with letters that stenciled her name wrapped all over it, two book about possums that she extracted from her reading teacher’s broad selection of novels, biographies and more, a folder for study hall, a math book with weird calculations on the cover, a notebook with an up close and personal sketch of Albert Einstein, and a history book and social studies warm up journal adorned with fall out boy song lyrics.

“Here you go.” She answered his question while handing him the last notebook. He flinched a little but other than that seemed to be in no pain at all. He leaned in closer to her and in response she leaned in closer to him. They were walking side by side. Right now, having a locker far away from the main hallway seemed more like a blessing than a curse. She felt like a million bucks being escorted by, the Skylar…, he never told her his last name. Come to think of it, they barley knew each other at all.

“So, how long have you lived in Clyettesville?” she asked, trying to breed a conversation out of him.

“Ever since I was born.” He replied blas Like he had already lost interest.

“Oh, I just moved her over the summer.” She informed him, trying to hint that she wanted him to be part of their conversation. After a long pause she added, “from Pinecrest.”

“Oh, that’s cool.” He replied, this time showing a little more interest. They had one more hallway before there were back at Alexis’s locker.

“What’s your last name?” she asked, hoping to spark his interest.


“Oh I like that, Skylar Harrington, mine is Alexis Briar.”

“Cool.” He replied keeping his head focused forward. There was a long silence and then in what seemed like a century, they reached her locker, the hallway was still jam packed, like sardines in a can, so Drew couldn’t see them.

“Well thanks.” She waved him off like a bellboy carrying her luggage. There eyes met again. He gave a sweet smile. Alexis was hypnotized by it, like he was a snake charmer and she snake.

“Can you to you locker tomorrow?”

“Sure.” She not thinking. She pulled out her messanger bag, stuffed her books into it, and shut her locker closed. She hurried to Drew’s locker.

“Ready? How far is this abandoned woods?” she asked.

“Well, from here about ten minutes.”

“Can we stop at my place so I can drop off my backpack? It’ll be really quick! And my house is about five or six minutes from here.”

“Sure, can I leave mine there until I go back home?”

“Sure. My mom will be home and probably my seven year old sister Jennah though.”

“That’s fine.” He confirmed.

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