Vampire Angels - Part One

Status: Finished

Vampire Angels - Part One

Status: Finished

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Vampire Angels - Part One

Book by: Kayyla

Genre: Fantasy


Book by: Kayyla


Genre: Fantasy



Seventeen year old Corinne finds out that in her world there are such things as Vampire Angels after she meets a new boy in school. Finding out she has to choice in dying or making the change, to finding out that she has to take a role of someone in the Vampire Angel world if she kills them.


Seventeen year old Corinne finds out that in her world there are such things as Vampire Angels after she meets a new boy in school. Finding out she has to choice in dying or making the change, to finding out that she has to take a role of someone in the Vampire Angel world if she kills them.

Author Chapter Note

Seventeen year old Corinne finds out that in her world there are such things as Vampire Angels after she meets a new boy in school. Finding out she has to choice in dying or making the change, to finding out that she has to take a role of someone in the Vampire Angel world if she kills them.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 14, 2012



Iwas never popular. I had two friends, Dev and Bree. These girls were my best friends. I told them everything and they knew everything. Dev had blonde hair with pink and black thru it, her hair sat on the middle of her back and it was deadly straight, wore glasses, knee high socks and converses with short skirts and tank tops and had a British accent; Bree had orange hair, when I say orange I mean bright orange hair, with yellow thru her fringe, she played the guitar and sung really great, she had a boyfriend named Lucas, who everyone called Luke, they had been together since year seven. Luke was a sporty guy, into all the sports, soccer, football, you name it, and he could play it. And he knew everyone and everyone knew him. But yet no one knew Bree. Luke had brown sort of curly sort of straight hair. And his style was stylish for a guy.

Everything was fine until one day. A new guy came to school, he had the surfy look. His hair was blonde and brown and had a flick when his hair ended. It wasn’t long and it wasn’t short. He was built and was tall. With gorgeous blue eyes. To me that was smoking hot. Very sexy.

“You’re looking at the new kid Corinne!” Dev said.

“Shut up. You know that there,” I said, pointing at the new guy, “Is my type of man.” I winked at her.

“Yeah I know. He keeps looking at you, like he is going to walk over here, take you in his arms and say I’ve been waiting all my life for you.” Dev joked as Bree and Luke walked up and sat at our lunch table.

“Have you seen the new kid? All the girls don’t stop talking about him.” Bree said, with a roll of the eyes.

“I know Corinne here hasn’t stop staring at the kid.” Dev said.

“He looks like trouble.” Luke said.

“But he is my type of man.” I said.

They all looked at me like I was stupid for even thinking that. But I didn’t care, 'cause it is my type of man and we all have different taste in guys.

We were halfway through lunch when next thing you know we heard someone clear their throat. I looked up. And guess who? Yep, you guessed it. The new kid.

“Hey,” he said, with a half a smile.

Hey’s and hi’s came from each one of us. I could feel my gut doing micky flips.

“The name is Ian. And you all are?”




“And I’m Corinne.” I smiled at Ian.

“So, Dev, Bree, Luke, and Corinne.” He said, and smiled at me.

“Yep, you got the names right. Wanna join us?” Dev said, looking at me.

“Love too.” Ian said and sat down.

Ian looked straight at me. We made eye contact until I broke it by looking away. I was never good with guys. But something about Ian was different and I knew this guy was going to change my life.

We all sat and spoke about everything. Questions were being flung left and right. It was one of the best lunches I have had at school. Even though my school was really shit. The bell rung and we all got up. I said my byes to everyone and started walking away. Then I heard Ian saying bye and footsteps catching up to me pretty quickly.

“Corinne, right?” Ian looked at me.

“Yeah, Ian right?” I said back.

“Yep that it is. What class do you have now?”

“Umm,” I pulled out my timetable, “I have art. What do you have?”

“Art. Ms Sax?”

“Yeah, yeah I do.” I said with a nervous laugh.

“Cool. What do you do after school?”

“I don’t really do much, and it being at Friday afternoon, I won’t be doing much, because my friends are all busy on a Friday.”

I had no idea why I told him that my mates are all busy on Friday afternoons. I look away from him and looked at the lockers.

“Sounds pretty lame, to be honest. Hey why don’t we do something?”

“Err, sure, why not aye?”

“Cool,” He said as we walked into class. “Where do you sit?”

I pointed at the back left corner of the class room where four ugly white chairs sat around a different coloured table that I am pretty sure it was black once upon a time. I walked to where I normally sat. I didn’t expect Ian to sit with me. I thought he would sit with the Barbies. The Barbies are these blondes’ bimbo girls who were popular. And always had something to say about me when I walked passed them. Anywhere. The shopping centre, school, you name it, if I was there and so were they, they would say something to me. Always something nasty.

“Grab your stuff, paints and get to work. You have today’s lesson only to finish this assignment. Ian, you have an extra week to finish this assignment. I will come over and explain what you have to do, until then Corinne, explain the assignment to Ian.” Ms Sax said.

I went up and grab all my paints and art pad. I started walking back to my seat when I noticed something strange about Ian. He had a white light behind him. It was like he had a spot light on him. I kept walking and sat down at my table. Ms Sax had given Ian all of art supplies so he didn’t have to get up and get them this class. But I knew next class he would have to get them.

“Okay, so the assignment is too paint something still, like a bowl of fruit or a tree or something like that. Then paint into the picture what feeling you’re feeling. Do you get what I mean?” I said.

“Yeah, I kind of get what you’re saying. What did you paint?” Ian asked.

“Well, I’m painting my stuff collectables and putting anger into my painting. Cause I was feeling anger and disappointment when I start this assignment.” I smiled.

“You got skills. Why were you feeling angry and disappointed when you painted this?”

“I was angry with my family. And disappointed in my parents. That’s why my painting has anger and disappointment in it.”

“Oh true. Okay. Well I better get started. Are we able to take our assignments home and work on them?”

“Well I think you will be able too. But I always come back here during lunch time’s cause than its quiet and I have no one looking at me and stuff.”

“Oh cool. We should do that.”

Did he just say we? I didn’t believe my ears when I heard that. But I think I would take him up on his request.

“Yeah, we can do that. What about tomorrow big break?” I asked trying not to smile.

“Sounds like a plan, Sweetheart.” Ian smiled.

His smile made me melt inside. I was absolutely sure that he was going to do something to change my life forever. We went on with our work; I could see him peeking at my work every now and then. Ms Sax came over and started explaining more detail into the assignment. Ian didn’t get much done cause Ms Sax chatting away basically the end of the lesson. The final bell went and I was just starting to pack up. I cleaned my brushes I used and the paint trays I used for my paint and to mix the paint.

“Corinne, why don’t you leave this to me? I think someone is waiting outside for you and has been for the last twenty minutes.” Ms Sax said, with a wink.

I looked over where she was looking and there was Ian sitting there looking at the painting hung up around the classroom. I didn’t even noticed him until Ms Sax said something to me about him.

“Are you sure? I can do them. And I still go my table to clean.” I said, feeling guilty.

“Corinne, you are my best student in this class. You are always in here cleaning brushed and desks. I think you should have a break for one afternoon.”


I walked over to my desk and grabbed my art pad and assignment. I handed Ms Sax my assignment.

“Bye Ms Sax.” I said and walked out the classroom.

I walked past Ian and I saw a smile on his face.

“Hey Sweetheart. Didn’t think you were the type to stay behind, finish you assignment and clean brushes.” Ian said behind me.

“Well; I am. I do it all the time.” I said with a nervous laugh.

“So, you said we would hang this afternoon. So, what ya wanna do?”

“Whatever sounds good, I guess.”

“Alright, do you have to be home by a certain time?”

“No; just have to let my ‘rents know that I’ll be home late.”

“Cool. Do you have a car or what?”

“No; but I do have a licence.” I looked away from him.

“Great! We’ll take my car. We are going on a little road trip. Don’t ask me where cause I don’t know where. We’ll just drive till it gets late. Sound good?”

“Yeah, actually it does.” I smiled.

We walked down the path to his car.

“This is your car?” I gasped.

“It’s not my car. It’s my baby!” He laughed.

“Oh really?” I giggled.

Ian smiled huge at me. Like we were girlfriend and boyfriend. But there was a little part of me hoping that would happen one day. I never had a boyfriend, probably because I wasn’t known for one of the pretty girls. My hair was my natural sandy blonde, I didn’t wear any make-up and I only had two friends. Three if you include Luke.

We got into Ian’s car; the inside of his car was nice. Blue and green lights lit up across the dash board; he had electric seats; it was a five speed manual. To me being the type of chick that I am, you wouldn’t think that I knew this much stuff about cars, but I do. He had a Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34). It was lime-green with twenty-four inch tyres with gold rims. His car was nice and stylish.

“So, what is your dream car? The car that you would love to have over any other car.” Ian asked me.

“Um, it would have to be a BMW M3 GT2.” I smiled at Ian.

“Wow, seems like you know your cars. If you really know your cars what sort of car is this? Give details.”

“It’s a lime-green five speed Nissan Skyline GT-R, R34. With twenty-four inch tyres.”

“Well, you got that all correct. You seriously surprised me with that.”

“What are your three top cars?”

“My three top cars? Well, they would have to be a Porsche Cayman S; a Mercedes Bens SL65 AMG; and a Lamborghini Gallardo. What about you? What are you top three?”

“Mine? Oh they are, Lamborghini Murcielago LP640, Ford Shelby GT500, and Audi R8.”

“Damn girl, you like your cars. I like that.”

“Yeah, I know something’s but not a lot really. Just don’t ever ask me to fix your car.”

“So, I have no idea where we are going but we are near the beach, wanna stop here?”

The good thing about living where I live is that I live close to the beach and it’s about a half an hour drives to where Main Point Lookout is.

“Yep, seems like the spot.”

I looked out at the beach thru the window and there it was again the white light. It was like Ian was some angel or something. Maybe I was just seeing stuff. I wasn’t going to worry about it.

I felt some vibrate at my feet than started to hear my ringtone.

“Hello?” I said.

“WHERE ARE YOU?!” My mum screamed into the phone.

“I’m out with a friend Mum. I’ll be home later.”

“Why didn’t you call me? Your fucking sister didn’t even know where you are! For fuck sake Corinne, you know you should ring!”

“I forgot Mum, okay? Sorry.”

“Be home by twelve. No later, you understand me?”

“Yes, Mum.”

She hung up on me. My mum is always a worried mother if we don’t ring.

“Well, your mum sounds harsh.” Ian said.

“Yeah she is like that sometimes. Just a worried mother, I guess.”

“You don’t like it when she yells?”

“No I don’t. I don’t like anyone yelling.” I looked away. I felt tears coming on.

“Hey, it’s okay sweetheart. Everything is okay.”

I turned and smiled at him the best I could. Ian found a spot to park; we got out and walked down the beach. We found a good spot and looked out over the ocean. It was so peaceful. I wished home was as peaceful as the ocean. My life was never as good. Always some way to stuff things up. Ian and I spoke for what felt like days.

“It’s eleven-fifteen; I best get you home, Sweetheart.” Ian said.

“Yeah better, my mum might get angry if I’m not home by twelve.”

We started walking up the beach when Ian grabbed my hand and pulled me back. He took my face in between his hand. And planted a kiss on my lips. I didn’t stop him because it felt right. It felt like he was the one for me. And that we were the only ones on this planet.

“We better get you home.” Ian whispered onto my lips.

I let out a small sigh, giggle.

We walked up to his car and got in. I fell asleep in his car. And dreamed about us being together for eternity.

“Sweetheart?” I heard Ian whisper. But kept sleeping 'cause it felt like he said it in my dream.

“Corinne? Wake up. We are at your place.” Ian whispered.

“Oh. How did you know where I live?” I said, sleepily.

“Don’t you remember me waking you up before and ask where to go?” Ian laughed.

I laughed. “Must have been in a deep sleep. Sorry.”

“It’s okay. You look cute when you sleep.”

“Wanna stay?” I had no idea why I said that.

“But your parentals will know.”

“Come thru the window. I can lock my door they will have no idea. But you will have to move your car and hide it. There’s a massive tree over there, hide it behind that, than go to the third window down the back where there is a tree outside. Tap three times.”

“Okay Sweetheart. See you soon.” Then he kissed my forehead.

I got out his car. Confused on why I said for him to sneak into my home. And happy because I can cuddle up to the guy I was starting to think was my number one. I walked up the stairs, grabbing my keys on the way up. I unlocked the door and walked to my bedroom. I found a note.

Corinne, Dev called. She didn’t leave a message for you. Dad.

“Well, at least it isn’t a note to say I’m angry with you.” I whispered to myself.

I quickly changed into my pyjamas and gave my hair a quick brush and put it up. I brushed my teeth when I heard three taps at my window. I quickly rinsed my mouth. I walked over to my window and opened it.

“Hey.” Ian whispered.

“Hi.” I said. And walked over to my lamp and turned it on.

“Nice room.” Ian said looking round at everything.


I climbed onto my bed. Ian walked over and climbed in. We sat up most of the night talking until I passed out. My dream was strange. Ian was in it. He had that white light behind him and when he smiled he had what look like fangs.

Sweetheart, you will know the truth soon. It will change your life forever. And you will not be able to tell anyone what the truth is. These dreams will make sense soon enough. I hope the truth doesn’t change the way you think about me.” Ian said in my dreams.

What do you mean Ian? What is the truth? Why can’t you tell me what it is? Please tell me!” I said.

You will know soon. When we know you’re ready to know the truth. You’ll know soon enough, Sweetheart, soon enough.”

What do you mean we? Ian, what is going on?”

You will know the truth be you know it.”

Ian started fading away, and I was still standing in confusion.


And just like that he disappeared. After he disappeared into thin air, I sat straight up in my bed. I reached over and grabbed my mobile. Eleven-thirty in the morning. I laid back down when my phone whistled at me.

C – Didn’t wake u this mornin’. I no u didn’t get home til late last nite. I let mum and dad no that I didn’t wake you for school. Love you Sissy Girl. Xoxo.

“Thanks Aimee. You’re top.” I said out loud.

In the corner of my eye I saw my notebook open on my desk. I quickly jumped outta bed and ran over to my desk. Tripping on my school bag in the mean while. I grabbed my book and jumped back into my bed and propped my pillows up so I sat comfortably.

Sweetheart; I left this early this morning when I heard a tap on your door. No one saw me. I hope to see you tonight. –Ian

I couldn’t stop smiling. He wanted to see me again. I laid back and smiled to myself. I fell back asleep. By the time I woke up again it was about seven-thirty and I had three missed calls from Bree. And I had a text message from Dev and another message from Aimee. I read my messages and it wasn’t anything important. I grabbed my towel and headed for the shower.

I felt so tired. I didn’t wanna go anyway I just wanted to sleep. Something was wrong with me. It was only days before my seventeenth birthday, and I didn’t want to come.

Three nights passed and I hadn’t seen Ian at all. I felt like a total idiot for believing that I would see him again. I wasn’t good with guys. I wasn’t popular or anything. I was “That Girl”. Nobody knew me, let alone my name. I guess it would have to be something I have to get used to in my life.

I was depressed for two weeks. I wasn’t happy on my birthday. Than two nights after my birthday. I was trying to get to sleep when my phone wouldn’t stop vibrating. I rolled over to see it was. Private number. So I rolled back over and tried going back to sleep. It kept going. So I answered.

“Who is this?” I basically growled.

“It’s Ian.”

“What do you want?” I said. I wasn’t going to let him know I was hurt. I was going to put on a bitch act and let him know I was angry at him for what he has done to me.

“You need to know the truth. The whole truth not just bits and pieces everything. Can we meet up?”

“Why would I wanna meet up with you?”

“I’m sorry Sweet-”

“Don’t you fucking dare Sweetheart me!”

“Can we just meet please?”

“I can’t. Not tonight.”

“Tomorrow night? Midnight? Near the big tree where I parked my car the other night?”

“Yeah, sure, whatever.”

“Okay I’ll see you than okay?”

“That the plan. Bye.”

I hung up. I didn’t wanna meet up. But I started remembering my first dream I ever had of Ian. When he said soon these dreams with make sense. Hopefully he would make everything make sense. All my dreams those were so confusing. I know he won’t scare me. I’m not scared to know the truth.

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