Love, Lust and Zombie Guts.

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Just a fanfic of The Walking Dead :)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Love, Lust and Zombie Guts.

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Submitted: March 19, 2013



Sitting in against the door of the toilet cubicle, I began to cry. He was dead. Never comign back. Only, he would come back. But it wouldn't be him anymore. He'll turn into a monster like everyone else. I've lost him. The real him anyway. My brother had come in here for a mere operation and was on the road to recovery. That's when they attacked. I'd had no other choice but to run. There weren't many of them that had gotten into his room, but there were enough that he had no chance of surviving. And it was my fault.
They would surely be dead by now. I mean, really dead. Not the living dead that all of them were turning into, but dead in that they are no longer alive at all. There were loads of armed military people around, but maybe they're all dead too. They had massive guns, so I doubt they would be. I'd like to hope they shot all the... monsters... down.
There aren't many around at the moment. It's only the beginning. But it will get worse, it won't just stop. They don't even know what this illness is yet. The police in an attempt to keep the disaster on a down-low haven't put a name to these thing syet. That would make it all too real for them to cope. But I know what they are. They're zombies. The living dead.
Upon hearing someone enter the bathroom, I stand up and unlock the cubicle. There's only one and I presume they'll want to use it. That's when I realize my mistake. I hear the low groan that they make. Thos emonsters that everyone has become. Frantically, I try to lock the door again, but it's too late. The thing shoved its arm in the way of my closing the door. I could clearly see the bite mark on its arm with black blood oozing out of it. Their skin was a grey-green color and it looked like it was rotting from the inside out. The stench alone was enough to make me want to be sick. It was like fish, sewage and vomit combined. It was overpowering.
I'd never been so scared in my life. I knew I was going to die. No, I won't die. That's right. I won't. I'll turn into one of those things. It's true what they say. Your whole life does flash before your eyes. But I had no time to thing about it. I didn't want it to end like this. I didn't want to be one of those things. Even pushing all of my weight on the door, I was still too weak to keep it closed. I could feel it being forced open. Desperately, I look around the small cubicle for something that I could use as a weapon. Nothing. It was empty. I let out a small growl of frustration.
There wasn't even a toilet scrubber in here. Just the toilet and the toilet roll. Then I saw it. The air freshener spray. Leaping forwards, I grabbed it. Knowing full well that the thing pushing against the door would be able to come in, I quickly turned and sprayed it in the face. I hoped to distact it long enough to run. It didn't work. It just mad ethem angry and now I was trapped inside the cramped cubicle with a monster I shook the can. Empty. I don't know why, but I threw the can at it. I knew it would piss them off more, but I was panicking. The monster locked its eyes on me. It's cold, dead eyes. They looked like two black holes sucking in all light and life from anything or anyone. The eyes alone frightened me, but I knew if I looked away, I would become one of them. It would give it thechance to bite me. But I hope to prolong the time before it comes. I put my feet up to my attakcers chest, pushing them away from me in an attempt to get their teeth as far away from me as possible.
One bite is all it takes.
I take this time, before my inevitable death, to really take in the attackers face. I'd seen it, but not really the details. The brown hair still looked clean. They had a little bit of stubble and their skin was only just turning the green-grey color that they all had taken on. He'd changed recently. I let out a small gasp as I added it all together. I knew who this was. IT was him. THe facial features were the same, but the dead giveawayw was the necklace he was wearing. IT was a crucifix. He'd never worn it becaue he believe in God. He'd worn it because it had the name of a woman who used to be very dear to him engraved on it. The name of our mother.
This was my brother.
It had to be him, really. Didn't it? Only it isn't him. The monster ha taken over now. He's gone. I feel a silent tear roll down my cheek as I stare at him in horror. He still had the hospital gown on, that barley covered his knees. His teeth biting thin air, trying to get a taste of my skin. It had only been an hour since I'd seen him alive, but his teeth were already yellowing and blood mixed with spit dripped out of his mouth.
Our mum was lucky, really. She's already dead. Gone long before this all broke out. Before this infection got loose. Knowing full well I looked really pathetic, I lashed out, kicking with all my might. But he wouldn't budge. I knew he wouldn't. He was a lot older than me, and a lot taller as well as stronger. I was sobbing now, for both the loss of my brother and the fear for my life. There was no way that I was going to beat him. I knew it, and I could see deep down in these hollow eyes that maybe he knew it as well.
Suddenly, his body went limp. There was no sign of anything happening to him until he fell to the floor. A tall, muscular man stood behind him, holding some kind of pole that looks like it came from the stand that they hook the IV fluid to.
"Are you just going to sit there?" He said in a thick redneck accent.
"N-No." I stammered quickly, getting up to leave, "Wait!" I said, remembering the necklace. I yanked it off of his lifeless body, and shoved it in my jean pocket.
"Ready, Thumbelina?" Nodding, I followed him out of the toilets. He walked almost silently, checking everywhere before he took another step. Not having enough time to question the name Thumbelina. There were dead bodies littering the hall. I had to clamp my hand oveer my mouth to stop myself from making any sound. I shakily followed this myserious man's footsteps. It looked like there had been a massive shoot out between the zombies and the military. It had gotten a lot worse since before I'd gone into the toilets. I didn't think I'd been in there very long. Certainly not more than a couple of hours. How could all this happen in that short amount of time?
Finally, we rached the fire escape stairs, "These head straight out into an alley. There might be some walkes out there, so be prepared to fight." He whispered so quietly I had to strain to hear what he was saying. HE threw me a machine gun that a dead soldier was holding. I caught it with ease, "Don't shoot. Use it to hit them." He whispered sternly, suing actions to show what he was saying. I nodded, attempting to hide the terror that was painted across my face.
Creeping down the stairs, I could hear the moans and groans of he undead coming from within the hospital. However, the staircase was clear. Most of the doors to the floors of the hospital had been barricaded by gourneys and polces to prevent anything getting in or out. We rached the hird floor and yet another door was barricaded off. But this time, there were scraped, scratched and blood covering the window. I quickened my pace, not wanting to know what is behind it. Not ever wanting to find out. I just wanted to be free from here.
I could only think about how lucky we were to have been on that floor. How lucky we were to have found that door. The only one, it seems, that has not been barricaded off. But then I heard the door we'd just come out of open andd slam shut. Shuffling feet began walking down the stairs and the groans became louder the farher down the stairs they got. The man stopped walking and listened, before he turned to me and smiled like he was enjoying me being scared to death.
"Run." He whispered, almost excited that this had happened. He then bolted down the last few floors of the stairs and I struggled to keep up, still clutching the gun in my hands. I was following a mad man. We got to the bottom of the stairs and piled out of the door. I needed a break, but he continued running. My lungs were on fire and I felt like my legs were going to give up any second. This man still seemed like he had mountains of energy.
I could heaar the beeping of a car horn at the end of the alley, and I could have sworn he mumbled something like 'ididiot', but I couldn't be sure. There was only a few hundred meters until the end and I felt a new sense of hope that I would going to make it. But then I tripped. A zombie had grabbed my ankle and I fell flat on my face. I cried out and used my gun to beat it back. That's when I saw it was only half a torso. It's intestines were tailing on the floor behind it as it crawled its way closer to me, trying to take a bite of my flesh.
I pulled the gun up above my head and smashed it into the skull fo the zombie infront of me again and again. As I cried out in terror, blood splattered down my face. I felt sick. I wasn't thinking about what I wasdoing to it, but what it was trying to do to me. That if I allowed it to, it would bite me. I'd just killed a person.
Before I could let that thought sink in, I was being hauled off of he floor and was slung over the shoulder of which I presumed was the mystery man, only I was wrong. This man was slightly taller andbald rather than having thick brown hair like the other guy did. I looked up, and saw thatthere were at least three zombies standing around the other zombie that I'd just killed. My eyes widened. They were eating it. That thing was a zombie too, and they were eating it.
I was thrown into a car and the guy carrying me climbed in too before we drove off at dizzying speeds down the road.
"You don'tlook too good." A female voice said with the same redneckaccent as the mystery man.
"You throwup in my car, you're on your own, Thumbelina."
"You might want to stop the car then." I said, holding mymouth and gagging. After he checked it was clear, he pulled over. I practicallyfell out fo the car and threw up all over the road.
"Cough it all up, love. First expierience with thewalkers?"
Before I could nod in response, I threw up again. Standing up straight, I took in a deepbreath and the strange girl handed me a tissue.
"My, you do look a lot better not." She said, smiling widely.
"All better now?" A gruff voice said from beside me. I turned and sawhe was handing me a stick of gum. I accepted and nodded.
"How rude of me! I don't believeI introduced myself. I'm Rebecca. This here is Merle. And that's Daryl. We're all siblings, if you couldn't tell." I could.
"I'm Emilia, nice to meet you." I smiled. Rebecca seemed far nicer than Daryl or Merle, that was the only difference, "Thanks to all of you for saving me. I thought I was agoner bakck there on more than one occasion."
"No problem, Thumbelina." The man, who had been introduced to me as Daryl, said with a straight face.
"Stop calling her that! She isn't that short!" Rebecca lightly slapped his arm. Merle chuckled at the entire scene from the seat next to me.
Music began playing quietly from the tape player in the front of the car, only to be interrupted by a crackly radio broadcast.
"All survivors, all surviviors. This chaos is not going toget any better. Everyone i sdying. THe government has set up a military run safe area at Atlanta City. Make your way there and you'll be fed and watered and sssigned a house to stay in." Then it repeated, over and over until the strange guy shut off the radio.
"Guess we're going to Atlanta." Daryl said as we turned out of the city and onto the highway.

Chapter 6.

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