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A young adult named Clairiel is out in a universe that she barely even knows, born on a beautiful planet called Dilesima. Her mother had never told her about her family and she didn't even take interest. Evil darkness has grown out in another planet and a man no one knows is out to control the whole universe taking down every planet, and galaxy.

Clairiel must try and stop this menace with help of her friends. Two human brothers Ashton and Artemis, two animal spirits Sam and Alexa and her best friends Rubious, Jade and Bethany.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Dilesima

Submitted: April 08, 2012

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Submitted: April 08, 2012



Chapter 1
In a galaxy that reaches on forever, solar systems were like contries. Things we call aliens are now part of our population, racisim is no longer noticed. The solar system called the milky way where my home used to be, was on Earth. Well that was where humans used to live generations ago. The planet is nothing but a junk yard, no life only dark and dirt with a lot of polution. I guess the government back then never took interest in the Earth's beauty instead finding a new one. I live in the solar system called Dilesima. There are only five planets but has two suns with nine moons. Instead of what humans have used to be grass, flowers and ocean. I live in a crystal planet, filled with diamonds, nothing grows instead it glows. Houses are glass and it is never hot. Most of the time it is night, I'm an only child and my parents were busy travelling around the galaxy. This place was gorgous although I have never left this solar system nor this planet. Humans are hardly found, most likely moved further on the galaxy or died out from not being able to get used to the chemicals swimming around space.
"Clairiel come inside you'll give yourself a cold or something." my mother called out to me. I was almost out of school. Yes we still have school, being it's not that boring. Walking back inside I found my mother watching the holigram on the table, showing a cooking show. I hated the food here it was either meat or some kind of liquid from this planet. Ariel was my mother's name and she wanted to pass on the 'el' thing in the family, I had no problem of that. Bad thing was I am the last of the family unless my mother is thinking of having another. Highly doubt she is wanting another one.
"Mum can I go with you on one of your trips some day." her eyes widened and shook her head, I sighed knowing she would say no. Okay let me guess it's too dangerous or you're too young or at least dealing with something at school.
"You need to study Clairiel." she started to scull her drink, see what did I tell you. She was a chef and my father was a musician.
"But mum I'm almost 18 can I go then?" I asked and she shook her head again. Feeling like I want to stomp the floor instead I groaned.
"Clairiel seriously you have friends, Jade and Rubious are coming over. Go clear up the house." I knew she would change the subject. Packing up everything I past, truth is there is nothing. The place was spottless. Sitting in my room at least my bed was soft since the place is full on hard. Everytime you had shoes on there was always a sound. It annoys me. Although you know when some one is coming, unless they wore something soft on their feet or their feet was super smooth. Who knows with species these days, shutting my door and laying in bed. Snapping my fingers and the spark on, the spark is the new version of a heater instead it is like a big star.
There was a knock at the door and I jumped to my feet, opening the door my two friends where here. Jade was beautiful no flaws in that and her cousin Rubious boy he is a stunner. No doubt in that. Rubious eyed something on the floor it was my underwear. Rubbing his hands together I quickly kicked it under my bed so it was out of sight.
"Ruby you are so gross." Jade rolled her eyes and hugged me.
"That's why you love me lil cuz." He nudged her shoulder and she growlled at him, sticking his tongue out and forming his hands into claws. They were known as Giltracs aka shape shifters. I found it cool. I was just a human with no abilities but apparently humans have a heart of war which was alright I guess. Shape shifters normally take form in anything but Rubious and Jade like the human form.
"Hey did you hear that Trither broke out?" Jade asked and Rubious nodded, I was confused who is Trither. Their mouths dropped at my knowledge of not knowing him.

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